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  1. All the staff were perfect little angels. And I believe our Amyrlin was the best behaved. Elgee, Kara, Talya, Verb, Barm, Vanion, etc. They were probably the best behaved Aspies the White Tower has ever seen. Charis, Adella, Ed, Aiel Heart... They were almost as good as the Amyrlin and her friends but not quite. It's quite sad because you can no longer see all the old threads from the boards at that time only from DM7.
  2. My son was there. AF. I am Air Force as well. I was there 2009-2010. I hope he is doing well. What does he do for the AF?
  3. Pot? Psh, I'm in my 30s now so I can pretend to be old. You act younger than any of us and were an absolute terror when an aspie with all the originals, Kara, Talya, etc. So the pot/kettle is calling you a pan :P
  4. *Laughs* I love moving. Prefer every three years or so to move so it isn't as much of a pain for me. Might change when I have little ones. I had a lot of fun on DM so it holds many good memories for me. I actually met my wife here in this social group seven years ago while I was coming back from Afghanistan.
  5. *Uncorks a barrel and fills a slightly frosty and chilled mug filled with a lager for Fnorrll, then slides it down the bar* *Gets a glass for the Amyrlin and fills it full with some Frangelico, bringing it over to her* Obviously they must be plotting something... or have the gotten stuck in the moat?
  6. I believe I have access to everything that I should have access to for this social group though there appear to be a few new boards. Warders: Barracks: Ren'Shai Tar Valon The Hall: AS/Der'Manshima, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Red, White, and Yellow Aspie: Lecture, Dorm, Req (baby), Req (Toddlers) Kin I believe that is that. I think Tar Valon and The Kin may be new boards... I will need to look around to see if any Ajah or Warders have changed themes. Let me try and remember (Blue - Harry Potter, Brown - Books, Gray - Food, Green - Emotions, Red - Self-Empowerment/Sadists :P, White - Logic, Yellow - Crafting/Gardening?)
  7. Eddie you're only a 90's baby? Awe, our young Sword Captain is actually a Youngling?!
  8. Congrats on being a father! I know how limited time can get and trying to figure out how to best spend it. I'm glad to hear Wyatt is doing well though. *Ughf* Glad to see you too Elgee. Hopefully the tower and young aspies haven't been to stressful on you, I know they can sometimes be... a handful ;) I'm doing well Limi and I are still married and are looking to start a family. I'm still living in California, but hoping/planning on moving soon. Still in the military and such, currently at Florida for training. It took me a bit to get back on as I didn't know my password and despite the correct e-mail it seems the server has it broken or hotmail is blocking DM ever since DM8. I should look into it, but after 100 or so attempts I figured out my password and am back. How have things been with you, I know I've been gone what 5-6 years so have a lot of catching up to do. A lot of similar things around, and a lot of differences too. *Pours himself a cold Yuengling and finishes cleaning up* Anyone want anything?
  9. Al Jenn Mael - Ren'Shai Der'Manshima May need help navigating all the halls. I have been away from the tower to long.
  10. I'm real, alive, and still have all my fingers and toes. It's only been what 5-6 years? I think I was last around a lot in 2011 before a no notice deployment, then on a little bit in 2012 afterwards but Dragonmount had adjusted to DM8 and was helping a lot with that. I'm doing well and after a few days of trying to log into DM I finally found my password after about 100 attempts. How about you, been holding down the fort all these years? This is definitely a thread that hasn't been around in a while and it's such a shame too. Great place to talk, for folks to drink (Hot Chocolate, alcohol, Koffee for Elgee), and just hang out in general. To be honest it's the only thread I remember that was ever active for more than a week.
  11. *Comes in, starts cleaning up, and dusting everything off*
  12. Still on absent leave of not-here-ness
  13. Seems a lot of the warder folks are military members. I think that they attract the same type of people for the same reasons. I don't think you can point at just one reason but it's a plethora of them. Thank you for taking time to appreciate those who serve.
  14. I've been busy. My Aes Sedai has moved in with me, I've done a lot around my house and did a lot at work. Then I got a no notice tasking to deploy and so now I'm in Iraq twiddling my thumbs... I've see there have been many changes around here. Aspies care to catch me up on everything you've been up to? What classes you've taken, what you're going to do, how the houses have battled, who is chasing who around the moat... all of it, spill the beans. Don't worry about the Amyrlin, Keeper, or Fnorrll... Well maybe the keeper don't know how to loosen her memory. *Brings Mirsh a cold glass of orange juice* Good for the little ones. *Takes a sip of his delicious hot chocolate* How have things been in the Greys? And I will stop by... I promise >.<
  15. *After hearing the water drain and all the noise mother makes when changing Al Jenn headed to the courtroom easing his daggers into his hands as he went. He found a dark shadow and stayed out of sight keeping his eyes on the other world forsaken ready to end his life with his knives should the moment arise...*
  16. *After months of being sequestered pleasantly in the greens quarters Al Jenn strides out of the halls down to the old familiarity of the warder barracks. On the way to his quarters he noticed a missive posted from the Amyrlin... quickly scanning the note he turned on his heel and headed to the war room to talk to Vanion about the current state of matters. Reaching the room I see it's empty, however there are many tactical papers strewn across the table. I stop with a start... Fnorrll is in charge, Vanion is gone so mother has no warders, the Lord Captain Commander is in the tower and it isn't Pedron Niall but someone new a possible threat, and a contingent of whitecloaks outside the tower. Not to mention some other world forsaken is in the walls. Disaster. Al Jenn checks all his hidden knives, short swords, and finally his blade before hurrying out of the room. Shortly after talking with Little Miss and making sure she would be safe, Al Jenn heads for where fnorrll, the other world forsaken, and mother would be. Coming upon the chamber he catches a glimpse of the Lord Captain Commander and quickly analyzes the threat, definitely a blademaster, takes a second startled look. No not a female just an overly pretty man, acknowledging the threat he continues towards the room when he hears mother yell about taking a bath and then sees the edge of a gateway.... Turning on his heel he mutters profanities about women and how Aes Sedai especially don't have an ounce of common sense. Fnorrll would have to wait, in the meantime someone had to protect the Amyrlin while her warders were out in the world. After stopping by his Aes Sedai and love to check in he goes to the Amyrlin's quarters and quickly checking the area for anything unusual finds a dark corner, wraps his cloak about him and waits planning on how to end this nonsense in the tower by eliminating that foreign forsaken.*
  17. Noted... *Unconsciously checks my blade then I wrap my warder cloak around my body and vanish around a corner*
  18. *Laughs* Seems the role of MaA shapes the man... *remember Verbal...* So seems to be a lot of new faces. Hello I'm Al Jenn a Der'Manshima. I'm in the military, currently in Iraq, and bonded to Limi. Tell me something about yourselves... those that don't know me *Laughs some more*
  19. This is an impressive compilation Elgee, great job. I don't know if I've been gone long enough to be a 'returning' member, but it feels like it. I hope to be around a lot more. Al Jenn Mael, Warder, Der'Manshima, Ren'Shai *Poors Elgee some Moerkoffie* Keep up the great work Mother.
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