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  1. I've been a fan of this one since it came out :D But I'm a sucker for a pretty duet. And since I'm a fan of K-pop, here's one
  2. I work retail, working retail has made me less fond of pretty much every holiday. Valentines stuff show up in deliveries on Boxing week, Easter the week after. It gets so overdone and overpromoted that I just get sick of it before it even happens. And having been single for every Valentines ever (Well, except for one but I only dated him for a grand total of a week and a half so it doesn't really count), I've never really celebrated it. Yeah I'd give lil Valentines to kids at church and my parents would normally get me a thing of candy and usually a new book with it, but it's never been a huge deal.
  3. General quiz You Scored as Moiraine Damodred You are Moiraine Damodred. Like Moiraine, you have a very graceful, yet strong personality. You are very quiet and mysterious and don't often show feeling. You love magic. Moiraine Damodred 75% Elayne Trakand 70% Nynaeve al' Meara 70% Galadedrid Damodred 60% Egwene al' Vere 60% al' Lan Mandragoran 45% Matrim Cauthon 45% Thom Merrilin 35% Rand al' Thor 20% Perrin Aybara 15% Female quiz You Scored as Egwene You are Egwene al'Vere! Strong and independent, and able to carry burdens beyond your years, you are an excellent rolemodel for other young women. Egwene 80% Berelain 65% Nynaeve 55% Lanfear 55% Liandrin 50% Graendal 45% Verin 40% Moiraine 30% Men only Rhuarc 69% Logain Ablar 63% Mazrim Taim 63% al'Lan Mandragoran 50% Mat Cauthon 50% Perrin t'Bashere Aybara 44% Rand al'Thor 38% Loial 13% Shai'tan 0% Funny how Moiraine went from top result to bottom result! :P
  4. 39. When you ask if someone wants to play stones with you 40. When you randomly start giggling and when someone asks, you just say "Oh, it's just a WoT thing!"
  5. Jasmyne had just sat watching the events, from Larindhra fainting, which she had rather enjoyed because the fool woman certainly deserved it, to Zarinen slapping the Asha`man who now claimed the Highest as his Warder of sorts. It was like watching a building on fire, so horrible, yet you just can`t stop watching. She didn`t even have to think about whether she would hold the bond. She was not anyone`s lapdog. However, she was slightly alarmed when Zarinen ordered her to tend to her fainted Sister. She could think of many things she`d rather do, like perform an interpretive dance for a crowd of Murandian beggars. But it was an order. But why her? Great Lord knows she can`t Heal a hangnail without exhausting herself. Smirking to herself, she leaned close and whispered in her ear ``Larindhra, the novices found the wine stash and have started channeling without supervision.`` This caused the elder Sitter`s eyes to open quite quickly and she laughed to herself. `Come on, they`re waiting for us in the other room.` She helped the other woman up and gave her what support she could, being barely over four feet tall, and led her into the other room. Jasmyne Ceres Red Sitter Ugh, Larindhra.....
  6. Ikki tried to keep himself as calm as possible. It's not that Aes Sedai made him nervous, although being in the middle of the White Tower did make him edgy, but the tension was so thick you could cut it with a spoon. And he'd noticed in himself of that that his moods could be slightly unpredictable. Not often, but it happened. And this would of course be the place for it to happen. He was slightly surprised when he was offered a drink, some wine in a very tiny glass. He carefully picked a cup and examined it. Not in a disgusted way, but more a scholarly fashion. Red Ajah....red wine....red blood of the hundred of men they had gentled over the years. He shuddered slightly and took a sip to hide it. It was obvious everyone was uncomfortable, but there was no need to show it off. Just blame it on the wine.... Ikkiliad sur Paendrag Asha'man
  7. OOC: Meep, sorry guys! IC: Gaining her bearings, she gathered the courage to finally look to see who she ran into. She sighed in relief when she saw it was just a novice. In fact, it was a novice she had occasionally seen in the library. She stifled a giggle as she noticed the girl staring at the pie wrapped in her arms. So she wasn't the only one with a slight weakness for pie. "Well girls what kind of trouble have we gotten ourselves into now, because lets be honest, if an Aes Sedai walks up right now, we are all in trouble" She turned around to see another novice come just around the corner she had just come from. She was smirking at her and the other novice. Melianna picked herself up and stood to her full height. "Why yes, we certainly all would be. And I don't suppose I could tell you two to just run along or you'll report me, so I suppose you're going to want to help me share, right?" She winked at the girls and began wandering down the hall, fully expecting both to follow like good little novices. Melinna
  8. Thus far, Jasmyne had been watching, like a cat in a tavern. Just observing and seeing how things panned out. It was probably for the best. She was in a slightly tight position. Her drive for power was in conflict with her desire to serve her master, all while keeping her cover. There really wasn't much she could do at this point. Nothing other than watch and make sure things kept going. Jasmyne kept her calm when they proposed that Aes Sedai bond Asha'man. She would rather enjoy that, having a pet, one she could tap into. It was like having a personal angreal that would carry your things as well. Maybe these men could be rather useful after all. Yes, she liked this plan. "Fine. We can handle you bonding Asha'man. But half of the bonds will be held by us." She couldn't help but utter a squeak. What did they want!? The other Sitters responded quickly and she almost thought they might start something right here, ceasefire or not. Especially Jagen, she seemed like she could be a potential loose cannon around men, at least in Jasmyne's opinion. Likely everyone else thought the same thing about her, but that was horribly irrelevant. "Surely the Taint has made you delusional to think any Aes Sedai would agree to be bonded by a man. True, some women could stand to be toned down a notch, but that's ridiculous. Aes Sedai are women of dignity, not to be some man's lap cat. None will stand for it." She replied in a very matter-of-fact fashion. What she said was true, but she wasn't telling the truth. She was certainly for it. She had no intention of being bonded, but she'd love to see other women put in that position, just for her own sick delight. "Bonding, that is something only done by Aes Sedai. It is not something that gets done to them of course. It's not right. I might not be well versed in too much Tower law, but certainly it is custom, and that's just as strong." Jagen's words rang in her mind. She felt the urge to respond, but it would give away her opinion to do so. It's only been custom because there's never been another option. Bonding is done by a channeler and the only channelers have been Aes Sedai until now. And an Aes Sedai bonding another Aes Sedai would just be pointless. Custom by default is hardly custom, in her mind. But she pushed it out of her mind, that was certainly not the issue at present.
  9. The slight scuff of slippers and the swish of skirts could be heard down an empty corridor. It sounded hurried, but in a way as to not make too much noise. Sneaking, if you wish. It was as if someone had done something wrong, such as perhaps stolen something from under another's nose, and was trying to flee the scene unnoticed. In fact, that's exactly the case. An Accepted's dress swerved around a corner and scurried down the hall. Wearing said dress was a tall brown-skinned girl with her dark hair in two neatly woven braids. Her willowy arms were wrapped around a mysterious package and her eyes darted, making sure no one was near. Melianna Hollmen didn't usually sneak around or put this much physical effort into something that wasn't made with the One Power, such as a ter'angreal. Anyone who knew her even in the slightest would consider this out of character for her. The Melianna the world knew daydreamed constantly and spent her time researching Power-wrought items in the library. But when one gets a sugar craving, all sense of logic in the world stops until it's satisfied. The mysterious happens to be a warm pie. Wildberry to be precise, with a honey glaze on the crust. The smell of it filled Meli's senses and her mouth watered as she took the long way around the Tower into a secluded part of the gardens. Just as she rounded the last corner, she bumped into someone, knocking her flat on her bottom with pie plopped right in her lap. She was in shock, so scared that she had perhaps bumped into an Aes Sedai who would punish her for both running into her and for stealing a pie. Melianna Hollmen Accepted OOC: Anyone can hop in, and as many people can join in as they like. I'm just trying to get back into things after....5 months. >.>
  10. O_O SAAAAAAYYYYYYEEEEERRRIIIIINNNNNN!!!!! *FLYINGTACCKLEHUGS* Tis Aos from AND!!! ;D Glad you made it over here!
  11. Meli shuffled into class. She didn`t want to take this class, in any case. It had been one of Larindhra Sedai's "suggestions", which were always orders in a polite disguise. There were better things she could be doing, like studying in the library, not sitting in a class to learn how to make people do as you wish secretly. She had no intentions of leaving the Tower except to study things. She had no need to manipulate. She hardly payed attention as the Blue went on about the Great Game. When she first came to the Tower, she had seen herself as a Blue. This was, of course, before she discovered ter'angreal and then her decision was quite firm. She had no other option than Brown. But, Browns do seek knowledge and anything learned was always a good thing, so this class might not be as big of a waste as she originally thought. ***** The next day, she came into class with a slight jingle. She didn`t have any money to bring as Estel Sedai instructed. All she had of value were her bells, so she hadn't much choice. They were special bells. Pure silver and given to her by her father on her Sixteenth birthday. A whole dozen of them. She sat down in her seat and listened as the assignment was explained. She was suddenly very nervous. She hoped they weren't playing for keeps. She was not going to give anyone her bells. She ended up in the same group as her roommate, Jerinia. A nice girl, but a bit clumsy. Although, it was likely most said the same about herself. She sat down and was dealt her three cards....... (to be continued later)
  12. Meli went wide eyed as Jaydena Sedai gave her quite a stern lecture on lying. She had a good point, about the Oath against lying. It was probably in her best interest to start working on manipulating the truth now and not after she was physically inable to. She swallowed hard and then turned to lead her mentor down into the basement where the storeroom was...and hopefully her guard as well. She started to explain as they descended. "I'm very sorry for lying, Aes Sedai. Well, partially lying. I really was on duty, but I had forgotten and came late, then told Donyelle that Celeste had been spreading rumors about her so that she would leave so I could sneak in. I don`t know what came over me. I just had such an increible urge to even just touch one ter'angreal for a second. I'm very sorry." The Tower Guard was indeed still there, guarding the door. He bowed as the wisened Green appraoched and Melianna opened the door and led her in, the green light filling the dusty room. It was all as she left it. Walking over to the crate she used as a table, she picked up the ring. "This, Jaydena Sedai, I think can hold a weave, much like a well holds saidar. This bell, with the right weave, can alter how nearby animals behave. This brish is what colored my hair so strangely." She paused and went to the swans. "And this...makes water flows invisible...somehow..." Without thinking to ask permission, she embraced the Source and sent a single flow of Water through the heart formed by the swans. "Hmm, it doesn't appear to be working. I can still see it, can't you Aes Sedai?" She suddenly realized she channeled in front of an Aes Sedai without permission. Her eyes went wide, then she squeezed them shut, fearing further punishment. OOC: The flow would have completely disappeared to Jade as it went through the heart, just so you know. ;)
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