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  1. I have been around DM since 1999!
  2. HELLO! Hello. <3 I miss this place how it was back in the day.
  3. Hello people. :) Long time no see. Just saying hi. :P Maybe try and drag some of you that I wanna continue talking to between these breaks to Facebook. :P I haven't slept. Don't mind me. :P <3
  4. WT/Warder Reunion. Getting to know you, again.

    Hi! Whereabouts in AZ are you? I'm heading to Payson. :D
  5. WT/Warder Reunion. Getting to know you, again.

    Hey. I'm Ladria/Ruthanne. I was active mostly between 1999-2002. (Then I got into a relationship with someone who was convinced I was going to leave her for one of you so she made me quit.) And then life happened.. I've moved a lot and started playing World of Warcraft.. Now I'm 34, not married, no kids, about to move back to Arizona. I just don't have a lot of spoons to do a lot right now. Hell, I spaced that Claire told me about this until today. (Honestly, didn't know if anyone who would even remember me would have forgiven me for how I was when I was a teenager. Because that was a problem last time I popped in to say hi.) But I wanted to pop in and say howdy. And see what was shaking. :) ANYWAY. Hope y'all are having a nice day. :)
  6. Happy Birthday, Ladria!!

    So, I deleted my passwords by accident. So that's fun. Went to dinner for my birthday, got to buy books and movies. Got Jamba Juice. Oh yes. It was a good day.
  7. Happy Birthday, Ladria!!

    Thank you all. <3! I LOVE THE WORLD right now. Birthday's are grand. Birthday report to come.
  8. Happy Birthday, Ladria!!

    :o :o :o :o :o I have a THREAD?! Devoted to me. <3 zomg. I love you guys. Thank you. <3<3<3<3<3 I am just waking up and hyper-emotional today and this actually made me tear up some.. (in a good way).. <3<3<3<3
  9. Without Dragonmount, I never would have...

    This is gonna sound totally ridiculous. But without Dragonmount.. I never would have made it past age 20. Having this place to come to and either vent or forget for awhile really made a lot of difference.
  10. Queen knows the WT is full of win.

    I guess so.. you got the short bus and everything. :D
  11. The reason we're all here.

    *glowers in a corner*
  12. Google Image Search: "Krak"

    Oh good.. these boards ARE pg-13 afterall
  13. Hey SG! I feel you in my BONES! :D

    Geranimal? :D
  14. Google Image Search: "Barm"

    I will NEVER join you now. :( Ice cream thievery is just unforgivable.
  15. They're EVERYWHERE!

    Is you. YOU .. don't argue with me. I am woman.. hear me .. meow. XD