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  1. hello i'm jadyn and i'm proud to say i'm a metal fan! \m/(**)\m/ my fav band is Metallica, i like both old and new, hate them for St. Anger and love them for Death Magnetic.
  2. Darren was a little taken aback as all of a sudden the Tea kettle began to steam and float towards them. how's that happe....Light, she's channeling! Ok, Calm down Darren, it's clean, it's not like she's a man it's safe for them to use the One Power, is it, oh Light. His Aunt's gaze fell upon Darren and he was taken a little aback as she said ""Tell me, nephew - would you be interested in training with the Warders? Maybe one day you could become the companion and protector to one such as I." "A Warder, me, I had never thought of that, I've trained with the sword before, as much as any young lord in the borderlands you understand" earning a small nod from Zarinien " But I'd never thought of training with the Warders. To perhaps one day become a protector to an Aes Sedai, Thank you! This works beyond belief. I just have two questions, the first being; Will they house me, I am short of coin, and I have little in my possessions aside from what I am wearing. The second question being, will... will I be able to talk with you sometimes? I know nobody else in the city, and it would be nice to talk with someone who has seen the world, perhaps I could even learn a few things." Though if I'm going to be a Warder, I had better get used to Aes Sedai channeling. It's not bad, just startling at first, oh light I hope I can get used to it
  3. Darren began to realize why the Novices were so nervous. This woman, his aunt, seemed to have a temper, one that was obvious from the moment that she called him in. “Well, nephew ... explain to me how it comes about that a Rafaliva abandons his family duty?” She barked. Darren took a while to respond, for the first time getting to know this woman, this Aes Sedai that before this very moment he had never met before. He was glad that he knew she was related, for he never would have guessed it had he not known. “well, er…” he stammered out, and began to tell his tale, of his mother dying and how he had traveled hard to end up at the White Tower, his aunt’s stare seemed unblinking, unchanging, like the stories that he had heard about Aes Sedai, and he began to reconsider his choice to come to Tar Valon, he started thinking that perhaps Tear would have been a better choice, but no, he was here and he would make the best of it. As he finished his story, Zarinien’s eyes softened a little, and she bade him to sit. She picked up a kettle and motioned for him to pour almost absentmindedly, as if she were used to having servants do such things for her. She spoke “I see, and what were your plans upon reaching the Tower?” “Well, I hadn’t planned it out so far, I was so eager to get out of there, it was maddening” there was a long scilence, and Darren began to get nervous. (Ooc:I hope I didn’t go too far, let me know if you want to change anything)
  4. Darren woke at the inn, waking on a bed for the first time in what felt like forever. Well, this is it he thought to himself. This is the day I’ve been waiting for, I wonder what she’s like? He thought as he laced up his boots. Well, anything has to be better than that Farina, anything. He strapped on his sword, unsure of whether such things were allowed, and set off into the city. Tar Valon was wondrous, the biggest city he’d ever been in. The White Tower dominated the skyline, and he had no trouble finding his way. The gates were open and he walked through the grounds. First he passed by the yards, where men were exercising with both sword and bow. Maybe I can join the guard or something if things don’t work out. He eventually found his way into the petitioners hall where there were people standing everywhere, and there were women in white scurrying about everywhere and women in banded dresses helping the petitioners. One of the banded-dress ones came up to Darren. “Hello, my name is Danya, may I help you, sir” she said, though Darren was caught a bit off-guard, the way she was looking at him, like a piece of meat. “Yes, my name is Darren Rafaliva, and I come seeking a relative of mine, Zarinen Sedai. I’m afraid I don’t know her Ajah. I have a letter requesting a meeting that I would like to give to her” “Oh, well, let me take that” she said, taking the letter bearing Darren’s seal “I’ll give it to her” Darren watched the woman, walk away and grab one of the white-clad women, giving her the letter, the white clad woman looked horrified, but nodded and went scurrying up one of the many sets of stairs. Darren was left to wait for a while before the woman returned, “Zarinen Sedai will see you in her quarters” the white clad woman said “follow me” Darren followed the woman, up many flights of stairs, through a pair of double doors, where the tiles were painted red Oh, what have I gotten myself into Darren thought She’s a red, light help me. The woman eventually left him in front of a well polished door. Darren steeled himself and knocked. Moments later a voice from within said “Come in” and he opened the door and entered the room.
  5. nuh-uh, they're EVIl, see, this one is dastardly dangerous!
  6. *wide eyes* woah, there are warders barracks?!?!!? i never knew that before! this is a serious revalation man!
  7. of course we love it! Pink is my fav color!
  8. i better stay away from the BT for a while then
  9. *pulls out a brand that reads Jahar Narashima* *brands LG's rear with it* you know, just so i don't forget
  10. because you have to remember the name!
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