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  1. The internet is down Tripping a trolloc Aspie sneaking out? :p Running off in the Tardis! (I dunno its 8:30 am and I haven't been to bed yet)
  2. Yay I'm still the only one who is equally evil and sweet.
  3. Lol... creepy. No fighting.. there is enough of me to go around. I actually took a "which character are you" test ages ago.. and for female I got one of the black ajah ladies ( i forget her name) and for male I got Rhuarc. -shrugs- And are you offering to make me a new sig? ;)
  4. Glad you had fun. I'm madly jealous here... I hope I can go next year so I can pretend I don't recognize you.
  5. It's still the first for me but happy experiencing everything before me Senexx!
  6. It has some romance in it too just to warn you. :P
  7. No worries I don't expect you to list your actual town. I've done vampire books such as the old Anne Rice ones. Right now I'm reading this neat little book I found in a thrift store for fifty cents.. it is fantasy AND detective. The characters have super human abilities such as telepathic and using energy to create powers and such.. but they are also trying to find out who was trying to kill one of them and they had been kidnapped as children to be trained as weapons for what they could do that most humans cant.
  8. What part of Australia? One of my best friends lives in Towoomba .. not sure if I spelled it right. I really enjoy fantasy books but I've also been into detective type books.
  9. I'm a 30 year old female that lives in kansas with a roommate. I have no kids or significant other. I love books and music and movies but I have no set favorites of any.. My favorite color is green. I'm a gemini. Barmacral is my best friend. (sad I know) I hope to meet the lovely Raena someday. She is cool just cause her id on here is close to my real name.. Renae. Plus shes been able to put up with Barm for several years now. I've been on dragonmount since May of 2007 so my five year birthday is coming up. I'm currently enrolled in school to become a paralegal... I hope I can CONTINU
  10. That isn't hard to accomplish EP. Nice to meet you Senexx. What would you like to know?
  11. Awww no going back!!! How long do you have to go back for? Is he going with you? I should know within a month if I can afford it. After that we can talk with Kivam about when would be a good time. I don't have you in a collar or a cage EP.
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