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  1. bacon belts are actually sold at tim hortons, a popular canadian food chain.
  2. I PMed you since I thought this tread was locked. As it turned out I just hadn't signed in. Don't worry, exams will be done soon, then I'll be good.
  3. Haha, oh ya. That was right around when I peaced for a while. I'll try to find the thread and make a post (probably not for a couple days since I have exams). Either that or just start a new one.
  4. I would murder you but you are already dead... I'll just stand here so I can be murdered. *draws sword* Who dare cometh?
  5. Hooray for promotions! P.S. What does this MEAN??? Assistant MoN & Green Ajah GLO at the White Tower SG Acronyms confuse me :(
  6. Ya I'll be sticking around. The good old Bacon Suit!
  7. Woo, new leaders! Cool ideas are expected...
  8. What's up all? Exams are nearly over and I nearly have a life after work and school :) P.S. Shadowspawn POWAAAAAAA!
  9. So far I have played one game. Which I lost. I'm playing another tonight.
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