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  1. I can't remember where or in what book but there's a PoV from Cyndane where she's talking about how LTT had spurned her for the last time and that her only goal now was vengeance and to cause him as much suffering as possible. Really doesn't seem like the type to be earning, or seeking, redemption I smell a trap
  2. ok...im sorry but the fact that there is a great evil land filled with bad people/monsters off somewhere the holds as the power center for said evil can be found in almost anything Hell, if ur looking at fantasy look to Tolkien, and I bet he probably wasnt the first to come up with it either "Both of these covers feature swords (circled in red). If you think that's eerie, read on." dude...ur fing kidding me right?
  3. that would be interesting but at the same time I think we would have noticed a logn time ago if there was a character to such an extent since other character's would have noticed the oddness though i do think LTT in rand's head kinda counts toward this since as Semirhage mentioned LTT is actually LTT and not just rand being bonkers
  4. I shall speak on his behalf! I met Dae through the organized games boards mafia games and he eventually joined the white tower, since I knew him I ended up becoming his mentor and watching him as he became a member of the white tower. Its taken awhile but Dae found a home with the cuen'd'eren and has now become the dark bunny! Dae fits in perfectly with the spontaniousness of those of us in the cuen'd'eren and I'm happen that he's there with us ^_^ congrats Dae!
  5. I shall too speak for Dsage, he came to us a loooong time ago and joined my house Damodred back when he was an icky algai, i tried to pass off leadership of the house to him but he had to take a break for awhile. I've known dsage for far logner then that though, i met him back when i played mafia games in the organised games boards, dsage has always been a silly guy and liked to laugh and have fun, I'd like to think its partly because of him I was able to foster the insanity that the cuenderen has developed. I've been his mentor throughout his time at the white tower and I'm proud to say he's finally der'manshima ^_^
  6. OMG! Meesh is an Aes Sedai now! Congrats my Dark Squirrel! now...force lightning something!
  7. i'm back in a position of power and your worried about vanion ruining the tower's dignity? taking bets on how long till i turn the cuen boards into my personal 4chan^^
  8. grats Vanion! Lets get these old things up and running what ya say? ^_^
  9. i *just* found out that claire is the Amyriln, Barm is the captain, that the boards have changed, and i guess im in charge of the cuen again? I miss checking out the tower for 2 days and geez >.> (heh though i may have not checked the great hall in the last 4 months XD)
  10. Davram Bashere is the only one im unsure of
  11. Vemynal

    And I'm done

    Sorry to see you go kath, you know I fully understand your reasoning myself though. make sure not to ditch us for to long and I hope rl gives you a little bit of a break!
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