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  1. Woohoo! I figured out how I could reply to topics (by joining the club 😉 ). Geez I am clever.
  2. Hi Elgee, Life's just the usual for me, really. 😉 Still working as a librarian at a university. Planning some travels (to visit DM friends of old, actually! and also to go to a music festival). Writing my own stories, and reading other people's. I'm excited about the WoT show coming out, though as usual worried that they'll do stuff to ruin it. I'm trying to think positive! How about you? How are you going?
  3. Hello all, I believe the last time I posted in here was in 2013, sooo that was a while ago. Yep! I posted then about the DM archive as well, but now that it's moved to a new location (and has greatly expanded from what it was like last time), I wanted to share an updated link. https://twfcreative.com/archive/archive.html There is more work to be done, and I have gathered more sites / content from places like the Wayback Machine, OOcities (GeoCities archive), and the super spammy alternative GeoCities that threatens to give your computer viruses when you look at the pages. If anyone else out there has any of these websites saved with more complete graphics, etc., I would love to talk to you about getting your help to fill in the gaps. Some of the sites I have listed here are missing graphics (in some cases, all their graphics), while others are missing certain pages (broken links go to nowhere). Thanks everyone, and I hope you're all doing well!
  4. Back in the olden days, I actually did get sent to the Farm. It wasn't technically by Kathana, at least she wasn't the one to make the announcement, but I have no doubt she ordered it secretly where nobody could see - subliminally? I'm still traumatised to this day! There's also the fact that I've met Jenn a couple of times. I think that statement says more than enough, really :)
  5. Well, if you're stressed with something that's a hobby, that's a sign it's not meant to be :D
  6. aw, that's sad that you don't have time for that side. But then I'm not surprised as you're the Ammy over here. yikes! hehe I have realised over the years that I'm still burned out on WoT RP, and no matter how excited I may think I am to try it again with a spark of new inspiration, inevitably I'm going to realise I just don't have the will anymore. I am too busy writing my own stories, maybe? and also I had such great times in the past, and I'm not sure there's any point trying to out-awesome those times :)
  7. Nooice. Yeah, when Cleo and I were at the Grand Canyon with her husband on the way to D*Con, we saw a raven I believe (or maybe a crow) and Cleo was all "ARRRgh, the dark one's eyes!" ;) also, oops. Just changed my number up there to the proper one. hehe
  8. You too Elgee :) How are things going for you? :D Also in addition to the above "archiving", here is some more I am working on (This time for DM-affiliated website preservation - though with a few non-DM sites in there too) http://trishafarnan.com/archive.html
  9. I haven't read through all of these, so forgive me if this is a repeat... 462. You see a raven or crow standing nearby, watching, and you say, "Dark One's minions, arrrgh!" (I've seen this in action, while hanging out with Cleo :D )
  10. Just so everyone knows, I did a bit of an overhaul today so that there are a lot less forums: http://trishafarnan.com/wotcaves/index.php I hope it's less confusing this way! and also less tedious trying to find stuff :)
  11. Well, I can still get into my "ezboard" account (one of them anyway) but now it's via Yuku. I was actually signed in to it yesterday to get at more Broken World threads :) I'm pretty sure I can get into the Taya one as well, but haven't tried it yet. I have a lot of stuff on file, but it's taking a while to get through it all. In fact I still feel that I've barely even begun to scrape the surface, even if there's a fair bit up already. I'll slowly be putting it all up on the Caves though. :) I am at work right now so can't get to my stuff to see if I have anything for you two re: joining dates. Currently I'm having trouble searching the forums for terms I KNOW are in there, not sure how to fix it. I've rebuilt the search index and all that but still having trouble. But I'll keep tinkering :) EDIT: Fixed the search issue! Was making a silly "you aren't reading things properly at all" mistake ;)
  12. Dude, I've just been putting up some old 'fragments' from around when I joined DM - I am only now realising what a complete PITA Tania and I must've been for the higher ups to try and handle. LOL. No wonder we got sent to the farm!
  13. I appear to have missed this whole "Nynaeve as harsh task mistress" development too :P
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