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  1. Ever since Gawyn went all nutty with supporting Elaida and psycho-hating Rand, I've sincerely disliked him. At first I just thought it was because Rand is my favorite character and Gawyn is his most constant (and unfair) detractor. Today, though, I was thinking about Gawyn's epiphany in ToM and realized that it all boils down to his function as a foil for Rand. For all of Rand's issues external and internal, the one constant of his character is that he always puts the needs of the many above the needs of himself, even when he really shouldn't- perhaps especially then. Even as Darth Rand, every awful thing he did was driven by a belief that it was the only way to achieve or protect a greater good. Gawyn, on the other hand, is IMO the most selfish character in the entire series. Every single choice he's made has been about his own wants above all other concerns. Why did he support Elaida's coup? Because he was angry at Siuan for putting Elayne and Egwene in danger. His regret over that decision comes not from Elaida's utter failure as a leader and the ruin is causes for much of the Westlands, but from the fact that it puts him in uncomfortable situations. By his own admission, his hatred for Rand comes from child-like jealousy over not being the special one and not at all for the destruction that Rand's presence has caused the Trakands, Andor, and the world in general.
  2. So, the Avatar State? Okay, if they ever make a WoT movie/tv series, they have to show the Maradon scene with Rand's eyes glowing white. The whole nine yards: glowing dragon tattoos and herons, hyper-amplified voice.
  3. Comparing what Rand did at Cairhien to what he pulled at Malden is like comparing a 1,000 pound laser-guided bomb to a 50 megaton nuclear warhead. Same concept, yes, but one blows up a skyscraper and the other vaporizes small countries. Cairhien: -Rand wasn't the only one channeling -Channeling didn't win the battle, it was only a part of the strategy Malden: -Rand was the only one channeling -Rand was the only one fighting by that point -Rand's channeling wiped out the entire army Rand also did not have any aid whatsoever at Malden. He did what he did completely alone. There are two possible explanations for this: 1) He was utilizing LTT's memories/training, which would mean that LTT was capable of doing the same thing during the War of Power. I don't like this because it doesn't fit with what we know of the Forsaken. Ishymori and Demandred are stated to be second only to LTT- and yet we've never seen anything approaching Malden from either of them, or the implication that they could do so if they wanted. There are several moments where using such power would have been in Ishymori's best interests- the Cleansing chief among them. If he had that kind of power, he could have simply melted the entire area or soaked in balefire. 2) The same force that protects Rand from insanity has also increased his ability to channel. I like this one because it accounts for everything Rand does in ToM- the shining sun, the food, being able to sense Darkfriends and drive them to insanity.
  4. Off the top of my head, I can break TG down into four showcase fights: Rand vs. Moridin Mat vs. Fain Perrin vs. Superfade Light Alliance vs Shadowspawn There will likely be plenty of others, particularly for Lan and the Supergirls. Feel free to add your own. My question is- what will be your playlist for the final (for now), climatic battle between Light and Dark? I was inspired to make this topic because it occurred to me that the perfect music for Rand vs Moridin would be Mortal Kombat.
  5. They are the two most powerful forces in the universe. Their battle defines the world for entire species and realities. This is their conversation, their duel writ upon the shifting sands of time. Our fiction begins: Dark One: SUP. Creator: Dude, drop the caps lock. No one to impress here. I'm just watching the Wheel do its thing, and watching your squirm in that little prison of yours. You know, the usual. Dark One: I'm going to get out this time, you'll see. Creator: Um, how many different revolutions have I heard that one? And from how many different timelines? I'm starting to lose faith here. Starting to lose faith. Dark One: I have a good feeling about this one. I've got it in the bag. Creator: Yeah, right. Have you seen the Superboys and the Supergirls? Rand is going to kick your ass and be well-rewarded for his trouble. Dark One: That's a such a stupid nickname. You only use it because of that sycophant angel- Lee, something- but it doesn't matter! Moridin will wipe the pants off that whelp and be well-rewarded for his trouble. Creator: Rewarded with what? Dark One: Well, the destruction of reality itself, of course. Creator: Right...my top guy gets to be the most powerful person in the world by pretty much every measure, and enjoy it for most of a millennium, plus he gets to marry three of the most attractive women in the world, two of whom will look like they're 25 until age 90. You guy gets utter annihilation. Hmm, I see. How's that recruiting problem going, by the way? Dark One: You don't have to be a dick about it. Creator: No, I think I do. I really think I do. Dark One: You'll see. I'll show you! I'm going to eviscerate you and use your gastro-intestinal tract as a prophylactic while I copulate with your orbital bone! Creator: You're going to what? Dark One: I'M GOING TO SKULL-FRAK YOU! Creator: What's that I hear? The sound of you being sealed away by a bunch of tweens two years out of the farm? Okay, see you next time you get curb-stomped by a ginger! Dark One: FRAK YOU. Creator: Sorry, you're not my type. For the full experience, read the Dark One's lines in Master Betty's voice. Never saw that casting choice coming, did you now? Also, five internets to those who know where the skull-frak thing comes from.
  6. You know, it could be that in every Third Age, The Dragon Reborn outright kills the Dark One- and then over time a new one is born and festers within the Pattern. Keep in mind that the Forsaken were sealed up as well, showing that mortals can indeed be thrown in. One wonders would happen if Fain was locked in for 50,000 years, alone.
  7. I get the feeling that Yellows do what most of the other Ajah's do- wander around until something piques their interest. In the case of Yellows, they probably spend their time traveling from place to place, Healing what wounds they come to. Such an existence would bring a lot of praise from people they Healed, which could serve to show why most Yellows are even more arrogant than Aes Sedai.
  8. I doubt that Saidar was tainted, as that would imply that it's impossible to fully remove a taint short of an act of the Creator- when we know that somehow both halves end up clean for when LTT and crew roll around once more. What I think it might be, is an example of the DO tampering with reality. Everything he does, is aimed to get the Light as weak as possible at Tarmon Gai'don- the heat, the coming famine, the rends in reality. I think this tactic also extends to attacking the Power itself, or rather, Saidar. We know for a fact that Saidar weaves are weakening and failing outright, could it be the DO trying to create a weak point through which to hurt the Light?
  9. Except for Sammael in CoS- unless you're counting Shadar Logoth as a separate world.
  10. I think I've discovered the perfect music for Wheel of Time- the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack by Bear McCreary. Sure it's made for a sci-fi show, but every time I listen to it I can't help but be reminded of WOT.
  11. And those are the reasons why every player is a channeler- all other professions are those of npcs. Now, this doesn't mean that every player has to choose between the Two Towers; there will be plenty of room, and plenty of advantages, to remaining unaligned as a wilder. Being a wilder means that you have more freedom of movement and action wihtout having a Tower come down on you- but at the same time your skill in the One Power increases much more slowly. And then again on the flipside, wilders have more space within their characters to get better at other skills, such as martial weapons or crafting.
  12. Me too. Rand is the only character who has never done something for their own gain- every action, every choice he has made in the series has been for others, from leaving the Two Rivers to stopping Semirhage's fireball.
  13. I'm not sure how to handle those things, I am completely drawing a blank. As for the decline, I would have to disagree. It's clear in the books that Aes Sedai are growing weaker only because they refuse to change their ways. Their political power is in decline, and that gives them less opprotunity to search for those who can channel. The Two Rivers and the women found by the Salidar Aes Sedai proves this. As for old talents coming back, my theory is that in the Fourth Age there will be a balance between the One Power and the old talents. This may last into the Fifth Age, before going straight back to old talents in the Sixth. The Seventh, I think is the ancient world before the rise of Sumer.
  14. My first exposure to the series was when I was in 6th grade back in 2000. My best friend was deep into the first book, but I never looked into it because I judged it by the rather crappy cover. Second time was around two or so years later, when I got those "young adult" editions of Eye of the World, where the split it into two books. Got to the part just after Taren Ferry and threw the book down as man-hating trash (I wasn't a fan of men not being able to channel, and had read greatly exaggerated spoiler of Rand, my favorite character, going insane). I randomly gave it another chance about a year later, loved it, and proceded to read all the others through my school library. However, I was still a total idiot, and as of tFoH, I started skipping parts to get to scenes with a Rand POV. I am now in the process of rectifying the mistake, and kicking myself for ever making it.
  15. Right. And remember- the Portal Stones take you to worlds that could have been, not worlds that are.
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