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  1. Well in my defense, that list was from the entire history of Taya up to that point (a few years' worth) ;) I usually didn't use all of them at the same time. But there are some posts where it got pretty crazy. Hi Arie, nice to see you :)
  2. It got pretty ridiculous - we would have little RP posts with a huuuuuge list of titles following them. ?
  3. Check this out ? https://twfcreative.com/wotcaves/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=353&sid=5c0c9be98f016ba1cc654fce3d5cf8c1
  4. Does anyone remember the days when we'd have endless titles underneath our posts? I had a ridiculously long list of titles, like 100 or so ? Of course we all loved a good sig pic too.
  5. I used to be a member of the Aiel, many years ago - my handle at the time was Fluffy Sedai ? I never had an Aiel character or anything though, only community involvement.
  6. Hahaha, that may work... However it would be a little uncomfortable ?
  7. I wanted to come back because I wanted to look at the RP archive and see if there was anything I wanted to add to my RP archive which I have finally resurrected and am starting to rebuild again. For your info, this is the RP archive as it stands: https://twfcreative.com/wotcaves/index.php This was recovered from a past forum whose version had become out of date. I had to do manual upgrades across three versions of phpbb which took me about a week (and many failed attempts) to figure out. The original forum before that last one was on a free platform, and I t
  8. Hi all! 


    I'm back and taking a look around. ?‍♀️

  9. Yeah, looking back I realised how many different archive sites I've worked on over the years ? Guess it was meant to be! There's also this collection of historical websites I'm cobbling together - sadly some are just incomplete and I'm not sure they'll ever be complete: https://twfcreative.com/archive/catalogue.html
  10. I wanted to add that I have restored the Wheel of Time Caves that I worked in many years ago - and I still have a lot of work to do adding content to it, but at least it's up and available now: https://twfcreative.com/wotcaves/index.php This is where I store historical roleplay threads, bios, arches and so on. If anyone has anything they'd like to contribute, please let me know. I have a lot of content from 1998 - 2004 or so, but not much from 2005, 2006or beyond. ?
  11. Hi all, Yes, I did stop by - not sure I am ready to RP but wanted to join anyway to see what was up. I joined DM in 2000, and haven't been too active since about 2009.
  12. Woohoo! I figured out how I could reply to topics (by joining the club ? ). Geez I am clever.
  13. Hi Elgee, Life's just the usual for me, really. ? Still working as a librarian at a university. Planning some travels (to visit DM friends of old, actually! and also to go to a music festival). Writing my own stories, and reading other people's. I'm excited about the WoT show coming out, though as usual worried that they'll do stuff to ruin it. I'm trying to think positive! How about you? How are you going?
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