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  1. In this thread: some people who are gonna lose their shit when non white actors get cast despite most characters not having an explicitly established skin colour and Randland being a far future setting where skin colour is entirely irrelevant.
  2. I've only skimmed this thread but I've seen it mentioned a few times here and in the what to keep what to cut thread that there are people who think WoT is PG, especially when making disparaging comments / comparisons with Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire and I kinda have to wonder if we're reading the same books. I would say that aSoIaF definitely revels in 'adult' content more and plays more for titillation and gore in terms of lurid descriptions and general writing style but in terms of what's actually there, like purely what events are there in the books to show on tv I
  3. First post back on these forums in forever, but that's tv show hype for ya. One character I've not seen mentioned yet, obviously not a presence in the first season unless they want to get all the forsaken introduced early (which I'd be down with, way too many of them appear as one-off "end of book boss" then nearly immediately die, which doesn't exactly make the Shadow look good/threatening) but anyway I'm talking about Asmodean, of course. And who else to play him but Tom Ellis:
  4. Really? It's certainly a mash-up of all the fragments we've been given, but that's not the same as it being the whole thing in the right order.
  5. The early books in the series were re-released in several parts for some reason, I believe possibly to make them more attractive to young readers. IIRC EotW was re-released as "From the Two Rivers" and "To the Great Blight".
  6. Do we think Verin took part in the torture and murder of Tamra Ospenya?
  7. I thought Saidared was pretty ok and fits with the sort of guy Mat is - he's the one who knows absolutely nothing about the One Power and really doesn't want to know. Pretty much every other POV we have is knee-deep in channeling even if they can't do it themselves. The word that stuck out most for me was "akimbo" used to describe how suian is standing at one point.
  8. Edit : if I get time tonight I'll write up a serious review rather than just a response and explanation of the points I made last night. To begin with I'd like to, perhaps unfairly picking on one person, quote a poster over at Westeros who asserted that he was a true fan and to him "there are no secondary characters, no plotlines of lesser importance, no detail to small or drab or boring" and I think this is a very true statement and also the most major problem I have with quite a few things. I'd like to point out, with no offence intended to ya'll that you, the membership of this site,
  9. Tam giving Cadsuane a much needed verbal bitch-slap.
  10. I'm the one guy who voted no. I'm too tired now but I will be back to substantiate my opinion; I don't blame you for your bias, you freely admit how utterly linked you are with Tor and all that so good on you for the honesty. I also appreciate you weren't free, as the admin of The more-or-less official fansite to publish a review containing anything but positives. I leave with two thoughts, which I'll flesh out when it isn't 2am - Pacing. Bloat. Edit : I just wanted to add because this sounds rather negative, that were I writing a review for TGS I wouldn't be coming along to giv
  11. Open Gateway. Kill Ruler of a nation. Repeat. Semirhage showed how ridiculously powerful the chosen could have been at causing widespread destruction and chaos if they'd actually tried when she single-handedly caused the entire continent of Seanchan to be taken out of the game with her assassination spree.
  12. Gawyn. Gawyn a thousand times Gawyn.
  13. I can't believe people actually read Goofkind's books.
  14. There are plenty of bits I like, but the endless moronic posturing generally acting like imature teenagers that goes on between the various female channelers makes me want to kill myself.
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