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  1. Ya, I know where that is. I don't get out that way much though.
  2. I live in Greely, it's kind of on the outskirts but still only a 30 minute drive to downtown.
  3. Canada is quite spectacular. I'm from Ottawa myself. Same here, I saw the cover in a thrift store and thought it looked cool. So I bought the Eye of the World for a dollar. Turn out to be my favorite series. :D
  4. *kicks little miss out* quote author=Little Miss link=topic=51039.msg1400749#msg1400749 date=1261361509] *deals with the stabbing the same as a fly bite* Now now, SG has no need to be hatin'! The WT is in a WHOLE nother class than SG... litterally...lol therefore there is no reason for the jealous cranky feelings <3 You have overstayed your welcome.
  5. I believe I spelled 'it' just fine. *lovingly decapitates everyone*
  6. Fine. *takes scones* Jelly is probably the least insane person at SG, so you can trust her scones.
  7. *finger pokes the eyes* We at SG do NOT fall for cuteness! sometimes... *secretes a tear*
  8. Ok then... I said I was no expert, I just scrolled down there once and didn't see many posts. I might join up if it is as fun as you say.
  9. I don't know that the RP threads get that much activity, though I'm no expert on the subject. You should check them out if you want.
  10. *shoots a fireball at Al Jenn's rear* No leaving! (unless you were going to the Shayol Ghul Organization of course ;D)
  11. Who? Pretty crazy job. Good luck bro, and welcome to DM.
  12. Say no more, but read the thread above... (Although we don't RP, we ARE crazy)
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