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It seems like every time a do a re read, I add a new scene to my list of favorites.  Some are only a few sentences some are chapter length.


I'm just starting TDR for the upteenth time and it's always been one of my favorites.  The scene after the Trolloc attack, where one of the wolf packs is running down a Fade, attacking it, dying, attacking it as they die, there is only a single survivor from the pack.  That is one of the best scenes from the series. 



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I actually just finished TDR yesterday for the 5th time as well. I liked the trolloc attack in the beginning too especially when Perrin fought the fade. My favorite, though, has to be when Mat takes on Galad and Gawyn with only a quarterstaff. His escape from Tar Valon was cool too though :) to many good scenes but those two are my favorites.

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Matt...Sounding the horn.  Last book when Tuon meets his army and General Karede also (Toy is the General?!?!).  Remember when she says the lion is released on the nigh plain, nice.  Also in last book when he tells Aludra about the bellfounder and that he knows the Dragon reborn, also when Tuon realizes he is a friend of the dragon.


Galad...Duel revenging Morgase prologue of last book.


Rand ...cleansing the power, He and Logain battling Trollocs, with all the ingenious weaves when LTT takes over the power.  All the battles with Baalzamon, His sword fight with the Seanchan, but my favorite when Lan prepars him to meet the Amyrlin and he stands up to her as Borderland trained, LOL.


LAn The above scene and when Nynave sends him to Worlds end.  My favorite Nynave scene is the nexst scene when she asks the merchant if Lan will ride to Tarwins Gap alone.


Egwene...when she first travels through Teleranaroid to become Amyrlyn and when she stands up to the tower in the last book.


Birgette when she gets drunk with Mat


Elayne when she finds the Terangreal that makes her hot.


Perin fighting Trollocs in the three rivers and talking the farmers to abandon the farms and come in to the villages


Moraine when she tells the story of Manetherin and when she kills Lanfear.

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When  Rand tells  Min  Elayne and avienda  that he loves all 3  of them  and Nynaeve goes ape shit saying  RAND AL-THOR YOU APOLIGIZE  RIGHT NOW and that he was worse than a lecher etc etc, i loved that whole  scene  and the way Lan reacted was golden.

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Pretty much every chapter with Egwene in KOD.


Rand seeing through his ancestors eyes in Rhuidean.


The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don!


Mat trying to sneak away from the battle outside Cairhien, only to end up being the man of the day.


Faile showing up with an "army" in Emonds Field just as Perrin is thinking everything is lost.


"She was Galina Casban, Highest of the Red Ajah, who sat on the Supreme Council of the Black Ajah, and she was going to be Theravas plaything for the rest of her life. She was Theravas little Lina. For the rest of her life. She knew that to her bones."

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The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don!

Lan teaching Rand how to act like a boderland's young noble before his interview ith the Amerylin.


Dumai Wells rescue scene (especially the Taim ordering "Ashaman Kill"


Mat trying to fight off Tuon when he is trying to get out of Tylen's palace ending with his realization that Tuon is his "bloody" wife.

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Guest leebarr

When Nyneve goes to the borderlands and gets an army for Lan. Half the common room stands up and starts cheering. From KoD

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The Great Hunt, Cpt. 37 What Might Be

"... Flicker. Flicker. Flicker.

He was a soldier. He was a shapherd. He was a beggar, and a king. He was farmar, gleeman, sailor, carpenter. He was born, lived, and died an Aiel. He died mad, he died rotting, he died of sickness, accident, age.


A houndred lives. More. So many he could not count them. And at the end of every life, as he lay dying, as he drew his final breath, a voice whispered in his ear. I have won again, Lews Therin.

Flicker. Flicker. Flicker..."



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As every one comments here it occurs to me that this is one of the reasons this series has endured as long as it has.  For every scene that was posted here I can say "yeah, that was a good one wasn't it" 


There aren't too many authors out there for whom I could say that.  Even Tolkien had some scenes that didn't do anything for me.  Bombadil?  Not a big fan of that sequence myself but there are people I know who loved it.


Even those who skip over certain POVs cough cough Blasphemers cough probably would agree that their least favorite characters were in scenes they have reread. 


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The scenes before and after Perrin gives Faile the paddling she so richly deserves.


Matt blowing the Horn.


The end of Dragon Reborn is flippin awesome in general.


So is the end of Winter's Heart.


The Ashaman destorying the opposition during the rescue of Rand.


Nothing else jumps to mind at the moment.

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The Cleansing of the Taint

Dumai's Well (Probably the only time I've actually appreciated Taim)

Rand goes crazy on the Seanchan

Thom Vs. The Fade

Rand kills his first trolloc with his daddy's sword

The death of the Greenman


Anytime Mat is a bad ____, or anything that includes the Band of the Red Hand.

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Rand weeping in a closet about moiraine's death, and Sulin finding him.


"kneel and swear to the Dragon reborn"he said softly "or you will be knelt."


In fact, all of Dumai Wells, really.


the last defense of Emond's field, when all hope is lost, and the rest of the two rivers shows up to obliterate the Isam's army of Trollocs.


I know many have said it, but Moiraine's history of manetheran was epic.


Mat, blowing a hole in the side of the stone of tear with a pack of fireworks.


Rand goggle eyed "mat killed couladin?"  (we never get to see the fight, so it made an impact on me just how dangerous mat is, especially taking into account his fight with gawyn and galad).


Birgitte bulling windfinders into the rescue of elayne, and the final blow to the black ajah in camelyn.


Someone should start a thread of least favorite scenese. so i can rant about anything to do with the traveling menagerie and how much time is wasted on it. boring!



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Dumai's wells.

Well the cleansing of Saidin would have been good but RJ spoil it by hinting at it from book 6.

Egwene being chosen Amyrlin

Mat blowing the horn.

But one of my favs is the scene where they open the box at the Eye of the World. And they remove the banner of the Lord of the Morning, the banner of the forces of Light when they rose up against the dark one, the banner of the Dragon, the Banner of Lews Therin Telamon. (Just HAD to try the dramatics of saying that.)

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Rand: In the stone trying to use the power to ressurrect the little dead girl.


Matt: The moment the penny drops about Brigette "Burn my bones to ash"


Perrin: The last defense of Emond's Field. From the letter to Faile to his reunion with his cousin, it's a six hankie sequence all the way.


Aviendha: Her POV during the whole channeler clusterf**k with the seafolk and the kin trying to figure out who she'd need to kill first.


Elayne: smacking down and taking charge of the rebel Aes Sedai at the Palace in Ebu Dar. She never seemed like much of a leader before that moment.


Min: Just one line really. (Paraphrased) "She could imagine Cadsuane pointing at ther and saying it was high time Min Farshaw learned how to balance a ball on her nose."


Egwene: Juggling seven colored balls, utterly serene, while novices cry and accepted scream.


Nynavae: Logain's healing.

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Mat’s realization that Tuon is his wife….



Mat holding down and spanking an Aes Sedai’s butt while others look on and can’t stop him….



I have others, but they aren’t coming to mind.  The butt spanking has to be my all time favorite.


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There's no doubt about it:

- The moments immediately after the cleansing of saidin, with the realization that the source was clean.


Other great scenes:

- Tuon understanding that Mat is a general, has a personal army, knows the Dragon Reborn well, and is well respected by his men.

- The Asha'man attack at Dumai's Wells

- Egwene becoming Amyrlin

- Nynaeve healing Siuan

- Any scene in which Mat shows his military genius

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I have to say, my ultimate favourite scene in all of the books was the scene where Aviendha and Elayne were bonded as first sisters. However, I also loved.


-When Perrin and Faile get married. It's the worse possible moment :P

-When Rand tells Min, Elayne and Aviendha that he loves them all and Nynaeve blows up.

-The disbelief of the Asha'man when Rand and Nynaeve cleanse saidin.

-When Mat finds out Tuon is Daughter of the Nine Moons and does his part of the marrage ceremony without knowing it :P


Classics :P


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