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  1. Fascinating discussion. I'm not usually interested in religion or metaphysics, but would quite like to see these questions answered/pondered in the books. Cool as it was to hear Lanfear saying that Trollocs could dream, I don't recall any scenes (as Matrim Delaneous claimed) where they did so. ???I'm sure I would have remembered them. ;)
  2. Narg is the one Trolloc we know by name. Shaidar Haran is (or at least looks and acts like) the one Myrddraal we know by name. Aginor made the Trollocs, Myrddraal and other yummy creatures. Thus, they are my favorite villains.
  3. They don't explicitly do so in the books, either, but it's mentioned (paraphrased) that they multiply in the same way as other living things.
  4. Who said that Trollocs rape their female human captives? I've only heard that explicitly about Myrddraal. BTW, Uruk-Hai are only "spawned" in the LoTR movies. I believe they (and Orcs) reproduce normally in the books.
  5. Gholam, that's possible (we've seen nothing to disprove it, anyway) but Aginor would probably have avoided it if he could. I believe somebody (don't remember the link) got an explicit answer from RJ that Trollocs can be female, and do breed 'naturally.' Who would be tending the vats after Aginor's exile, otherwise? Where does it say that Aginor increased Trolloc growth rates? Did I mention how annoying it is that RJ hardly ever discussed this stuff?!?
  6. That would so rock. :D But why "chicks"? Dragkhar have no bird heritage, being humanoids with batlike wings.
  7. Quote: We can't have a flock of geese chasing Rand into Shadar Logoth. :D Why not? It would be a refreshing change. That's more in the Pratchett/Anthony vein of fantasy, I guess.
  8. Myrddraal would be better with eyes, but I'm not complaining ;D I was only comparing Gollum to Siuan in terms of their fish fetishes. Otherwise they're not much alike. Yah, Dragkhar aren't analogous to Nazgul steeds. Aside from the wings, they look very different (and way, way hotter). And I haven't heard of anybody riding them.
  9. Myrddraal aren't exunctly like Nazgul (more numerous, mortal, killable and handsome, to begin with) but they definitely seemed similar in TEoTW. Black-cloaked phantom horseman lurking on a country road and radiating evilness...just like the "Black Riders" in Fellowship of the Ring. Perrin's name may sound like Pippin's, but their personalities are pretty different IMO. Fain might be more Gollum-like than any other WoT character (though Gollum also share's Suian's fish obsession) but is a squintillian times less cool.
  10. The Chosen. Far more interesting to watch than the rest. Brown Aes Sedai would be second.
  11. Why would Cadsuane care? Because she's sorta in charge of Rand at the moment, and already has interesting opinions about him? I could be wrong, but I think she might have a fun reaction to that news.
  12. I forget if this was mentioned yet: Rand, Morgase, Gawyn, Galad, Cadsuane or some of the above finding out that Elayne is having Rand's children.
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