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  1. Sweet Lord, is this thread still alive?
  2. Reyoru

    January 2018 Roll Call

    Decide on a surgical subspeciality to pursue, run that half-marathon, get back into the gym and read 50 books! Also, win the Nobel Peace Prize and become the POTUS.
  3. Reyoru

    HEY Verbal!

    I love Reyler.
  4. Reyoru

    HEY Verbal!

    I mean, such a lack of attention to detail is inexcusable. She hasn't got a leg to stand on, really.
  5. Reyoru

    HEY Verbal!

    I'll never be as cool as you Nyn. *give Rey a bloody hug* What's up doc? *returns said bloody hug* You know, life and stuff. I heard someone was challenging our challenged leader and fancied a laugh.
  6. Reyoru

    HEY Verbal!

    I'm trying to skin some Black Ajah witches, could you please it keep it down over there. So inconsiderate.
  7. Shakespeare of course. And hey LZM and Nyn, how are you guys?
  8. RL is quite busy these days, but I do have another one up my sleeve if there's an appetite for it...
  9. Reyoru

    Welcome our new Moridin and Chosen!

    Congrats for being chosen. And my commiserations for being Dreadlords.
  10. Reyoru

    May 2017 Roll Call

    Here. Plotting world domination by getting to work in the mornings.
  11. Reyoru

    Hi, I'm Eddie

    Nice to meet you Killashandra. Little too much on my plate currently. I'll come back and mod another game in a couple of months, maybe.