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Without Dragonmount, I never would have...


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...developed any sense of image manipulation


...had a more interesting life


...as Nyn said, been convinced that I couldn't stick to something.


...again as Nyn said, met so many wonderful crazies form around the world.


...developed by writing skills to what they are now and still be using chat-speak. *shudders*

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...met over 50 "total strangers" (as "normal" people would call 'em *g*) from all around the world, in the flesh


...been engaged to an American man in a different hemisphere (no, that didn't work out, and he's marrying someone else this year *g*)


...considered myself a Green Sister :P


...developed my website making skills to the degree I have been able to


...gone to a Convention (yep, I'm with Raeyn there)

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...gone to a convention...yup Rae, ever. :P


....bought "Bob the Killer Bunny" (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail) stuffed animal at said convention


....got lit drunk with Raeyn ;)


....met some seriously amazingly cool people


....discovered that writing is fun


....been half-owner of a virtual Oath Rod

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I'm with you all on the convention thing.  I had the opportunity to go to Dragoncon several years before I came to Dragonmount (though I had read part of the wot series by this point) but the idea of it scared me. Heh.



I never would have met the awesome people I have... *both in person and just on here*  so on and so forth.. may add more later. :D

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