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  1. Hello people. :) Long time no see. Just saying hi. :P Maybe try and drag some of you that I wanna continue talking to between these breaks to Facebook. :P I haven't slept. Don't mind me. :P <3
  2. Hey. I'm Ladria/Ruthanne. I was active mostly between 1999-2002. (Then I got into a relationship with someone who was convinced I was going to leave her for one of you so she made me quit.) And then life happened.. I've moved a lot and started playing World of Warcraft.. Now I'm 34, not married, no kids, about to move back to Arizona. I just don't have a lot of spoons to do a lot right now. Hell, I spaced that Claire told me about this until today. (Honestly, didn't know if anyone who would even remember me would have forgiven me for how I was when I was a teenager. Because that was a problem last time I popped in to say hi.) But I wanted to pop in and say howdy. And see what was shaking. :) ANYWAY. Hope y'all are having a nice day. :)
  3. Ladria smiled,"Certainly! We shall have to go soon, as I am longing for some of a blend I sampled while gone rumored to be carried there. And I am sure Ben would like to retouch bases in the city as well, so we could perhaps truly make a day out of it. I believe I need to refresh my dresses as well, perhaps you could help me with that. Fashion is not my cup of tea," she shook her head. Before she forgot, she placed her tea cup on the table and stood again, crossing toward the door-side table to retrieve the small figurine she had placed there earlier,"I purchased these while we were away. I had not wanted to make a purchase so much as gift, but here they are and now I intend to make gifts of them. The man who makes them is really quite talented," she handed the tiny fish to Loraine,"Notice the detail of the scales. I have to say I had not seen anything like it pri--" she was cut off by a knock at the door and a tingling that told her it was Ben. "Sister, that is my Warder. Please stay and make his acquaintance," Ladria said turning to open the door. "Ben! Please come in, this is Loraine," she motioned to the woman. Ladria Green Ben's (OOC: Sorry guys if this is super lame. I'm tired and still mono-plague ridden.. )
  4. Ladria sat down with her cup of tea and smiled,"I feel that since we left word that our business out of the city was quite important and quite unavoidable, that lent itself to our not being disturbed. I had not heard that there was need of us until I returned. I am glad that if we returned at a time when needed, the Light blessed the trip and made it possible for us to return as we were needed." Ladria sighed and thought to their time away. The only other family she had now was Ben's, and though ties to the outside world were to be cut, she could not very well leave her Warder to his familial duties without some support. "Ah, the man who brings the tea leaves does business here in Tar Valon. He operates a small shop near a dress maker's shop. I am so used to just passing there that my mind slips the name completely. I cannot believe there are many dress shops near a tea merchant and a banking house," Ladria shook her head, idly wondering if her wits were leaving her.
  5. "I know exactly what you mean, and please sit on the plush chairs," Ladria said, motioning to the sitting room to her left. "Fortunately, there are ways of buying the leaves without making the journey to Cairhien! I have forgotten my manners. I am Ladria Damin. I have been gone with my Warder, Ben Tomas. We had business to attend to and then time marched on without us here," she sighed and turned to her teapot,"Though it was a nice time away, I missed the Tower." Smiling in a glance at Loraine, she heated the water with threads of Fire before pouring it over a small mesh ball full of leaves and herbs to make the tea. She hoped that she wasn't talking too much. She felt almost a childlike glee at being back to the only home she had had for many years. "Now then. Tea is made," Ladria said, pouring it into her favorite cups. Delicate little pale green with small flowers in a creamy white, that she reserved for special occasions. She set the cups on the small table between the two overstuffed chairs. "Do you take honey or milk?" she asked, while still standing.
  6. Ladria smiled,"Thank you, Sister," realizing the woman was an Aes Sedai as well,"Things are as I left them, though the air had grown quite stale in my absence." The woman looked a touch tense, though an untrained eye would not have noticed. "Would you care to come in for some tea, Sister? I was just going to make some," Ladria motioned in, wishing the sticky feeling of discomfort would melt away.
  7. She had been bent over, putting books onto low shelves and placing a miniature chest back on the same shelves when there was a knock at the door. "Just a moment please," she called out, glancing around to make sure the sitting room was to rights and it didn't smell musty any longer. Ladria picked up a small figurine of a fish carved out of soft rock, that she had purchased from a farm owner that had happened upon and took a meal with while she and Ben were away. The blasted man wouldn't take a gold crown from her without insisting on it being for goods or services rendered. She had about one hundred of the tiny horses, birds and other animals, which was the only way she could pay for his children to see a village Wisdom and put some food on the table. Some people have too much pride.. She set the small fish on the table next to the door before swinging it open. On the other side was a woman with her hair in Cairhienin style, smiling slightly. "Yes?" Ladria asked, questioningly,"May I help you?"
  8. Ladria had just put the finishing touches on her rooms and was waiting for Ben to arrive when she heard a knock at her door. She opened the door and looked at the young women before her. "Hello, Sister. This is Kabria Delondre, she is not yet Green but she is sealed to us." Ladria smiled warmly,"Hello Kabria, I am Ladria Damin," she told them both, as she didn't recognize the young Green sister either,"How may I help you?" (OOC: edited to correct a spelling typo. I am teh bad at spelling sometimes.)
  9. "No, that is all. You may go," Ladria said, looking around her rooms again after the novice had left. She opened the windows, and looked out over the view that never ceased to move her. The fresh air began to move into the room and Ladria turned to walk to the table to retrieve the pitcher of water. After pouring some water into a bowl, she embraced the One Power to warm it before going about cleaning up after the long ride on horseback. Ladria walked to her wardrobes, opening them to look for a dress Ben hadn't seen her wear since they'd been gone. She selected a white dress with a small mass of lace at the neck and wrists with much green embroidery that made tiny leaves throughout the dress, before stepping behind a partition to do her bathing. Several minutes later, she was refreshed, dressed, with her hair braided, folded over and wrapped in leather straps. She began walking around her rooms, readjusting some things, while she waited for Ben to arrive.
  10. She walked through the halls of the Tower, watching young novices skittering around on their way to or from one of many classes or chores. Accepted in their banded dresses walked swiftly around. Ladria was home. She walked into the Ajah quarters for the Greens and opened the door to her rooms. Not surprisingly, they were well kept. She motioned to the man who brought her bags in to put them on her large table. "Will there be anything more, Aes Sedai?" the man asked. "No, thank you," Laddy replied. "Then I'll be off," the man said, walking out of Ladria's rooms. Ben was still in the city, so she had plenty of time to get her rooms to rights before her Warder returned. She removed her traveling cloak and placed it in the wardrobe that contained all her cloaks, and turned to look over the rooms she hadn't seen in a long time. Small figurines still sat on the mantle. Her teapot and small lovely cups still sat on the other end of her large wooden table. With a sigh, she turned and walked to the hallways to find a novice to unpack her belongings. A novice came from her left,"Girl, please come to my rooms. I have a task for you." "Those bags on the table, they need to be unpacked and the clothing in them put away in one of the wardrobes. When you happen across items not clothing, leave them on the table. And when you are done with that, I need some fresh water in my pitcher."
  11. Oh yes. *drywashes hands and glares around* Fear. FEAR. ;) Glad to know some folks can move beyond the past and still say howdy. :D Anyhow, lacking sleep. Time to fix that. <3
  12. Oh, Minuet. :) You promised chocolate and someone else sprayed tequila. Who could resist a reception like that. And some cheekmarking. That's kinda neat too. Makes me miss having a cat. *grin* As for what sort of stuff I used to do over here.. well... I was Graendal for a bit. The Aes Sedai char I have, Ladria (Luh-DREE-uh, not LAY-dree-uh or la-dree-uh) boinked her Ajah head's favorite warder. My Warder-In-Training tried to be a smart-mouth misogynist (yes, he was male) to Mandi Sedai and got a smackdown from her Warder. My Freelander was popular.. with the guys *cough*... I could go on for awhile. But won't. Thanks Seggy. :) I missed the madness. But um. Okay. I'll try'n jump back into the fold, I spose. lol. Between schoolwork and a couple other things, I'll try and be around. :D Thanks for the warm welcome back, y'all. :)
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