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  1. Ya, I know where that is. I don't get out that way much though.
  2. I live in Greely, it's kind of on the outskirts but still only a 30 minute drive to downtown.
  3. Canada is quite spectacular. I'm from Ottawa myself. Same here, I saw the cover in a thrift store and thought it looked cool. So I bought the Eye of the World for a dollar. Turn out to be my favorite series. :D
  4. *kicks little miss out* quote author=Little Miss link=topic=51039.msg1400749#msg1400749 date=1261361509] *deals with the stabbing the same as a fly bite* Now now, SG has no need to be hatin'! The WT is in a WHOLE nother class than SG... litterally...lol therefore there is no reason for the jealous cranky feelings <3 You have overstayed your welcome.
  5. I believe I spelled 'it' just fine. *lovingly decapitates everyone*
  6. Fine. *takes scones* Jelly is probably the least insane person at SG, so you can trust her scones.
  7. *finger pokes the eyes* We at SG do NOT fall for cuteness! sometimes... *secretes a tear*
  8. Ok then... I said I was no expert, I just scrolled down there once and didn't see many posts. I might join up if it is as fun as you say.
  9. I don't know that the RP threads get that much activity, though I'm no expert on the subject. You should check them out if you want.
  10. *shoots a fireball at Al Jenn's rear* No leaving! (unless you were going to the Shayol Ghul Organization of course ;D)
  11. Who? Pretty crazy job. Good luck bro, and welcome to DM.
  12. Say no more, but read the thread above... (Although we don't RP, we ARE crazy)
  13. Well, there you have it. (just play along folks, we don't want any hurt feelings) But seriously, join Shayol Ghul.
  14. What about when Lanfear was fighting Rand right before Moiraine kills her. It says Rand was lashing out with the power and Lanfear was neatly slicing away his flows and I believe Rand was doing the same. Could they see each others flows at that time?
  15. I actually like Min though, she is my third favorite, after Rand and Mat. :)
  16. I would agree very much with this. I always liked Rand and Mat more than any other character (don't like Perrin too much) and whenever another character is fighting with them I side with the characters that I like. Since Rand and Mat usually fight with females (namely Nyneave/Egwene/Cadsuane), it creates dislike for those characters in me. I have to admit that Cadsuane is my least favorite character (Sorry Cads lol) since she is always trying to make Rand do what she wants. But yes, in general I would think that males would like the male characters and females would like female characters. Since the two genders are usually opposed in decisions in the books, it creates a feeling of dislike for the opposite gender.
  17. What's up Alison, welcome to Dragonmount. I just joined a little while ago and am still a noob to this site. So don't be afraid to ask questions, even if they sound dumb. You should check out the Orgs (groups you can join depending on your interests) or just hang around and discuss WoT. In any case, welcome! :)
  18. So with the true power, is it drawn directly from/through the Dark Lord? Also do Black Ajah/Forsaken need permission from him in order to channel it? I'm assuming so eh because Moridin is the only one who uses it.
  19. Except that it is slightly lower than the maximum male strength. Ya I knew that but I just don't know how great a margin separates womens and mens potential. But I guess in a comparison of remotely close power strength it is experience that would count in a battle.
  20. I agree with you here. But I think that Rand could draw from two sa'angreal, but not for long. It seems that channelers get worn out after drawing on the power for extended periods of time. I think that the degree that you get tired at depends on how much of the power you draw into yourself. So Rand could draw this power, it would just be a great risk since he would get worn out fast and risk losing control. After he loses control is when he burns himself out.
  21. Are we talking pure one power strength or combat ability with the one power? When Rand fights Lanfear he gets owned. I don't think he could see the flows of Saidar so maybe that was why he lost. Even though Lanfear is as strong as is possible for a woman to be, we will never know how the womans full potential comapares to a mans.
  22. Hey Mik, do you know what the "saa" do? (the black flecks) Are they an indication that you are going mad, is the True Power like Saidin in that regard?
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