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  1. Belig let out a hearty laugh and looked at vanion. "I'll see you around the yards my friend, but I doubt you will see me. I also need to apologize for jumping to conclusions." Belig turn turned then to Edana with a gleam in his eyes. "I guess we can go on with that lesson you mentioned earlier as long as your not busy lady guardsman."
  2. Belig blinked a couple of times after he landed on his rump. then with all the remaining patience, accepted the woman's hand for getting up. How had she... What happened there!?! I didn't see a thing! Belig fought the furious thoughts that popped up. He wasn't angry at the woman, she beat him fair a square. He was pretty angry about not seeing what she had done though. "I thank you. You are indeed swift of blade and of wit." Belig's voice sounded as civil as anyone could be. "I definitely would like to see how that was done. I never saw it coming and that embarrassingly enough was a first for me. I'd be honored if you would teach me." Belig looked over to Vanion who was blinking in the once again bright light of day light, and the man stalking off in a fury. "though it appears that the lesson will wait for now. You should see to your friend, he appears to be... displeased... with your earlier comment." Belig felt the sting of that one too, but you take what you get and must not take everything so literally. Especially words of the heated moment. "I feel that maybe i should offer Vanion over there a few herbs for his bumps and bruises." He looked over to vanion to see if he caught the message.
  3. Without pause, belig stormed forward and closed distance between him and Vanion and repeatedly thrust forward his lathe, starting with the head then to the left, the gut, so on and so forth. Vanion managed to block a couple but then got a nasty surprise as the man with two lathes struck from behind with a rapid series of strikes to vanions back. Vanion jumped and rolled sideways to escape the onslaught but beligs partner kept up the pace, vanion was on the heavy defensive and backing up when belig rushed behind and dropped to a knee to swing his shield edgewise and slam it behind vanion's knee caps. Vanion went down like a sack of potatoes. Belig quickly brought his lathe equal to his opponents neck, pinning him to the ground. "I do believe this ends this match. Drop the sword and admit defeat."
  4. OOC: I guess... I wanted to pull him in cause i pretty much stomped on him before he got going....
  5. Belig's eyebrows quirked as he saw vanions attack on the man who had joined the fray. Then with vanions sudden change towards Belig brought a smile. This guy has got some moves, and fights like a cornered wild cat. I like this, a odd foe always does make good training for the unexpected Belig began to circle vanion, eyes aware of the mans lathe and the other man who was picking himself up. What will that man do next? He won't be fighting for vanion anytime soon but I doubt the fool will fight with me either... And those two lathes may be more of a problem later on. Belig brought his focus back to vanion and then smoothly went into action. Beligs sword darted out into a series of thrusts as vanion dodged or parried, then Belig quickly brought his shield up to block a strong blow from the mans side swing in that odd grip. Beligs thoughts seem to buzz in the back of his head as he moved through his own set of unique techniques. Belig began with a series of great sideways slashes that would do any farmer harvesting his fields with a scythe proud, keeping the pace up so that vanion had no chance to counter attack without a certainty of being hit himself. then belig quickly dropped down to one knee quickly and brought his shield up on a horizontal plain to catch a down swing from vanion and then belig brought himself up and forward so the edge of the shield would catch the man under the chin. As expected Vanion backed a pace up and then caught a strong stab to the gut as Beilgs lathe rammed home. Fool didn't realize that a shield is good for more than attack and defense, but for concealment. Belig's mind buzzed in eager cataloging of the successful strike. What should I call this? Belig then smiled as a named popped into his head. The Lion Pounces Belig charged forward, not letting vanion get his second wind and moved for a rapid series of strikes. Vanion recovered quickly and blocked a couple of the blows but took a good amount of damage. Vanion seemed to grit his teeth as he then jumped and kicked belig square in the face. Belig cursed as he retreated a few steps with his shield up for cover to protect himself from vanions incoming attacks, the suddenly the other man was there and beligs eyes bulged. "What in the bloody blazes!?!"
  6. Belig's eyebrows climbed a bit at Vanion's challenge and even higher still at the approach of another man in what looked like a sneaking around pose. Belig blinked and then felt the anger in his gut rise. This guy deserves a good thumping, but I'll do it on my own. No honor in two against one. As the man came closer Belig said smoothly, "Sir if you'd be so kind as to back away. This fight is between me and him, and I'd hate to thump on you for trying to bend the odds." Belig smiled as Vanion seemed to perk up at that, like he was just now noticing the mans presence. Then Belig struck. Focusing on Vanion, Belig began with a overhead strike towards Vanions head which was blocked, but then Belig pivoted into a hook leg spin that brought Vanions foot forward and opened up his side for a couple of strikes. Taking the advantage, Belig brought the edge of his shield into vanions back with strong force forcing vanion forward, then Belig quickly swung up his knee to rise right into Vanions rear to send the man flying. "Fast you may be, but I'm no slouch either. You may be able to fight blind, but can you fight unexpectedly?" Belig then rushed forward as vanion picked himself up and planted his foot between the man's shoulder blades. "Take this off and fight me like a real warrior!" Belig reached down and yanked vanions blindfold free then quickly picked up his lathe and jumped back a few paces. "Now the field is fair and I wont have to watch your back for you." Belig glanced over the man who stood there looking like he ate a sour fig. "You can have him after I'm done"
  7. Belig settled into a offensive guard, the practice lathe in his hands feeling all but natural in his hands as he observed vanion. The blood in his head was pumping as he circled his opponent, looking for some kind of opening. Then he saw a small hesitation in the stance the man had and belig struck. Puting his sword and shield into a wedge shape, Belig closed distance and quickly blocked a blow with his shield while bringing his lathe upwards into a rising arc while shifting his weight to pivot the shield and throw vanion's katana wide. Belig's sword connected with Vanions thigh with a resounding crack as vanion retreated a few paces to try to escape the blow. Belig rushed forward with his shield perpendicular to his body and his lathe in an over the top stab. Vanion parried the lathe as he sidestepped and then brought his katana down on Belig's arm. Belig in turn pivoted and took a massive swing for vanions head and missed. Belig barely brought his shield up in time to catch a second swing by vanion and then charged forward to throw vanion off balance. As Vanion staggered back Belig brought his lathe in for a rapid succession of blows to vanions ribs, getting three hits in before vanion backstepped and charged in a rising arc that came inches from Beligs nose. Belig retreated a few steps and took a wedge guard with his shield and sword, and waited for vanions advance.
  8. Belig's hackles rose a bit with Vanions comment. Light, does this man have any manners! Eyes narrowing Belig turned to Vanion. "Seems that I'm not the only one lacking manners around here. If you got a problem spit it out before I decide to bash your bloody head in." Belig drew in deep breath and tried to calm himself but it did nothing to quell the angry fireball that had formed in his chest. "As for what I wanted, I wanted to know if you..." Belig didn't get any more out as he tripped over something and fell forward. catching himself he turned to look for what he tripped over and saw nothing. Ok, that tears it! If he wants a bloody fight, he'll get one! "You bloody wool head! I've done nothing to pick a fight with you but it's apparent you want one!" Belig quickly rushed forward to drive the edge of his shield into Vanions gut and pivoted into a sweeping kick to send Vanion crashing to the ground as Belig reached for a nearby Lathe. "On you guard!"
  9. Belig blinked as he walked out into the sunlight from the armory. his third week running of being on weapon maintenance and cataloging. It took a moment for his eyes to re-adjust to the bright daylight as compared to the dimly lit recesses of the back storerooms. Adjusting his broadsword at his hip and grabbing his round shield from where had left it by the door. stepping out into the yard, Belig noticed a man a bit worse for wear coming out of the infirmary carrying an odd looking sword that marked him Vanion. Belig could remember him a little bit, tucked back somewhere in the back of his head, but he could not place where he had met the man before. What he did remember was the rumors of some light blasted fool trying to fight blind folded and getting the wool beaten out of him. Other whispers said that he was indeed a very accomplished swordsman and when people didn't gang up on him he usually did fairly well for himself. Moving to intercept Vanion, Belig raised a quick call out to the man. "Greetings Vanion, I hope all is well with you." Belig moved closer, but began to feel the hair rising on the back of his neck.
  10. Weapon score 4 to 4 Dagger Defense Course(complete) Dagger Defense(complete) http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,43564.0.html Visar teaches a few things about daggers
  11. Belig focused intently as he captured visar's dagger like he showed, clamping both hands and deflecting the blow while forcing the knife from his grip. Attention focused he continued to practice, Catch,Deflect,disarm. over and over again he did it. Then Visar started to go faster, and what Belig couldn't catch barely missed as he side stepped and avoided the dagger. Visar also changed up what attacks were being done, it progressed from the simple stab to a slash to the belly, so a slash to the chest, and to slashes that changed direction, Belig tried and captured most of what he was attacked with, maintaining his focus as he kept his breathing under control. Belig also began to see some odd openings when he missed the catch, eventually after the sixth time Belig was forced to dodge a rapid stab to the chest he decided to ask a question. "Sir if we could pause for a moment..." Visar ceased his attack with his arm fully extended to Beligs left where he barely had dodged the oncoming strike. "Would this be an effective counter as well?" Belig grabbed Visar's wrist and swung his body under the extended arm while twisting the wrist with the knife in hand. "and then from here you could break their arm if need be correct?" as Belig faked a blow to the back of visar's elbow.
  12. Belig had been stunned at his partner's dirty tactics and lack of attention to orders. But it wasn't enough to throw Belig too far off balance. he could feel the blood from his nose drip down his face as he faced his opponent, each pressing the daggers into the other's chest. This has excalated far to much, time to put this boy down a few pegs. Belig brought his mind to a keen focus as he grappled for advantage and then kicked into high gear. Bringing his left knee up he nailed Davel right in between the legs which caused the boy to drop the practice weapon and double over in pain, face forward. as Davel's face came down Belig brought his knee right up into his face, sending the lad flying backwards landing on his back. Belig quickly moved and took a kill position with the practice weapon over Davel. "You have made quite a mess, and if this had been a real fight I would have killed you." Belig felt the hair on the back of his neck rise. Oh boy... visar will not be pleased. Belig got up and then helped Davel get back on his feet. "Not bad for a beginning brawler, but I'd practice a bit more before challenging a borderlander to a fight." Belig sighed. "after class is finished, i will use my herbs to reduce some of the pain your in and get you patched up, that is all i can guarantee. I caution you though, don't do that again." Once Davel seemed to be a bit more steady Belig turned about and looked at Visar. "too much?"
  13. Belig turned to Davel and took up his wooden dagger, then dropped into a attack stance. Belig kept up his stabbing attacks at Davel's abdomen. Davel picked up what visar had taught fairly well and got the block more often than not, but still was slower in some areas. Belig began working against Davels weaker spots with relentless fervor.
  14. Weapons Score 3 to 4: Complete 1 Req Survival: Battle Survival (Complete) Survival! trials of combat (Complete) http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,42951.0.html belig meets Eqwina to learn the true meaning of survival in combat.
  15. Belig felt utter embarrassment after the quick throw from Visar. Aes Sedai!?!? Blood and bloody ashes a Aes Sedai! Why the heck didn't I recongnize her before? In truth, Belig had only heard stories of Aes Sedai and their ageless appearance. All the time in the yards he had spent either training in total focus which was normal for him, or in his barrack. He mentally kicked himself for reacting in such a way over a whittling knife. Bloody blazes this is the only time I'm going to kick myself for being so damn observant He reflected over the thoughts of his mind, he only reacted as he had been taught by his brother all those years ago, and the haunting memories of his last drunken caretaker haunted him as he remembered a similar flash of metal. Get a hold of yourself! As visar gave his lesson he quickly threw a dagger to Belig, and gave him the order to attack. Belig quickly grabbed the practice weapon out of mid-air and moved forward with as much speed as he could muster, thinking that visar would probably be even more infuriated if he did any less. As he closed distance he brought the weapon into a quick stab for just below the right pectoral muscle.
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