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  1. Nothing grosser than the social clique ouroboros - so many heads up so many fat asses... in a circle! *sniggers*

  2. Welcome home, brofrere. We're most pleased to have you. :)
  3. Saturday... madness. *nods*

  4. Newtoynewtoynewtoynewtoy new toy!

  5. Too much chocolate and cream. *groans and flops*

  6. Aww Rasheta, you know I'm crap at that sort of thing. And Poet - maybe it's a good thing? We could all see where you'd be happiest, and you beelined? Or something like that, and less hippy sounding.
  7. Dudelette, I'm ooooold. I've seen more Novice and Accepted come and go over the years than remain on this site - I like to think I have a good idea of where most people are going to end up after nearly 10 years as Aes Sedai.
  8. Well THAT'S a surprise... not. *giggles* Congratulations! :D
  9. I am completely unsurprised, but then, you had to discover it for yourself. Congratulations, and welcome home. :) *hugs*
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