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  1. ChronoCrosS

    Herp Derp

    bacon belts are actually sold at tim hortons, a popular canadian food chain.
  2. ChronoCrosS

    November Stats

    Nevermind Naeann, I have found it!
  3. ChronoCrosS

    November Stats

    I PMed you since I thought this tread was locked. As it turned out I just hadn't signed in. Don't worry, exams will be done soon, then I'll be good.
  4. ChronoCrosS

    New Black Ajah leader!

    Hmm, ya. That's unacceptable.
  5. ChronoCrosS

    Herp Derp

    Haha, oh ya. That was right around when I peaced for a while. I'll try to find the thread and make a post (probably not for a couple days since I have exams). Either that or just start a new one.
  6. ChronoCrosS

    Mass Murder: The Person Above Me

    I would murder you but you are already dead... I'll just stand here so I can be murdered. *draws sword* Who dare cometh?
  7. ChronoCrosS

    New Black Ajah leader!

    Hooray for promotions! P.S. What does this MEAN??? Assistant MoN & Green Ajah GLO at the White Tower SG Acronyms confuse me :(
  8. ChronoCrosS

    Herp Derp

    Ya I'll be sticking around. The good old Bacon Suit!
  9. ChronoCrosS

    Herp Derp

    Blurp a burp?
  10. ChronoCrosS

    Holiday Wish List

    Ho hum, I want bubblegum
  11. ChronoCrosS

    The upcoming SS Chosen....

    Woo, new leaders! Cool ideas are expected...
  12. ChronoCrosS

    Herp Derp

    What's up all? Exams are nearly over and I nearly have a life after work and school :) P.S. Shadowspawn POWAAAAAAA!
  13. ChronoCrosS

    Currently Playing

    Starcraft 2!
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  15. ChronoCrosS

    Starcraft 2

    So far I have played one game. Which I lost. I'm playing another tonight.