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  1. Mat! he's always been my favourite character. Mat is also someone who is not too serious, but at the same time he seems extremely smart, and he can be serious when he needs to. he is a person who clearly can enjoy life.
  2. Lanfear. I think she's cool. she's kind of been trying to help Rand, but at the same time she is a very powerful Forsaken (or was at least). I think she is quite fascinating.
  3. Anca


    ok, thank you, i'll think about it ^^ oh, and one more thing.. call me stupid, but i just never understand how to post pictures, could anyone explain this to me?
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    thanks, and may you always find water and shade also
  5. Anca


    forresten danya, jeg vet om noen folk fra horten! pleide å drive en del med friidrett før, og da var det noen folk fra horten som ofte kom og trente sammen med oss. haha, dette var en ganske ubrukelig opplysning, men men..
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    thanks. seems like there is a lot of great people here! i don't really understand all these organisations.. what are they?
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    takk ^^ er fra Lillehammer, eller ikke så langt unna Lillehammer i hvert fall. du da?
  8. hello everyone. i'm new here, or at least i haven't been registered before now. i've been reading Robert Jordan's blog for quite a while though. anyway, just thought i should say hello ^^ I'm a 17 year old girl from Norway, and I started reading Wot some years ago, can't really remember when it was. as I believe several other people here on dragonmount are, i am so sad about Robert Jordan's death. even if I never met the man, and his books haven't been a part of my life for as long as many other people's lives, it felt like someone punched me in the middle of my face when I first read about his death. Rip Robert Jordan, you have been, and you still are, one of my biggest inspirations,
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