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  1. Really? No one else noticed the "Seafold Isles" typo? Just me? OK then. :P I picked the Seafolk Tinkers. War humid weather, lots of rain, lots of vegetation. I'd be happy. Tigara - Aes Sedai - Yellow Ajah
  2. LOLA from now until approx July 5th. Packing, Cleaning, moving, awful.
  3. Tigara - Yellow Ajah Aes Sedai Nothing gets me posting like the need to destroy everyone in competition. >.>
  4. I work in a bookstore. Therefore I cannot make myself sort my books anyways but by author. Within author I then sort by series in chronological series order with any standalones placed alphabetically by title around the series. (Ex, Elantris, Mistborn Trilogy, Stormlight Archives, Warbreaker) Oversized books and books with no listed author have their own shelf all sorted by titles. But currently I'm out of shelf and have stacks in front of my shelves of all my new additions
  5. Hey, would ya look who remembered this early on in the month! :P Tigara - Yellow Ajah, Aes Sedai Yeah no, maybe later when we actually see members dwindling but for now I think we're all too different with too much of a change. Plus we're two of the strongest SG's, we don't need this yet. And the Asha'man smell weird. I'd need to slap them all with a fish to make them smell normal. Not that I'd mind, Alfonso is getting lonely. >.>
  6. So looks like I'm a long lost triplet. I knew I was supposed to be Asian.
  7. Walks over from the side of the room where he was waiting during the ceremony, arms extended out with an embroidered shawl draped over them. I'm so proud of you, and I"m so glad you're a part of our family. Places the shawl across Nya's shoulders and gives her a hug Welcome to the Shawl, dear.
  8. *walks over to drape the cape on Sunrise's shoulders* Will this do, brother?
  9. I do. I had him pegged from the very beginning. He came along in the class field trip and I knew that if he stuck around, he'd be a future Yellow. And I'm so glad he did. He's a wonderful addition to our little crazy family. He's funny, kind, and plain enjoyable to have around. And when it's been difficult for the rest of us to get online due to real life issues, he's always the first to welcome someone and show them true Yellow Ajah hospitality. Just like his name, Sunrise Lord brings light and warmth with him wherever he goes and truly has the spirit of the Yellow Ajah, demonstrated by healing through laughter and I am honored to speak for him for his raising to Aes Sedai!
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