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  1. I hate to say this but i have to give this book a solid c minus. IMO was slow reading and boring this is the first book of this series i had to push myself to read through the boring parts to get to something interesting. historically i would read through any new releases asap. I dont Blame sanderson i just think ive out grown the series having started it when it came out in 1990 as a young man reading this last book made me feel like i was reading a book meant for young teens.
  2. I dont want this to happen but i think Min will be one who doesnt make it other than nicolas fortelling 3 women on a boat think which we imply that min is one of the 3 she is really the only one of the mainish characters with no future related POVs.
  3. If i recall correctly after the Dragon was gone the Aiel seemed to go back to a clan based nation and not acting as a group like they are with Rand at the moment and also Didnt it show the seanchan developed Guns while the aiel were still knife spear and bow fighting? as to the Number of wise ones left who can channel after the last battle i imagine it will be quite a bit less than they have now.
  4. Elayne Trakand for rushing into catching the black ajah in caemlyn and getting every every person in her party killed except for herself and Birgitte and her personal guardswomen
  5. ok going to try to knock out a crazy theory about callandor we know its special or it wouldnt be mentioned specifically so lets break down why i guess we have to start at what we know of the beginning of its making who was there? we saw the female aes sedai the green man and a male aes sedai in the room with callandor when rand went thru his vision quest were the aes sedai there the one who made callandor? i dont now but im going to say probably. we know its made for saidin but its made with a supposed flaw that 2 women must link with a male with a woman leading the link. why? was this a flaw or was this on purpose? im thinking it was on purpose lets go back to the time frame it was made in it was post saidin taint war of power basically over we know one of the aes sedai in the room had fortellings this sword that is not a sword was made flawed on purpose. Lets move forward to verin she stated basically that the war against the DO will not be fought the way Rand thinks it will be fought. Alivia is destined to help Rand Die but not kill him so according to the theory im making about callandor she will have to be one of the 2 women with him with callandor. what do we know of the green man we know he was able to make his own reality within the blight and maintain it while he was alive. what do we know of the ways we know that male aes sedai made the talismans that made them. was the green man in EOTW the same green man in rands post life vision quest? probably. was he the only Green man alive? probably not. we know links cannot be broken by distance they diminish as people get farther apart but never break incoming hyposthesis on callandor: the 2 women act as an anchor the sword that is not a sword is able to make a way gate to a green mans sanctuary where rand will step through in all his tavereness near where the whole was drilled and he will basically "insert" himself into the "Bore" allowing his taveren nature to cause a buffer allowing the pattern to heal the link will break and they will assume rand is dead how he comes back no idea.
  6. BKVMC

    Ajah test

    I thought i would score higher in YELLOW being a Nurse but. You belong to the Gray Ajah! The Gray Ajah seeks to end conflicts by mediation and reaching consensus. They have a strong sense of justice and are knowledgeable about laws and rules. Being skilled negotiators, they understand the value of compromise, and are experts at reaching agreements. It is said that members of this Ajah believe that any problem can be solved by talking long enough about it. Gray Ajah: 9 White Ajah: 5 Yellow Ajah:3 Blue Ajah: 3 Green Ajah: 3 Red Ajah: 2 Brown Ajah: 0
  7. Honestly these cage matches are a joke they should just put up a poll of which character do you like best and leave it at that.
  8. Apsalar shes one scary woman. Rand al thor i still expect him to snap (again) before the end. Ramsay Bolton(snow) hes one freak ass scary dude.
  9. I could see Cadsuane bonding Tam and they both go out in a blaze of glory at the LB. or even worse they get married wonder if cads can still get pregnant wouldnt that be a twist!
  10. Sansa Stark i dont know how the top of her head hasnt blown off yet with all the crap shes had to see and been forced to fake her way through.
  11. Lelaine i just cant bring myself to like her character.
  12. Min is by far the for the long haul marriage type. It seems like its hinted at in the books by her being the only one thus far introduced to Rands father it made the relationship seem more real.
  13. Im not saying Rake would win because hes magically stronger im saying he would win because his morales are different than Moiraines and he isnt restrained by an oath rod. I think alot of the WOT hate comes from everyone saying "BALEFIRE" to resolve every conflict. "Dude, get over it. It's a ridiculous popularity contest, and at the moment, more Rake fans have voted than Moiraine fans. And if Moiraine wins, it'll mean that more Moiraine fans voted than Rake fans. That's all. This doesn't affect the reputation of either series. It means literally nothing." Agree
  14. Im sorry i like Moiraine but Rake would kill her before she even knew he was a threat to her life he doesnt have any 3 oaths binding him
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