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  1. I rarely have the same view of "favorite scenes" as others. The COOLEST were definitely the three most mentioned. Semi-Rand confrontation, Egwene-Verin conversation, and Egwene going crazy nuts on the Seanchan. (btw what happened to the four other bloodknives? weren't they supposed to die like two days after putting their ring ter'angreal on? anywho) But my favorite scene was when Rand went into Moridin's dream. It wasn't epic, or badass, but it was still my favorite. It was kind of nostalgic, Rand in the room with the fire that gave no heat, but I just really liked the mental picture of the champion of the light and the nae'blis just relaxing in front of the hearth. I think it would have made a fantastic cover art by the way.... at least better than a whorish version of Avi, and Rand raising his fist to the heavens in the most awkward way possible. But yeah. Thats my favorite scene.
  2. I don't think the DO was loved as a child.
  3. I think Jack was saying he doesn't understand why there is a debate as to whether she was coming back or not, and saying that its no debate she IS coming back. Hope that clarified? I actually didn't know that was even discussed, I always took it for granted that Moiraine was coming back ever since Min mentioned her viewing of Moiraine.
  4. Actually, Olver tells Mat, ironically enough. He remembers a saying from the game "snakes and foxes." Arkinia was correct in saying that you must use a bronze knife however, I believe you have to make the symbol of three triangle fox heads and snakes are involved somehow. Yes the scene is at the end of KoD when Mat finds out Moiraine is alive. If you haven't read all 11 books sorry, probably shouldn't be on forums discussing the books :x
  5. That statement seems doubtful. The books do not tell all they are capable of. They were able to give Mat memories of dead people. Memories seem to be attached to a person's soul. Not so, Mat gets his memories from men who also entered the ter' angreal doorway. The Fox Finns sort of feed (at least thats how i understood it) on these memories. They were able to give Mat memories because the Finns recieved those when men came into the Tower of Ghenjei. The transmigrating of souls is another thing altogether.
  6. Heartleaf tea I think it was called.
  7. No, Tinkers are descended from the Aiel who refused to continue serving the AS by safeguarding the hoards of angreal, sa'angreal and ter' angreal. They still follow the way of the leaf but are no longer Aiel (Aiel = dedicated, can't really be called dedicated when they gave up on their task.) Jenn Aiel were the ones who followed the way of the leaf and served the AS til the end, eventually dying out before they could finish Rhuidean. And obviously the Aiel are the ones who abandoned the way of the leaf but decided to protect the Jenn Aiel from those who would do them harm. Not bashing the Tinkers for 'giving up' btw.
  8. I'm no WoT expert but I'll take a stab at this. I am pretty sure they could, because any channeler 'slows' when they hit a certain age (I remember someone talking to Nynaeve about it, and her being sad that she wouldn't get her gray hairs soon). So a 100 year old AS could very well be in prime child bearing age.
  9. Woah. First I'd heard that, though now I think the cold eyed thing seems to line up. This is generally assumed as true? or is it still another theory? don't mean to jack this thread just had never heard that before.
  10. Scenes like this may not be "awesome" but they make the series, for me, go from good to great. Another small scene that I always enjoy reading when I come upon it is the very first time Egwene finds out about Mat's ter' angreal. The one where Nynaeve kicks Mat, Mat intimidates Nynaeve (finger shake = priceless) and then Mat makes a fool of himself trying to convince Egwene to leave, not realizing she's the Amyrlin Seat. And Mat somehow still managing to leave with dignity. I just like the change of roles from Emonds Field where Nynaeve was the authority, Egwene was trying to be more grown up, and Mat was a young wastrel. (well some things don't change ALL that much...)
  11. sigh. You have 3 ex-Tinkers that never smile (didn't Aram flash his 'wolfish grin' a couple times?, no matter) and all of a sudden you say that all Tinkers who abandon the way are never happy again? I simply disagree, you don't have nearly enough proof for me to believe that. While many may be "sad" the rest of their lives, its understandable. Their entire life they were raised on the belief that violence is evil, so in the back of their minds, many must think "am I evil?" but to say ALL are 'never happy again', I think that goes to far.
  12. I've always liked Chel Vanin myself... :D The thought of a fat thief is just cool to me. Also like... Hurin Rhuarc and Amys (a lot) I enjoy all the great captains Bryne, Jagad, Ituralde, and yes, even the late Pedron Niall. And Flinn ("that old man is an Asha'man!" scene from WH is great) I Like lots of others too but there's just so many.
  13. To say the women's actions in Randland are unrealistic, I mean, to some extent, maybe. I have noticed many times in my own experiences when women have acted very similar to say Nynaeve, or Elayne. I'm right, you're wrong end of story. And I think maybe part of the reason that women seem to dominate some aspects of Randland is because for 3k years only women could channel. THat may not affect a place like the Two Rivers very much, but for most of the world the fact that all humans with this amazing power are all women... well I guess it just makes sense that women seem to be more forceful in other aspects of society.
  14. Bah, you people. Nyn is not despicable (and certainly not self-centered, she just thinks she right 100% of the time) she's very hard headed and occasionally annoying. Do you DESPISE a person because they get angry easy? If so, you need to stop being judgmental, everyone has faults. People need to look past the braid-tugging, and men-thinking-with-the-hair-on-their-chest attitude of Nyn's and look at what she has done. Someone pointed out that there is a difference between dislike and despise, and I wholeheartedly agree. In defense of Nyn, her dislike bordering on hate of Moiraine is pretty understandable. Moiraine "kidnapped" (not really but if Rand or Mat or Perrin said they wouldn't come you can bet your boots she would have) the boys from Emonds Field (albeit to save the world) and held the loyalty of the man she loves. Pretty much zero chance of them getting along. And, come on, she's occasionally ridiculous (ok often) but as the series goes on she's turning more and more to be one of the most admirable characters. She sticks by Rand's side no matter what and would (and many times has, in her own Nynaeve way) do anything to see the boys safe. Truly despicable. Someone said that its interesting that Elayne and Egwene are on here but none of the main male characters and I have to agree. I think that comes from a lot of people being annoyed by the women always thinking they know better than the men. Sure lots of problems could be avoided if they opened their eyes occasionally and noticed that sometimes the men see clearer (*gasp*) but how often does that happen in real life? Why should it happen in RJ's world more often? I like nearly all the main characters (although Elayne's "oh I can't be hurt, Min's viewing lalalala" attitude is purely infuriating) and I think people who don't need to look at the overall spectrum. As far as I'm concerned Nyn can tug her braid to hearts content as long as she continues to help Rand. Gah.
  15. I don't think that their being ta'veren gave them those powers though. Being ta'veren directed their threads in the pattern into situations where Mat would gain memories, or Perrin would save the two rivers etc. But Perrin didn't become a wolfbrother because he's ta'veren. Neither did Mat gain memories because he's ta'veren. They each gained those "powers", if you will, from a different cause. As for Perrin being a wolfbrother, I'm not sure, but it seems likely to have been in his blood, whether or not he was ta'veren he was going to be a wolfbrother, but I'm not sure what causes a person to be a wolfbrother. Mat gained his memories from going into the ter'angreal, yes his being ta'veren led him to rhuidean, but his being ta'veren didn't grant him those memories, that was the finns. As for rand channeling, I'm pretty sure all channelers have a gene or something that allows them to touch the true source, so he had that from birth and he wasn't a ta'veren until shortly before Moiraine showed up so he definitely didn't get channeling from being ta'veren. Basically Ta'veren may have played a part in putting Mat Perrin and Rand in place to gain their "powers" but being ta'veren doesn't grant them any powers beyond the twisting of chance, one-in-a-thousand decicions etc. Hastily written post, if there's grammar errors I'm sorry, its quite late here.
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