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  1. Does anybody have any idea on the importance of their bond? I can't see anyway to incorporate the bond in aMoL at all. I would have killed her. Or mind raped her back, whatever I was in the mood for.
  2. Let's hope she dies in childbirth and Rand destroys the Pattern in (undeserved)grief over her
  3. In a fight between Rand, Perrin, and Mat? Consider their weapons and skills: Rand: Rand is extremely competent with the sword. He has defeated many men, and almost defeated 5 men at once (LoC). RJ said that Rand would win in a fight between him and Galad, so he must be really good then, ah? Perrin: Perrin has an axe. And muscles. He can carve his way through Shaido dogs like they weren't even there, and he can chop off a limp with little effort. Mat: Mat defeated Gawyn and Galad at the same time, while also being extremely weak from his healing from the ruby dagger. And he also did it extremely fast. What would have happened if he was fully recovered? GL forbid we ever find out. So after examining their skills, I would have to say that, weapons only (no TP), that Mat would win. He has the speed of a swordsman, plus he can bring power with a wide strike of the quarterstaff. He can keep people at a distance, like Rand for instance, and confuse them by attacking with both ends of the staff. Who do you think would win?
  4. Perrin is retarded for loving Faile and wasting a LOT of his army's time trying to rescue Faile, instead of taking the Prophet back to Rand. Tuon is annoying. Plain and simple. She thinks everything Mat talks about is a myth or rumor, and won't take his threats about Trollocs seriously. And she told Rand what to do. B!tch. Aludra is way better for Mat. She's cooler, and she can blow some flowers up to make pretty colors.
  5. There are a lot of parts from book 6-on that you can skip, or just skim. Most of it is about the filler plots, boring stuff, etc
  6. I like Fain, he's a pretty good guy. What about Egwene? Can anybody tolerate her and her ego?
  7. I like dead Aes Sedai... Uno's pretty good. Rhuarc is too. Loial is to respectful for my tastes. Lan's awesome also. Logain is up there However, I must say that I like Elaida. Not because I like her personality, her looks, her actions, etc. I like her because she ignites the primeval anger in me, which makes it sooooo much easier to kill stupid people in my mind. Thank you, Elaida. Go to hell.
  8. Ehh you never know. He may bow in recognition of her royalness. Besides, the Seanchan bring order. Why shouldn't he bow to them? Remember Ebou Dar?
  9. She used her magical stone to listen to Rand and Asmo talking.
  10. Mat has to be with Rand during the LB, right? Min said that when they're together, they have a better chance of defeating the Shadow.
  11. Personally, I don't see anyway for Seanchan to become stable in time for TG. Does that mean one of the Chosen is there, and will use the armies there against Rand. Unless Tuon goes back, Seanchan will remain in choas. Land of Madmen? Shara? It would really stink for RJ to expose us to those cool places, yet they have no role in the Last Battle. Why should Randland get all the fun?
  12. Why should Taim use the TP when Demandrad can't? Taim is in a more vulnerable position, being in Randland, while Demendrad is (I presume) either in Shara, Land of Madmen, or sneaking around Seanchan. Shouldn't the Chosen have the TP before a dreadlord? Or perhaps the GL sees to ensnare more Asha'man with a display of his power, given by Taim. Seeing the power of the GL would surely turn them away from Rand, and into following Taim. A battle between Rand/Logain vs. Taim is assured (hopefully), so the truth will be known in November.
  13. Perhaps. Maybe Fain will try to attack Rand again, or kill someone he loves? Perrin has beef against Fain, and a confrontation between them would be interesting
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