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  1. Elayne, cause the twins need a daddy. :D (Dives for cover)
  2. an intriguing idea, one that i hadn't thought of, I tend to doubt it, I think everything in the series so far has pointed to Rand being the Creator's chosen instrument in sealing away the D.O. But like I said, interesting
  3. A neat idea, off the top of my head in all honesty I love the Whitecloaks, or rather I should say what the Whitecloaks should have been. Thats what I would say off the top of my head. :)
  4. Yea I agree with alot of what has been said already. I have never been let down by Mat the guy is a riot no matter what he's doing. So definitely no to the letdown question.
  5. I don't have the books on me this second, but it is my experience that R.J. doesn't do anything for nothing.
  6. Ok so I literally finished the book five minutes ago. So Sorry if this is already a topic cause I didn't go looking through topics to see if it already existed cause I'm freaking out mentally right now. So that said, one of the the things in the book I wanted to discuss is what has been foretold to happen to the Aiel. I personally would like to think that their extinction will be avoided but that could just be me being optimistic. So any thoughts
  7. I don't mean to go off on a rant here but... ok does anyone else totaly hate what they've done to this place i mean i really liked the way that the old DM looked this place just looks all grey and dreary and like not fun to look at and its just BLAH......... ok i'm done :D
  8. yea this is an interesting idea one that i had not thought of, but i do find it possible that Lan would have gone to Tar Valon and trained more and learned from Elyas (maybe unlikley but it seems possible to me)
  9. hhmm this is somewhat disconcerting, to see all these people who don't like Faile, Gawyn or Elayne. personaly i really like all three of those characters whats with all the hate guys
  10. thats something i'm dying to find out what part is Galad going to play in the coming book
  11. i'm currenty on my third reread and Toun has it right when she says "Mat Cauthon made an onion look like an apple." theres always another layer
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