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  1. To go a short distance, you don't need to know a place at all. So says Rand when he Travels to the top of a tower in Illian from the Square below, moments after arriving in the city. Line if sight traveling can be done without knowing a place as well. When Taim and the Ashaman rescued Rand, it was only after traveling to Cairhien and finding Rand gone, that they were able to make short hops along the Tar Valon road until they came upon the battle with the Shaido already joined. The place that the Ashaman arrived was far enough distant from the place where they raised the dome, probably severeal hndred yards, that they would have needed the extra time to learn the place, since they had not traveled directly there. We saw something similar when Elayne uses the Bowl of the Winds outside Ebou Dar. Only the women who had used the bowl would have been able to make a gateway from the top of the hill, since they had not gated directly to the top of the hill when they arrived. Nynaeve likely Traveled a short distance from the cliffs where she ditched Lan then waited around a bit and Traveled to the nearest village to start on part two of the "Save Lan Plan"
  2. I'm not getting why everyone seems to think Lan will die. Nothing points towards it. Nothing about Jordan's style in writing the series speaks of tragic end for this character. Quite the opposite. The story line for the last several books between Nynaeve and Lan has pointed towards her keeping him alive. She's not keeping him alive to fight TG, like Rand, she's keeping him alive to be her husband. Not much chance of that if he's dead. With everything that has been alluded to in the storyline about Nynaeve's determination and stubbornness in keeping him alive, and then he dies... Jordan, deep down, was a romantic, and I'm sorry, but Lan's death just doesn't fit.
  3. I would't call Hitler intelligent. A sign of true intlligence is the ability to make decisions dispassionatly. Hitler's decision to fight a two front war was based on his hatred for what he considered "subhuman" races to the east. Those were his opinions, not mine, so please no one take offense. If he'd finished off England before breaking his treaty with Russia, as a truly intellligent tactician would have done... you do the math.
  4. Nope, Sammael sent the Gholam and the men to raid the storeroom in the rahad after talking to carridin in the "Insects" chapter, telling him he'll send "someone" to deal with the aes sedai that carridin was complaining about.
  5. Mat is not precisely an inconvenience to Sammael The Gholam tells Mat; "He wants you dead almost as much as he wants her"
  6. I can see the headline now. Lunatics jailed AP - A group of deceased writer James Oliver Rigney's ardent fans were arrested early this morning attempting to flee Utah with the unpublished prologue of Jordan's unfinished work, A Memory of Light. The manuscript was removed from the office safe of writer Brandon Sanderson and replaced with a small figurine resembling a woman clothed in her own hair. When asked for comment on whether the perpetrators were armed at the time of their capture, the Colorado state troopers who made the collar were unwilling to comment but reliable sources say all were lightly armed with dull swords and jammed into the the back of a 1972 Volkswagon Cirroco.
  7. Isn't the Age before the Age of Legends the present age? I have done a lot of wandering in the Colorado Mountains and have never come across a portal stone. ;-)>
  8. I could buy that, presumably Ny never had any truly negative feelings towards Aes Sedai until Moraine.
  9. Dreadlord was exactly correct. The Eye was a Well, similar to what Nynaeve and Cadsuane use in Far Madding, only for Saidin and on a far more massive scale. That is how they were able to cleanse that amount, by removing the taint as it was fed into the well. that kept it seperate from the rest of saidin and free from becoming tainted once again.
  10. To be sure Bob. In KoD, Erith showed her suport for her husband from, literally, the first minutes of their marriage. "By all means, speak at the stump." "Go, defend us from the Trolloc horde attacking the manor." Everything she said was an "order", but if someone orders you to do your heart's desire, is it really an order. Now, the case can be made that she's softening him up to follow orders in the future, (says the voice of experience) but she's already shown she'll make her MIL back down to support her husband. Most men should be so lucky.
  11. I believe this is because of the obvious problem of what happens when a weave you are creating affects you (because the channeling should also be affected, which means that the weave is not affecting you, which means that channeling isn't affected, etc.) I think that while you can't touch yourself with a weave of the power you are currently holding, you can use the Power on yourself by releasing the weave before it makes contact with your body. In other words, if a stream of balefire only needs be woven and released, then so long as it touches the body after losing a direct connection to the source through the individual, it can actually affect you. Though of course, I'm not sure exactly if channeling works that way. Balefire may require a sustained connection to the One Power. It doesn't amtter whether you make and release the weave. you are still dead before you can make the weave. The very nature of balefire prevents its use on ones self.
  12. and there is no entropy. you can use the OP forever without fear of using it up. which I always thought was flawed but far be it for me to question RJ.
  13. It is no more possible for a person to Balefire themselves than it is for them to Heal themselves. For starters one can't use the Power on oneself. See the "Flying" debate. Second, If you could BF yourself, and Balefire burns your thread out of the pattern so you are dead before the Balefire hits you, you would be dead a few seconds BEFORE you BF'd yourself. Insert paradox analogy here. So on two fronts, Asmodean did not, and could not, Balefire himself.
  14. all souls are spun out over and over again, even if they're bf'd
  15. The decision to discontinue the use of Balefire was unspoken rather than a truce per se. The channelers on both sides realized that if they didn't stop, there'd be nothing left to rule. There's never been a truce with the Shadow. The DO's goal is to remake the pattern in his own image, not destroy reality. It the pattern unravels, even the DO won't be able to do anything with it. Once the use of BF was stopped, the pattern would begin to recover and knit itself more firmly as new souls are born back into it.
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