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  1. From Maria's statement : " RJ Did have a list of actors he said the characters resembled" I will take Sandrson's tact and say the changes due to Rafe's own vision. And as Sandrson also said its okay to disagee with another person's vision when looking at changes in an adaptation. I just simply think that due to the isolation of the Two Rivers and therefore the necessary inbreeding that occured over 2 thousand years having a racially diverse cast of Emmond's Fielder's is a step too far. Also the actor chosen to portray Perrin may be large but he has nowhere near the physique of Perrin as written or indeed the physique of any blacksmith's Apprentice.
  2. No such list exists. However in 2014 his notes which given to the Universty of Charleston revealed that he based certain characters on well known actors. Egwene was based on an 18 year old Audrey Hepburn. Nyneave on a young Jacqueline Bisset and Perrin on a young Val Kilmer. He did not intend that this actors play the charcters in any future production instead he based his descriptions of the characters generally on how these actors looked. "There is lots of sex and lots of nudity. There is torture, rape and, graphic violence." All those things are obviusly in Wheel of Time but they are not dewscribed as graphically as they are in GOT. So I would only quibble with your use of the term "graphic violence. The question is will these events be mentioned in the TV series or will they be graphically depicted on screen. It should be noted that the use of sex in the GOT series was used extensively (especially in the first few seasons) as info dumps where characters which were either nude or simulating sex dropped a lot of information. It even got to the point that people began using the term sexposition to describe the scenes and their purpose.
  3. The books do not say the Emmon's Fielders have dark skin. By Elaida's actions it's obvious they have darker skin tones then Rand's ginger look. However, just about everyone thought that they were as dark as a typical mediterranian person in our day. Think Spaniard, Italian, Greek, or light skin Arab but not obvioulsy black.
  4. "Siuan's in particular would be problematic for modern audiences." ? "To say that her and Siuan could be lovers does not mean that they are spending any more time together on the show than in the books. This is obviously a path they want to go down, so, to me, emphasising an element already there, and with a character whose own romance is tacked on at the end, makes more sense than just making someone like Egwene gay, whose relationship intertwines with other events in the books." I think it would be truer to the books for Moraine and Siuan to be bisexual,
  5. And to be honest a good portion of the first books focused on Moraine (and on Egewene and Nynaive) and a large portion of the all the books centered on the doings of female characters. If you are going to be faithful to the story as written by Jordon (and finished by Sanderson on Jordon's notes) the series is going to have to focus on both the Three male Ta'varen male characters but also on the significant female characters that are the focus of many of the subplots in the books. Further, since the all the scripts and plot lines that have been written or discussed by the showrunners essentially involve the events in the first book it's not at all surprising that it's heavily Moraine centric or involves the two budding female channelers since it's stressed in the first bbok that channeling is presently the preserve of women. So at that point its rather obvious why any thing to do with channeling is going to focus on women with references to male channeling being limited to the fact that it's a mad thing.
  6. Seems to me that most of the things that are mentioned on the list simply can not be cut. actually the only things that might be reasonable are" " number of AS is limited to <10 number of Fs is limited to <3 number of WOs is limited to <3 I do not think that the numbers actual numbers are accurate but limiting then actual number of AS,Fs or WO's that actually get air time vs those that appear in the books is a likely neccessity. The suggestion that material covered in any book after LOC has to be cut is simply stupid. You have to have some ending to the story (cannot just leave it hanging) and you have to resolve the various subplots that make up the substance of all the books up to including LOC. Plus what will be cut or consoldidated including possibly conflating some characters is going to be decided by those involved in the series based on their best estimation as to what will work or make snese in regards to a a television series not what parts of the story the fandom thinks are unimportant and can be cut. What I am saying is that many of the cuts and changes will be based on what professionals believe are necessary to fit the story into a new Mediam and not what the fans think are minor characters or plot points that they would not mind being cut. For instance whether the exotic amimals and creatures featured in the books will make it into the series is largely going to be decided on how "realistic" such animals can be portrayed and the costs associated with making that happen. CIG is still a very expensive process and even when it is cinaqmaticly succusful it's simply too expensive. That is why for instance, in Game of Thrones the DIre Wolves are not often on screen. THe CIG of them is quite good but it's also tremendously expensive and even in well financed productions show runners have to make choices of how to best spend limited resources. Do you spend money to include short but frequent scenes featuring Dire Wolves or do you limit such scenes to the bare minimum and save the money to finance the costs of depicitng CIG Dragons or to finance the costs of a few large and intricate battles that also involve use of CIG elements? One of the practical things that I myself am most concerned is how do you relay much of the lore and information found in the books in characters internal thoughts in a Visual medium in a way that both conveys the information and will keep the audiences interest. GOT did a lot of info dumping through the use of "Sexposition scenes where nude are barely dressed characters casually dumped a whole lot of necessary information and events that occured "offscreen". Whether the WOT series will be succesful will in my opinion depend on how the TV showrunneres and writers stage their info dumps.
  7. Yia I read the same story I have also read other stories that in their agreement with Sony they gave up all control. The Execative Producer credit is common in the business where an entity has onwed a property sells control of it but keeps a financial interest. It's sort of a consolidation price to save face. It's the same for Harriot and Jordon's estate by the way. They get a credit and have a financial interest but no real say on how the tv series is shaped. Usually when an author or previous owner of a literary property retains real control over the shape and content of a production its promiently protrayed. From what I have seen neither Red Eagle or Harriot have even the limit influence on the production that RR Martin seems to have had on Game of Thrones.
  8. "That Red Eagle is Involved" Where exactly is that from, from what I saw Red Eagle while retaining an interest in the property basicly sold control of the property to Sony?
  9. I think the Official Anouncement has already been made and quoted in the article you cited. The "Official Announcment" would be the Announcment by Amazon entertainment. Any announcement from Harriet or team Jordon might be valuable especially if it went into a facet of the production that has not yet been disclosed but it would not constitue the "Official Announcment as Harriet and Team Jordon are only tangentally associated with the proposed series. They long ago sold off the rights to the series and have no veto power or likely any real way to effect the shape and direction of the series (which might be the case if Harriot or some on Team Jordon had been hired as a Technical or other Consultant to the series). Really, anything to do with the actual series is really a decision for the Showrunner/Amazon Entertainment/ Sony Entertainment to hash out.
  10. Frankly it's not surprising in this day an age for a writer in a pop medium to stress the woman centric aspects of WOT especially as the writer appears not to actually be aware of the content of the entire series but from the description her knwledge of the series seems to based on having skimmed a synopsis of the first book. I am not at all worried about her ignorence. If the showrunner or writer had written the article then I would be more worried. Instead she seems to have clipped statements from the showrunner that support her rather shallow understanding of the story. That bugs me but does not make me in itself question the quality of the proposed adaptation.
  11. It will be an Amazon production and geared to it's American audience (in both Amazon's and HBO's case their audience is worldwide but if their American audience fails to materializethe economics become problematic. So American sensibilities will likely prevail over European or Asian attitudes towards sex and violence. Thus figure male nudity to about the same extent as in HBO's Game of Thrones with likely the same type of imbalance with showing male and female nudity and a rather large focus on the bloodier parts of the novels (The Dumai Wells battle will be particularly spectacular for it's blood and gore).
  12. If you have Faile then Perrin is definately in. How do you do her story line without her having a love interest? The fact that the Three boys seperate early on in the story means that it would be almost impossible to have Faile be involved with either Matt or Rand. Plus, the whole wolf brother thing seems to be much easier to pull off on screen then other aspects of the "magic" in WOT. Although the whole transgender thing can be explored with the Forsaken that are reincarnated in the bodies of members of the opposite sex!
  13. Think you guys are missing the point. From what I gathered from what the author said Avi is not being cut nor turned into a dude. What likely will happen is that Sister Wives relationship will be a springboard to have Avi and Elayne in a Lesbion relationship. The concept was alluded to in the actual books with at one point two of the wives women basicly betting on who a Third wise woman that was involved in a Sister wife relationship seek out when returning home her husband or her sister wife. I see nothing particularly wrong with developiong a relationship between Avi and Elayne following that vain. What worries me is that the writer seemed to think that the books offered a broad set of options to present "alternate" gender configurations which I think is going beyond anything that may have been alluded to in the books.
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