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  1. Well mama, I guess that's some of us showing our age. We were raised to have a standard of English and communication; it was impressed upon us that clear communication is a thing to be valued, and has the bonus of making a person seem intelligent. Ithillian - there are also people who have no idea what 'lol' means, and therefore misuse it. One of the common misinterpretations of it is 'lots of love', which leads to things such as what you referenced... it might've already been said somewhere above,t hough. *blush*
  2. There was at least one movie about code talkers, and I seem to recall at least one coming to do a speaking gig while I was at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey. :) I'm pretty sure that particular one died a few years back, and another one passed away this year. According to that last-linked piece, there's only one left alive... sad.
  3. I admit to saying 'lulz'. I suspect part of that is to spite my sister, who seems to think anyone who spends significant time online is stupid, sad, and lonely 'cause she wants to think such nasty things of me. *beams* Though her main objection is semi-apt - that language is changing faster than we can control because all languages are piled together in the quasi-English that makes up so much of the net. Snarky is a prime example - she attempts to insist it's a made-up internet word and therefore bad and fully needing derision... rather than accepting it's a word that has existed in Britain for some time. Having said that, I would prefer to not see the language change so explosively, but I don't know that we can stop that. We can continue to try and set an example of why good, clear communication is key, though.
  4. Nothing grosser than the social clique ouroboros - so many heads up so many fat asses... in a circle! *sniggers*

  5. Welcome home, brofrere. We're most pleased to have you. :)
  6. Saturday... madness. *nods*

  7. Newtoynewtoynewtoynewtoy new toy!

  8. Too much chocolate and cream. *groans and flops*

  9. Aww Rasheta, you know I'm crap at that sort of thing. And Poet - maybe it's a good thing? We could all see where you'd be happiest, and you beelined? Or something like that, and less hippy sounding.
  10. Dudelette, I'm ooooold. I've seen more Novice and Accepted come and go over the years than remain on this site - I like to think I have a good idea of where most people are going to end up after nearly 10 years as Aes Sedai.
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