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  1. What?... No! Are you even reading my posts? No "random AS". Egwene! But without being damane, without becoming amirlyn, without trying so hard to understand the Aiel, and so on...
  2. My point still stands. That too could be done without everything that happened to her in the books.
  3. The thing is, if her post mortem conversation with Rand was her biggest accomplishment, she could have easily done this without all the build up during the whole series. She could just be one of the many AS on the battlefield, do the kamikaze thing and then speak to Rand. Like I said in my previous post, all the chalenges she faced in the series, were shaping her to be the only person who could unite the channelers. Knowing the major players from the inside. And it was all in vain.
  4. The only person who could answer these questions is gone. So I think Brandon made the right decision to let every reader's imagination find the answers for himself.
  5. I'm willing to defend Gawyn on this one. He decided to sacrifice himself, and it was not only a good plan, but he was really close to carry it through. And like we saw with Lan later, attacking Demandred with sword/dagger was the best (and pretty much the only) thing to do.
  6. Smething that I find curious about Nakomi's conversation with Avi. Before Nakomi shows up, there was something like: "she (Avi) closes her eyes for a moment". And from my experience with books, when it says "closes his/her eyes for a moment", it usually means "falling to sleep" :) Rand's meeting with her (if that was Nakomi), was also in some kind of semi conscious state.
  7. I don't know, it (the vision) just fits with the Seanchan and their culture. And nothing in the series showed any chance to change that particular inclination of theirs.
  8. Avi's vision clearly showed that the Seanchan won't abandon the damane practice. I don't see how Hawkwing's talk can achieve something. Besides a lots of people talked to Tuon, and she doesn't seem to comprehend anything.
  9. Pretty much since book 2, the bad guys in the series, for me, were the Seanchan. So, not having that issue resolved, totally sank my boat. All in all, it's good to have some form of ending of the books I've invested so much time and love. And considering the situation with RJ's passing, it is a good enough ending. I feel kind of empty now, gotta find something to occupy my free time, till I deal with the loss and the disappointment.
  10. Egwene? Of all the characters, she ends up dead? Egwene?! After all she went through?... The Seanchan, Halima, The Tower, Gawyn... After all her efforts, not only to unite the tower for the last battle, but also to change its basic principals. All in vain. I was shocked! So much that, right till the last page of the book, I was expecting her to be brought back somehow. Of all the main characters, SHE was the one that should have survived the last battle. Rand did his job, fighting the Dark One. Perrin did his job, saving Two Rivers and protecting the Dragon. Mat did his job, as a ge
  11. I am sure the Seanchan consider it a part of Hawkwing's empire. Since he felt justified to siege it he must have had a perfectly good reason. Life can be simple if you worship your leaders as they do. :) But if Rand can convince them to commit to a peace deal, I don't see them breaking it easily. You don't see them, but that's what the chapter says: "They are inviders who forced him to bow to their Empress. She is considered above him. They will not keep promises they made to an inferior." I just agree. Um, okay...so, you're saying that the right way to deal with dangerous madness i
  12. You cannot seriously compare AS's paranoia and fear for male channelers and Seanchan's damane. AS have all the reasons to fear male channelers... no, thay have one reason only - they all gone mad pretty quick and in their madnes can cause the dead of the people around them. It's not because they are men, it's not because they're evil, it's because of the taint. Now that it's gone, they're clearly showing signs of accepting them. The Seanchan don't fear the power of the channelers, they want to use it. You were talking about peace with a nation that keep your sister as a mindless husk.
  13. Can't they? Maybe not for moving troops, but for escape. What if the city was under siege and Rand was inside, with traveling not working? The waygate is a chance for retreat, even with all it's dangers. And after all, it's just a gate, right? You just need to watch it and when the first enemy show his head, you don't need more than 10 min. to bring some of your forces back to defend the city. Wow, I don't remember that part. Looks like I have to check the first books.
  14. "Her blunder"? Come on, what are you suggesting she should have done? Destroy the waygate she thought secure and guarded? Destroying the bridge is not how you defend yourself during a war. You guard it, destroy it as a last resort. They've already experienced problems with traveling (Perin's army, The White and The Black Tower), these Waygates may be needed in some point. And that's surely not the only Waygate in "Randland". I don't remember anyone else destroying them. Not even Rand.
  15. Personal bias? As far as I can remember (and please, correct me if I'm wrong), but the Seanchan were inviding "Randland". They where saying they're there to take what's rightfully theirs. High blood and stuffs. All must kneel before the Empress. All channelers are dangerous. Yeah, that sounds really peaceful to me. And something else from Aviendha's visions: Would you keep the peace with your neighbour knowing that he's turning your own sister to a mindless tool? Treating her worse than you treat you own dog? I'm not saying the Aiel have no fault. The visions are obviously ment
  16. You cannot possibly think the Seanchan wouldn't brake the peace at some point. It's obvious these guys are twisted and blind to the point of insanity. Hell of a democracy you're talking where one of the nations is treating all channelers like a dogs. But they weren't attacking England (as far as I know). Sometime when you see an injustice you have the right to involve yourself to stop it. That's what I'm saying.
  17. I'm more curious to find out what would Mat and Elayne feel about it. Do you think Mat would blame himself for not opening the letter? Or maybe his "hatred" towards Aes Sedai would be even stonger now? He don't know that Verin was Black and that she couldn't just tell him about the attack, he could just think she was playing with him. What about Elayne? IS she going to blame anyone? Mat for the letter? Rand for the door? Herself?
  18. My wet dream since the first time the Seanchan appeared in the book. No chance for this happening tho. Shame, REAL SHAME! Actually: This is exactly what it says. Rand bowing to the Empress, probably under the condition to make peace with the other nations (Dragon's Peace). But you don't give much weight to a promise your mother made to her dog.
  19. You seem to forget that it was Aviendha's and Rand's descendants who were to blame for that outcome. They're the ones who broke the "Dragon's Peace" and provoked the Seanchan into war. So, if this is what will happen to the Aiel if/when the Last Battle is won by the Light, they'd have only themselves to blame. On the other hand, Aviendha's visions clearly indicate that the Seanchan's arsenal featured way more than Damane. They also came into possession of Mat's cannons (dragons) and developed highly sophisticated weaponry through the years. To me, that's the interesting part. How did they
  20. What Aviendha saw in this chapter was the single most horrible outcome of the WoT series I've ever imagined. Seanchan ruling the world with their damane... better The Dark One put it all to an end. I really, REALLY hope she could change that.
  21. Love the new Rad. It was about time for him to change. Before he was just another Aes Sedai, thinking for the others as a tools, always looking for the best way to use the people around him... Love what he said to Nynieve when she was leaving him, to go to the tower: "Dont let them ruin you." and that the best Aes Sedai he've known are the ones who others complain aren't what an Aes Sedai should be. Love to see him as what an Aes Sedai shouldn't be. Showing emotion, showing anger, ters... That "devine" thing around him is cool as well, makes him something more than a strong channeler. I
  22. All these three's fault (three because I don't remember who this Melli is). And yet to none of them. Verin - for forsing Mat to give his oath that he'll do what the letter says. She shouldn't push him that way, knowing how stubborn he is. She should heve just told him to open the letter and do what he wants, of course he would have helped stoping the trollocs. Mat - for not opening the fucking letter. Elayne - for being careless and not knowing her own city. and yet: Verin - couldn't just say to them about all this, because of her Black Ajah's oaths. So using the letters wa
  23. A big part of the the Asha'man are darkfriends now. Wiseones didn't look like they care about "being on top". And for what kind of superiority in the Seanchan are you takling about?! A bunch of fools, their empire will fail as soon as they realize that all sul'dam and their own empress can channel. They'll either change their opinion towards all damane or towards Tuon and all sul'dam. I just can't see middle ground. But then again, a bunch of fools like them may find some compromise, who knows...
  24. I agree here, Tam is what all others should be as well. That's the reason for me to not like Mat. A friend is a friend, man. Crazy, channeling one power, or whatever. You don't just run away from him because he may go insane. You spend your entire life with him and now you are abandon him, just like that...
  25. Chapter 22 was great. I always knew Rand will end up on the bad end of the a'dam and I was hoping for him to be able to deal with it by himself. And then in the next chapter: "Do you believe that if I simply willed it, the Pattern would bend around me and stop your heart?..." Heh, I'll miss Dark Rand. The interaction between Rand and Nynaeve was interesting as well. And Rand's meeting with Moridin. And I was so disappointed when Rand saw Tam in his room, just when he was going to destroy the Seanchan. I was like "Come on, man. Finally. Beat the shit out of these fools." and the
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