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  1. hey, who knows? I could end up permanently living in japan! ;D yeah, I figured out that it is indeed possible to learn enough japanese to go in a year and a half...yay! :D
  2. So...this is totally random, but has anyone studied abroad during college? I don't really know many people who have done it, and out of those, they've all done it within the last 2 or 3 years. I was wondering whether it has...long-term effects? Sorry, I'm not being very eloquent here....just trying to type out thoughts. I reeeaally want to go to Japan. I feel like it will complete my life....the only catch is that I have to learn 3 years worth of Japanese in a year and a half. I mean, I'll do it, I'm willing to do whatever it takes, but I want to know that it will be worth it. Thanks for any i
  3. hmm......but the gravity and atmosphere would be all wrong and we'd have to live in space suits and whatnot.....and our bones would get all messed up....I'm not sure what they would do for food still..call me if they ever dump the water on that plant :)
  4. If you remember, Dylin didn't want to be queen, she wanted Elayne to be queen. I don't see why everyone digs into Elayne so badly, she is pretty impetuous to say the least, and she has done some things that annoy me, but fighting for a throne that is hers? Arymilla is responsible for the deaths of those Andorans, not Elayne. Maybe it's a bit off topic, but yes, I do remember that Dyelin didn't want to be queen. Do you remember that she was going to take the throne anyway when Elayne didn't show up at first? She would easily have had her 10 houses without all the bloodshed. Ask yoursel
  5. That makes PERFECT sense because of course, it's not like Rand or Lan have brains or can think for themselves, so let's just dump the entire blame on Nynaeve >:(, who by the way is one of the few characters who STILL cares about all the Emond's Fielders, does not manipulate everybody within arm's reach, and is still a sincere person Nynaeve is annoying sometimes. Yes. But her faults are so trivial compared to the good she does that it just amazes me when people are so willing to overlook that and get straight to the Nynaeve-bashing rants. Want to complain about people? Fine. How
  6. Gaidal should have been spun out as Elayne and Rand's kid, just to add to the already messed-up state of relationships...
  7. yes, I suppose Lan is a little old *sigh* I'd pick him anyway ;D
  8. Ishy, hands down, but Semirhage runs a close second
  9. LAN! lan lan lan lan lan 'nuff said... Mat is fun and lovable, but Lan is the man to take home at the end of the day "I will hate the man you choose because he is not me, and love him if he makes you smile. No woman deserves the sure knowledge of widow's black as her bride price, you least of all." :'( I hope he lives through AMoL
  10. But Emond's Field is much more demcratic than, say, Andor...so after living in that setting, I would have thought Rand and the others would be aginst monarchies. It's true that they knew the monarchies existed, but isn't it weird to suddenly switch from democracy to monarchy? They were already used to a more democratic system.
  11. Emond's Field is run by a group of men (name?), the Women's circle, and the mayor, right? So Rand and company have basically been raised around a governing system kind of like a semi-democracy/republic. Even the White Tower has a system of electing representatives, and the Amyrlin does not have absolute power. So why are all the characters okay with the monarchy stuff? ??? Rand goes around claiming places (yes, I know he's the Dragon and all...) and everyone's cool with Elayne becoming queen. Why? I would assume they wouldn't like the idea of kings and queens.
  12. alanna has been going through hell ever since she bonded Rand...good, she DESERVES it
  13. Egewne would have been roadkill without Siuan as mentor.
  14. both poems were beautiful and touching RJ can live on in spirit as long as people remember his works and are inspired by him
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