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  1. I always think of it as being akin to joining the military. You have to put up with a lot of crap that may suck, but in the end you are stronger for it (mentally and physically).
  2. Harden the air around them, and slit their throats. Harden the air in their lungs or around their heads. Rend the earth under their feet. Reverse some healing weaves and see what they do (but you may have to touch the enemy for this one). Go Kamikaze and Unravel a weave in their midst and see what happens (may turn out like the A-Bomb after the girls use the Bowl of the Winds). I'm going to stop now before people start to wonder :) Send out a strong weave of compulsion and see what happens (the books mention that if it is too strong it will harm). Ahhh... I cant
  3. Lacey is my real name. I typically use Lanfear, Aviendha, Siuan... but that seemed a bit cliché on a WOT site :)
  4. I wouldn’t say Jordan’s world is any more violent than our own. Both worlds are capable of extraordinary kindness and cruelty. The means to the ends are just different. So than the question is… does that make our world very violent? Back to the point, I believe the book will end with a peaceful or somewhat neutral time. After all, the book already has a history of peaceful times, violent times, and times that fall between the two.
  5. So, I have read the books several times- the EotW the most. I have also listened to the audio books. One part always nags at me. When Thom, Mat, and Rand are in Whitebridge and Thom saves the boys from the myrddraal a blue flash is described. Later, when Lan, Moraine, and Nynaeve reach Whitebridge there are several houses burned (none of which stand next to each other), and they hear a rumor of the “trouble” being caused by a man channeling. I am convinced someone channeled. I do not think it was anyone on the fade’s side. You would assume that if a darkfriend (that could channel)
  6. Langston Hughes wrote a book called Laughing to Keep from Crying. This is also a saying (I am not sure which came first). I feel Rand laughed at the "bend over" moments of his life because if he didn't he would emotionally break. I have personally had bad days, moments, etc. when all I could do was give a little maniacal chuckle, put my head down, and trudge through it. Personally, I think this stops/lessens later in the books because Rand is becoming numb to emotion (which Caddy hopes to remedy).
  7. I think it will be great. A month ago I would have said it would be o.k. I had only read Elantris (by Sanderson) up until that time. It was a good read, but I wouldn't have recommended it to a friend. However, now that I have read Mistborn and the Well of Ascension (both by Sanderson) I think it will be GREAT. I would place those two books second in line to my favorite reads. The WOT being the first. I am totally psyched.
  8. Mat’s realization that Tuon is his wife…. Mat holding down and spanking an Aes Sedai’s butt while others look on and can’t stop him…. I have others, but they aren’t coming to mind. The butt spanking has to be my all time favorite.
  9. Light is a common metaphor for GOOD, HOPE, and GOD. Because of that metaphor... I always think of it as meaning A Memory of Good/Hope/God (like good/hope/God is gone)... which could be bad... because I want a happy ending. However, that is always how I first perceive the title (even though I do not like it).
  10. The party stocked the shoreline of the island. Many were well rehearsed at keeping their heads down, but the dwarf -to his companions’ horror- might as well have not even attempted the feat. He might as well have bellowed "Dragon! Here we be!" Marlow Vanderhof crept along the shadowed perimeter of the forest, just up the beach from his cohorts. He had been drawn to this area by a bush that looked unnaturally shaded. As he ghosted next to the shrub, he recognized one of the hired soldiers that had been with them earlier. During the initial attack many of the hired soldiers had been s
  11. I laugh too...but as a woman... I laugh at the men (mostly). I agree with you completely.
  12. I want the book, and then I want the notes.
  13. Is her ability to pick apart weaves considered a talent, or is it one of those "little" tricks?
  14. There is a WOT video game!?!?!? What system is it for? When did it come out? Tell me more!
  15. I would like to watch a miniseries about the WOT. I think this would be the best way to tell the most in depth story. However, my fear is that I would enjoy the show.. get hooked... and then it would get cancelled.
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