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Who is your favourite Forsaken?


spigots or caudrens  

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  1. 1. spigots or caudrens

    • spigots
    • caudrens
    • pie spoon
    • washer woman. shaped washer.

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Lanfear...it was close with Semirhage, because she's just creepy...still, lanfear walking down the docks at Cairhien with Kadere's skin floating from her hand like a flag, and the wagons on fire in the background....



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I liked Asmodean best.  He seemed the most...human out of all the Forsaken and therefore more likeable in my eyes.  Sure he was a big coward and was only with Rand because he was forced to, not to mention he was fighting for the Dark One, but in Fire of Heaven he didn't seem like such a bad guy. 

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ive got to go with asmodean....what can i say- he was the most likeable of them all. we saw him when he was tame.


lanfear was cool until the twisted door....not a big fan of cyndane.


ishy is just annoying after the first book in my opinion. i dont like the fact that he just....wont....die.......


i also secretly think rhavin is cool as hell  ;)

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Ishamael because he's mad, and Lanfear because she's so power hungry she'll do anything. They are both the most interesting in my opinion.


Semirhage has promise though, especially now. If you remember her POV when torturing Cabriana, she mused to herself that, should she be captured, she would appear humble / tow the line / lull her captors into a false sense of security and then strike when their guard was down, thus ensuring her survival whilst all other Forsaken fell around her. Her current captors had better have their wits about them...

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I think Lanfear is my top favorite, simply because we know her the best. We've seen who she is and what her motives are, more than just having been told these things through other character's comments and brief POVs. The woman is batsh*t crazy for LTT, and has more than one kind of power at her disposal to act on her craziness. Having a clear personal reason to do her own thing makes her a little more interesting than the other characters who are mostly acting on just the DO's orders, albeit in their own ways.


However, if we get to see a lot of Semi in book 12, she may indeed become a favorite. She's definitely got the potential for being a kick*ss baddie.  8)



As for the men, Demandred is interesting just because we don't know who he is and what he's up to. The fact that he's managed to accomplish what (we assume) he has accomplished, and done so without being discovered, lets us think he is a cunning person. I wasn't ever enamoured with Ishy, I thought he became more interesting when he became Moridin. We know he's still insane, but it's a less obvious, more deadly sort of insanity now.

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My favorite is/was Asmodean.


I don't know why, really, but while he was with Rand, I happened to take a liking to him. I was actually kind of sad when he died.


I actually agree totally, I just loved Asmodean, always been a fan of an attempting reformist (though Asmo was sorta forced under gun point).


And his story about how he simply watched a man fall off a cliff when he could of saved him was just so cool. I was so upset when I read the quote that Asmodean would never make an appearance again  :'(

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It´s a shame that Be´lal was baled so early in the story! I think that he could have been interesting to have stayed in the story for longer. Remember that he was both a master strategist and also called the web-weaver, master of intruige. He could have gone a long way... :'(

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