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  1. Naeann

    Yes, hello?

    Sticks and Stones may break my bones but Whips and Chains excite me so grab a whip and give it a flick and show me that you like me. :p
  2. Naeann

    Yes, hello?

    I feel the hatred :) -stabs heartily-
  3. Naeann

    Yes, hello?

    Because you love me?
  4. Naeann

    Seymour Butz

    Can I keep you yet Rey? You keep teasing me with promises...
  5. Naeann

    Yes, hello?

    She who must not be named. :P
  6. Naeann

    Yes, hello?

    Oh.. my bad. Facebook does that to me. I'mma start calling Lily her other name too. ;) Lily.. by the time Verb gets around to blocking me from seeing that you'll want him to readd me because I'd be the one with the criteria to be one of the leaders and therefore get it back by default anyways.
  7. Lily? I guess I forgot you were SS? I thought you were always BA? It's been far too long.
  8. Ironic, eh? And I became SH as I transferred over from the Black Ajah, where the prior Dark One (Nae) recruited me when she was still BA. And now it's time for a drink. I will always be BA.... Badass. :P
  9. Naeann

    Seymour Butz

    Look... I come back and suddenly Rey is back too... odd that. :P -stabs Rey-
  10. Naeann

    Yes, hello?

    Love you too... -stabs so this doesn't get too sappy- Looks like Cairos and Mandy are the only active black ajah around here anyways. :( Where is everyone!!!???!!!
  11. Naeann

    Yes, hello?

    Would like to but can't promise how active I'll be.. I've tried to fully come back before and slinked away again. :P
  12. Naeann

    Yes, hello?

    Lol Probably around that time? I don't really remember.
  13. Naeann

    Yes, hello?

    Yes it has.. I think it's been years to be honest...
  14. Naeann

    Yes, hello?

    I'm tired but good... I work overnights. Back living in Missouri and I live right behind where I work so it's literally a 5 minute walk for me which is awesome. Health has been better lately.. (had a herniated disc in my back that they were observing when I was in Michigan to see if it needed surgery)
  15. Naeann

    November Roll Call

    Visiting Shayol Ghul. :p