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  1. Cute! I laughed until I cried. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P6UU6m3cqk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zy4U7Gpk6Bs
  2. Post all the best YouTube has to offer. I present this for your pleasure: If that doesn't make your day a little better then good lord WTF is wrong with you... I also present: It's a one of a kind piece...
  3. Unfortuanetly, this series isn't popular enough to warrant it's own game. Oh yeah, I know, WE like it alot. There isn't enough of "we" though. If you couldn't get 500,000 playing consistently for a few years then it would be a finacial failure. You'd never get a publisher to cough up the millions it would take to get everything up and running.
  4. I'm not interested in going to the Role Playing sections of the boards. Is this really the wrong forum to have placed this?
  5. See it. It's fresh, unique and exciting. You rarely can guess what will happen next. And before you complain about the camera work (like you somehow don't get that's one of the main "bits" about the movie), let's see YOU keep a camera steady running for your life constantly.
  6. The true history of the Aiel being revealed. The glimpse back to the age of legends is just awesome.
  7. The scenes before and after Perrin gives Faile the paddling she so richly deserves. Matt blowing the Horn. The end of Dragon Reborn is flippin awesome in general. So is the end of Winter's Heart. The Ashaman destorying the opposition during the rescue of Rand. Nothing else jumps to mind at the moment.
  8. Blanket statements are our friend I see. I like both series personally. Goodkind tells a deep, thoughtprovoking story by following 4 or 5 specific people. Jordan does it by following 10 to 15. I would remind everyone of the South Park episode called "Simpsons already did it". They point out, rightly I might add, that "The Simpsons" has basically done every single possible plot contrivance available. Replace The Simpons with Tolkien. I am NOT a big fan of him at all. To assume that all of these series aren't a derivative of what he's done is REDICULOUS. The goal of an author is to find a new way to go over the same story. I love WoT. I love SoT. Stop being asses. They are "books". It's "fake".
  9. That's assuming Her, Min and Avi don't end up on a boat sailing to a quite away place with Rand.
  10. Nynave's is a jerk. Egwene's a stuck up jerk. Elayne's a stuck up jerk by birth. Faile is rediculous. Aes Sedai are jerks by association. You want equality? There you go. Men treating women like the the women treat the men in this series would be met with such anger and self-righteousness by the female readers of this series it would be amazing how quickly the books would have stopped. Min and Avi are the only ones who don't really fall into the "jerk" category. The women in general in this series ARE jerks. Sexist, egotistical jerks. I'm not saying they make the reading uninteresting. I love this series. I'm suggesting that the majority of them are sexist, egotisitcal jerks.
  11. I would suggest both you and the orginal poster are doing the same thing you're suggesting the authors have done. Like a book series doesn't mean agreeing with it philosophically. If that was true: *I would think all women sniff loudly when annoyed. *All women were smarter then men (not all of you are very smart, just like men) *All men were bumbling baffons who should feel lucky that women exist to tell them what to do (See above) The long and short of it is I can't stand the way women are finally protrayed in a very powerful postition in a series and the mass majority of them are plain old jerks. I still enjoy the series enough to refer to it to other people. No series and no author is perfect.
  12. Real simple folks: They are in a war. They don't know if the guy they love will die or not (and there's a good chance he will). They are all uber young with uber responsiblities. They are all feminists (which most of the women in this series are) and therefore believe it's there right to act as they please (which would be true even if they wern't feminists I might add, the fact is that attitude factors into their thought processes). A guy wrote this. You're welcome. Edit: I'll get yelled at for aying what I mean, not what I typed. lawl.
  13. In the past' date=' yes. Since roughly 2003ish, I would heartily disagree. Full Metal Alchemist Escaflowne Full Metal Panic RahXephon Spirited Away The above 5 are better in English. Revolutionary Girl Utena is on par and just as good in English as it is in Japanese. Now, older shows, your 100% right on. I would [b']*NEVER*[/b] suggest someone watch Neon Genesis Evangelion in English. They would be missing out on one of the best (if not THE best) voice acting casts in all of anime. The Japnese Shinji blows Spike Spencer out of the water. Again though, nowadays, it can be a tossup. Don't be an anime snob now. Give both languages a chance!
  14. Club-to-Death Angel Dokuro-chan is 6 episode long btw. Anyway, I own (so then would obviously recommend): *BTW, some of these are better in Japanese, some are better in English, some it doesn't matter* Neon Genesis Evangelion Revolutionary Girl Utena R.O.D. (The OVA) Love Hina Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Rahxephon Spirited Away The Cowboy Bebop movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door. Show's I've seen and would recommend: Kamichu Cowboy Bebop Full Metal Alchemist Yumeria Excel Saga Ghost in the Shell (The first movie) Perfect Blue Naruto (through episode 135 roughly) Naruto Shippuden Bleach Read or Dream I have others, most of course are not coming to mind.
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