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  1. where exactly did that come from? first time i've ever seen that question/answer
  2. personally, i think it was a virtual reality simulator(either for work or play) OR it was used for psychological treatment(having your fears and such 'brought to the surface'). i'm leaning more to the latter.
  3. wasn't it rand's channeling that 'brought' the EoTW to them?
  4. those weren't 'ripples,' they were 'bubbles [of evil]'
  5. she wasn't captured. unless you believe she will be during AMOL.
  6. anyone remember the first instance of the swirling colors appearing?
  7. his purpose, according to the general consensus, is to remind Mat of the game 'Snakes and Foxes' in order to have a chance at defeating the 'finns
  8. theres also the option of her being the most powerful channeler PERIOD. which coincides with the 'finn theory involving her. but ya, theres no [non-forsaken] sources stating that she isn't at least the 3rd strongest channeler(below ishamael and rand).
  9. i imagine they're rare because they're relatively easy to dismantle(wise ones vs aes sedai at dumai's wells) while occupying a good portion of your channeling power.
  10. ah, so thats how he won all those medals...the 'dragon reborn' himself realized drugs were prohibited, but the OP was not..
  11. magic? don't be silly, theres no such thing ;) portal stones? personally, my theory(pretty far out and unconventional) is that the first age scientists discovered the OP as a form of energy and managed to utilize it. with their knowledge of quantum physics(or w/e), created the portal stones to use the OP to open portals to other worlds/timelines etc. hence how the portal stones could have existed in the first age AND why they are operated with the OP. ps, i'm sure that someone in the first age just found some really reliable stone-like building material to build what would have been persumably very advanced machines.
  12. not quite sure, within the first 4 books(80% sure on this) and by either moiraine or loial. regardless, it is accurate.
  13. peopel actually liked the ending scenes? that was the single most boring battle scene i've ever read(then again, the rest of that arc wasn't compelling in the least)
  14. ages can be any length of time(the 3rd age is ~3K years long, however, the 4th age may only be 50 years long). not too sure whether or not each age is the same length every turning of the wheel though. lanfear thought she had found a unisex power source and believed that with men and women using the same power, even greater things could be accomplished than with the OP.
  15. except that experimenting leads to death or close to it(being burned out). almost all of the recent discoveries have been a result of knowledge gained from AOL channelers.
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