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  1. Dumai's wells. Well the cleansing of Saidin would have been good but RJ spoil it by hinting at it from book 6. Egwene being chosen Amyrlin Mat blowing the horn. But one of my favs is the scene where they open the box at the Eye of the World. And they remove the banner of the Lord of the Morning, the banner of the forces of Light when they rose up against the dark one, the banner of the Dragon, the Banner of Lews Therin Telamon. (Just HAD to try the dramatics of saying that.)
  2. QUOTE A big one, but still only one. I sure do hope so. I want it to be huge. Something I can read for three days....
  3. It would have been so much easier if the world had been divided into good guys and Darkfriends.... then we could say that Elaida was a Darkfriend. But we can't. I've sympathised with Elaida, but not so much after Dumai's Wells. No one locks the Lord Dragon in a box, HEAR ME?! Yet, she was scared. Scared that he didn't know what he was doing. Siuan and Moiraine (and Cadsuane) to an extent, know that the Dragon had to be set free to learn, grown and pull the peoples of the world to him. Elaida thinks that he should be locked away till Tarmon Gaiden comes and when it comes, he must be sent to Shayol Ghul to inevitably win, and die. As if any prophecy said that with the Dragon, the pattern always wins. Ishamael said it himself, though whether we believe him is another thing, the Wheel weaves out many Patterns, in some the Dragon wins, and the world is well, in others, the Dragon dies and still the world is well. In some others, the Dragon goes over to the Dark one and the Lord of Chaos rules. Elaida must understand that. I think she might, during aMoL. She just might. That would be a nice turn of events. Yet she has her days as the Flame of Tar Valon numbered. Maybe not stilling, I don't see how stilling can even be a threat now that it can be healed, but still.
  4. What makes it funny, though is when they pronounce Lan's name as LAN and not as LAAAAN. I used to make that mistake too. I think it was even featured on one of the podcasts.
  5. I loved the WoT Audio books. Im still at SR though. Its completlely different in the auidobooks, the experiance I mean. Its lmost like I cant miss a single word ever. So I take in more. Its unavailable here, though, sadly. And I've only had to get them through a torrent, but if they really are that pricy, no wonder I couldnt find them in a store!
  6. SACRILEGE!!! THE LIGHT BURN YOU! (No offense, just kidding around.) No really. I used to like Terry Goodkind. Till I reread the wheel of time again and again. Made me realise that Goodkind, was the bad kind of Fantasy author. Back to your question. Hmmn, I am not too sure about the WoT type. Its one of a kind. Terry Pratchett is a parody type but his books go by a different formula than just "take fantasy book. Make it funny by slapping around usual rules such as Wizards can use a memorized spell only once and then they have to rememorize it" thing. Sure his first books started that way, but come on, who can deny that Granny Weatherwax makes Sheriam seem timid? Hmmn, I stay by my verdict that GRR Martin sucks. Never liked A Game of Thrones, but just to prove it to myself, I'll reread it again. David Eddings is far from the RJ type, but he is what you should look at. First book : Pawn of Prophecy And Terry Brooks. Get past his first few books, and you'll love him. The third saga in his Shannara series was good. And so was the latest. First Book : Sword of Shannara Best Book : Anthrax Ursula K Le Gain Its been a long time since I've read her books, but well, they are worth a few reads. And please, No Potter. I was a great fan till the woman had to go and flaming ruin the story with the last book. Please let Potter rest in his coffin for now. (PS: Snape killed Dumbledore THE END) If you haven't gone through his books, JRR Tolkien. The Father of all Fantasy. Even if not for the story, at least go through it to see the what is the pinnacle of creational (creational as in purely going by creativity and stuff) fantasy. RJ pwns, but still, Tolkien is what every fantasy author dreams of being compared to, in a good way atleast. Others I haven't read: Raymond E Feist Anne Rice I hope to try them out come 2008. Hope this helped you.
  7. ok, I'll make some random guesses: Lions sing and hills take flight - Andor? The moon by Day and the sun by Night? Either this means light and dark OR Seanchan and Rand (A longshot.) Blind woman - Aes Sedai Deaf man - No idea, but Whitecloaks? Jackdaw Fool - nope... Let the Lord of Chaos Rule - Shai.....
  8. I think Padan fain has some eviler (is that even a word?) purpose. He might just arrive at Shayol Ghul and kill/stab Rand after the Dark One is done with.
  9. I know that the warder bond snaps when an Aes Sedai is stilled/killed. Well, when Siuan Sanche got back her ability, she also feels the loss of her Warder. So, does this mean that when the Aes Sedai is Healed and restored to her ability, the bond reactivates? Wouldn't that also mean that Lan's Bond with Moiraine should return if she returned from the Tower of Ghenjei? Just speculation, of course.
  10. Tam a warder? lol. That sounds funny. Anyway yeah, it would be killer if they met. But I do hope that proper justice is done for that scene. I think Tam will be shown fighting. Well, it was mentioned far too frequently that he is a Blademaster for him not to. Most possibly, like Thom did about his flute, Tam might ask Rand where his sword went. And when he finds out about it, he might mention how he got it. And Rand will obviously still picture him as his true dad. But whether Tam will feel the same, I don't know. I think Tam will be vital to Cadsuane showing Rand "laughter and tears".
  11. Mostly Galad will go mad and shout out "Little Brother!!!!" and turn himself in for a dark friend. I don't really think they will find out, though. Since we always do credit RJ for making this as real as possible, well, I don't see the need to. Its not like he will actually feel any affection for Rand. And definitely Rand wouldn't care at all, except trying to reconstruct how that relates him to Elayne.
  12. Well, the forsaken are older. but yeah, if you exclude them, then that kinswoman is the one.
  13. Hmmn Rand or Lan, undecided about it. But since Rand does have the one Power on his side, and that's not something related to swords, I'll go with Lan.
  14. I'm undecided on this. I haven't quite pictured Galad as "Die Aes Sedai witch" type. So, my question is thi.s How much do you think the whitecloaks' look on things is going to change with Galad as the Lord Captain Commander? I figure that the Whitecloaks become atleast a little more tolerant towards users of the One Power. And also, they don't go around drawing the Dragon's Claw on doors of those they think are Darkfriends. I also see the Whitecloaks as a major assistance to the side of the light when the battle part of Tarmon Gaidon starts. However, I don't quite know where Galad's feelings for Egwene, the Amyrlin Seat, fit in. Its quite funny picturing that the Flame of the Lord Captain commander of the White cloaks is the Flame of Tar Valon. Oh and maybe a fight between Galad and Gawyn (just hoping so) for her hand?! lol.
  15. I'm shipping myself to Arad Doman. Domani hussies pwn you.....
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