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  1. I do not understand why everyone hates CoT so much ... I found it refreshingly slow and I loved the political drama in Egwene's bits ... so much detail until it kind of does resemble real life.
  2. 1. You don't have to be a Hero of the Horn to be a hero. There is a DIFFERENCE 2. Heroes of the Horn have MANY incarnations. Like Birgitte. I doubt myself that Egwene is a hero of the horn but your outright dismissal of her accomplishments irks me enough that I have to point out the flaws in your statements. Rand al'Thor himself was called Lews Therin by Artur himself, and the only thing similar about the Rand and Lews Therin in appearance was their height (as Lanfear mentions in TSR). As such she could easily be one of the female heroes of the horn... and that Mat didn't recognize her f
  3. I was sniggering at the AS when I read it. Perfect manuever from Egwene and Siuan (they had been planning this move for days, if not weeks).
  4. We have no idea if the a'dam would even work on Tuon. If she trains damane for a few more years, yes it definitely would.
  5. I want to know if Cadsuane actually becomes the Amyrlin! xD
  6. They can move fast by picking up their skirts and running. Moiraine did it in New Spring. And you can ride normally with a skirt - you don't have to ride side-saddle. And if you have the OP, you don't really need weapons, do you? Even if Mat's medallion prevented weaves being thrown directly at him, you could still throw other things with the OP, or blast the ground beneath that person's feet.... I don't see the need to quibble about skirts as showing that an organization is completely unprepared for the LB because it really isn't important. The AS kicked butt in Kandor until the Shar
  7. What type of preparation is not even having a proper dress for battle? Battle: 101 Kind of moot when you don't really have to move a lot compared to a swordsman and you can fling fireballs from a large distance.
  8. I'm not so sure ... I'm inclined to think that there's more to Rand's powers than just LTT level skill and angreal combined because ... apparently, according to Rand's thoughts, he was holding off a full circle led by Taim/M'Hael that eventually forced him to retreat. I doubt that even with an angreal LTT could do that...
  9. I know its been debated on here a lot, but a lot of people think she treats Nyneave pretty badly in that scene in TAR where she has Nyn chased by thugs. Additionally, I would argue that she treats Gawyn, some of the Aes Sedai, and Rand with a complete lack of respect, which I would say fits under the envelope of treating them badly. True, Rand doesn't treat her with much respect either, but that just means they both treat each other badly, not that they cancel out each other's bad behaviour. Rand does not need to defer to anyone .He is the Dragon.Egwene forgets her place many times in t
  10. They are from Hinderstap. and the HAHAHAHAHA moment that Hinderstrap was NOT irrelevant to the plotline as a whole.
  11. Mat. Contrary to popular opinion, I dislike his character and his PoV. He whines about EVERYTHING, about how he isn't a bloody lord (he's worse than Perrin sometimes), about how he isn't going to bow and scrape before Elayne, etc. I just skip his parts. Not worth reading. I felt BS was completely right in his tone for Mat. He thinks he's funny, but actually he really isn't, in my opinion. Perrin was bad whilst he was trying to get Faile back, but otherwise he's quite ok. Tuon is a self-serving idiot in TGS and ToM. That is all.
  12. Three things She very nearly broke him. She didn't. He nearly broke himself. Well, she managed to get Rand thinking about the monster he was becoming. How he reacted to that information was pure luck, on the other hand. At that point in time Rand was literally begging for her to berate him about his lack of manners towards others. And she does show others respect, but when you're dealing with an insane guy who acts like a spoiled child even though he got the terms he wished for (ie. in the stone of Tear in KoD) its pretty hard to respect that guy, though you CAN
  13. Where did you get the idea that Rand was to be "blamed" for it? The previous quotes differentiate between responsibility for an action (good or bad action) and blame. No one is blaming Rand for the bonded Aes Sedai; it is just that he has taken responsibility for this action; and we know that he shoulders the ultimate responsibility for the actions of his men. Eggy was blaming Rand. She did blame him specifically in fact. But you kind of forget that the Aes Sedai were not sent there to murder them in the first place ...
  14. Moggy =/= Nynaeve. Nynaeve had NOT reached her full strength when she battled Moggy in TSR. She is much stronger than Moggy now. Tbh the only reason why Moggy is still amongst the Chosen is because she is very skilled in hiding and subtlety.
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