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  1. We know he and Avi get together as she has not conceived her, what was it, 4 babies....and something strange about them was that the father was Rand in another body. He will not go back to the Aiel as he now has dark hair. And no longer looks Aiel. I suspect his farm will be in the West wood so he can still see Perin and his dad.
  2. Remember Rand and the pipe? That is how he will do it. He will have his farm somewhere, grow incredibly tasty things as his green thumb will make it happen. When he is sitting by the fire at night, he will look at is pipe, sigh and the pipe will be lit with one of the three girls sitting in the easy chair next to him. LOL. It will happen because he wills it so. The next morning, he will will her away and return to the orchard to pick apples, harvest tabac or shear sheep
  3. Why does anyone think Hawkwing would tell Tuon to end the training of Damane? Surely not his love for Aes Sedai!
  4. 1. When Avienda realized she had killed Ruark 2. Tam saying you did well my son. I realized then that Rand would live on but Tam would never know. That was sad to me.
  5. That would be worse that that crappy ending Goodkind used in the SoT series. Sorry, poor choice of words re Galad. However, it would be funny if he is gay since every women swoons over him, LOL.
  6. The only thing I am 100% sure of is that Luckers (and others) will be unhappy about something. LOL
  7. Perhaps the true power, as the essense of the DO will be used to touch the DO while the one power is also used to do the sealing. Perhaps this is the 3 become one. Of course that could also refer somehwo to the 3 taverene.
  8. Teh tea quote was when Galad met Berelain. I am looking forward to when Rand sees Moraine, of course Avienda returns to Rand Rand discovers Elayne's pregnancy Perin taking aout the dream spike at the black tower, or telling rand how to do it and the ensuing battle the Battle of Camelyn Mst reuiniting with Fortuona Rand interacting wtih Fortuona (as they have both changed...he is wiser, she is now the empress and more impressed with herself
  9. IMWO, Demandred is most likely in Murandy or in a fortress in the Blight where he is building an army.
  10. In the early 90's, getting auto license plates in Arkansas was not computerized and involved a long wait. I went into the revenue office to get tags and took a number, something like 33, and now serving 12. So i walked to the used bookstore next door and perused the books. Sweet's cover on TEOTW looked cool and I bought the book. I think 2 or 3 were published then so I soon began an endless cycle of waiting 2 years or so for each book, reading a new book in 2-3 days and waiting another 2 yrs, LOL. What a glorious ride Rand. Matt, etc have lead us on.
  11. Must have been writing on the plane.
  12. I would love for Rand to appear before Tuon, lay a weave down that pops the adam off of every visible damane and snaps it around the neck of her suldam. It will not happen as it would create too much chaos and Rand needs to Seanchan to fight at Tarmon Guidon, but it would be funny.
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