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  1. The thing is, the Graendal did it theory is usually based on the fact that she was there as part of the Rahvin-Sammael-Lanfear-Graendal plan, not because she had interests in Andor or Cairhein. How would she have any idea of what Fel was dreaming of? Possibly Idrien, not Fel, is a darkfriend and was suspicious of what he was up to, therefore passing her suspicions up the hierarchy till Graendal or another Foresaken found out and sent the Gholam.
  2. I really hate it when people talk about the future as they know it for fact. Lan may kill SH, he may not, it was up to RJ and he has most likely left notes for Sanderson on this matter... personally I don't think SH has a likely foe who will kill him e.g the situation between Mog and Nyn where its quite likely they will face each other at the end. Sorry for the flame, just really freaking annoys me when people flame others when the only person who can truly put down a theory is RJ/Sanderson. p.s I may have been hypocritical, I haven't looked through all my old posts to see if I've made a definitive remark like "Lan will die" though I'm pretty sure I steer clear of comments like that.
  3. This is such a small idea so I don't know why I bother posting about it - but at the dinner between Egwene and Elaida maybe the Seanchan do their subtle and sneaky attack so the two Amyrlins don't notice it, but because of the attack the forkroot is delayed so Egwene can channel her full amount again. Then when the Seanchan reach them Egwene will slap them down while Elaida is easily captured. I just thought that will be how Egwene and Elaida aren't both captured - Egwene needs to be free to control the WT and as she is weak at the moment it would be weird if she wasn't captured while Elaida was. On the main topic, I really doubt Rand will turn up at all. Egwene will take control of the Aes Sedai solidly while fighting the Seanchan then Mat will turn up with the Band and halt the attack.
  4. I don't really understand why everyone seems so angry about Elayne's plan, to be honest if every single plan the wonder girls made worked out WoT would be the most boring series ever. I liked the plot twist, it kept me interested and made me appreciate Birgitte and the Windfinders more. Plus I think the only reason Siuan sent the wonder girls after the 13 black ajah sisters, wasn't because of their power or being the most unlikely choice, but because they were the only ones she could safely trust - as she states at the time, sometimes Aes Sedai say the truth clearly :)
  5. It hasn't been proven, its just one side of an argument over why Gitara sent Luc to the Blight. Basically was her foretelling a light or a dark one, if a light foretelling then she sent him there for a future beneficial thing for the light. If a dark one then she sent him there to merge with Isam and become Slayer, the dark ones minion.
  6. Theres also the theory that Slayer will eventually end up doing something beneficial to the light, Gitara foretold that Luc needed to go to the Blight, there must have been some reason for it. Though some can argue she had a dark fortelling and as a darkfriend she decided it was best to send him there, however that wouldn't really work with how she also sent Tigraine to the Waste. Personally I want Slayer to save Lan and/or Rand when for some reason he starts to see the Light, I'll leave it up to RJ/Sanderson to make that work if it was indeed the plan.
  7. I actually only just re-read the relevant chapter last night, so for once I'm happy to do a quote :) "It is difficult, since we have bolstered the rumours that she [siuan] was executed", they have bolstered the rumours through propaganda from the Tower (scribes etc) but they don't need to walk the streets screaming she was executed. Furthermore, if enough sisters are told that she was executed by Alviarin etc then maybe there will be sisters bound by the oaths saying it; however I think its just the tower sisters trying to make the WT seem more stable to the outerworld, rather than sisters misleading sisters.
  8. Even when Elaida is taken captive by Egwene's Aes Sedai (in theory) Egwene will still have control of her through the War Act, so she will be the one who decides what happens - though of course there will be consequences no matter how moderate or radical her decision is. I still think she will allow Elaida back as a Red Sister with the whole Ajah getting a new purpose decided within the Ajah.
  9. Everyones already got to the truth about how Elaida managed to usurp Siuan, but what do people expect for AMoL and their reunion. Personally I'd like to see Siuan do some physical slapping around, but I think realistically Egwene won't let her and won't even still Elaida but allow her to return the red ajah, alternatively Elaida could be killed/captured in the Seanchan attack and Egwene will take over the Tower that much more smoothly.
  10. Your theory makes a lot more sense that what I thought :) though I would never have thought of Lanfear hanging about in Fal Dara for too long however as she was intent on getting Lews Therin Telamon back then yeh it does make sense.
  11. I always assumed that it was Taim looking through the walls at her as she was resident Darkfriend Aes Sedai, looking at her for removement from the jail. Like Elmis said Taim's able to find Darkfriends through his erm work with the DO, though I can't look for an appropriate quote at the moment. OOC: Welcome back luckers, not seen a recent post from you for a while
  12. I think it says on one of the WoT sites that there are a few shadowhound packs of 12.
  13. Hmm, every time I think of this my decision changes... Green- Lots of confrontation and lots of men. Blue- Coz its basically like gossiping and meddling to have control, fun. Yellow- I wanted to be a doctor when I was young :( Black- It would be a bit of fun to be an evil manipulator on my way to the top. Brown- Suprisingly low as I'm going to be a history teacher lol Grey- Negotiating is fun sometimes, makes you feel bigger than the two parties. White- Logic is ok, but imagination is better. Red- Luckers summed it up "I like Men. Alot" Besides stereotyping a gender is a bit silly
  14. I'm not disputing that what you've said is true, but is it me or was RJ a bit silly to write that? If Darkhounds can turn other wolves, and as their wolves humanity wouldn't notice it happening, so would'nt the Darkhounds turned like thousands of wolves and have huge packs?
  15. Lan is not bonded to Nynaeve. Yet.... I think its a pretty safe assumption that the bond will be passed to Nynaeve as Moiraine had wished. This is what I was referring to- once it has passed, they would know of e/o's death immediately. Ever since this series started, all roads have lead to Lan and Nynaeve being together. I find it highly unlikely that RJ would have scripted the final book to have them bonded, meet and then kill of Lan. As someone else wrote, thats totally taking the easy way out... Im hoping that RJ didn't plan for the final book to be a totally happy ending, I guess I'm just too fond of Malazan: Book of the Fallen, I just think hes going to put a little touch of tradegy in it. Lan dying, Rand exiling himself and never seeing the girls again etc etc To be honest I think that letting him and Nynaeve live happily ever after is the easy way out... it whats easiest to write and to expect a generally happy response.
  16. If Leane was a DF I would cry, a lot. She is my favourite secondary character, it would be out of character for her to be willingly in the BA, plus I think we would have more solid hints throughout the books. Basically I'm saying no way to all the suspects because of lack of evidence. :)
  17. Fair enough opinion, however were both going on different interpretation of the same scene, so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Though my main point is still that Melaine said "learns" because the wording just seems to imply that she won't actually be dead. Lan is not bonded to Nynaeve. Indeed, furthermore I'm unsure if Lan and Nynaeve reunite before the fighting begins, personally I think that Lan and his Malkier will be the first casualties of Tarmon Gaidon so perhaps first half of the book?
  18. I did start a thread on this a long time ago, but I can't find it anywhere ??? Oh well I'll try and do it and again. Basically I think Lan will die because a few factors, one being early in the series during a conversation in Tel'Aran'Rhiod where the girls and the wise ones are talking, I can't remember the exact quote but I believe Melaine said "An'allein will die when he learns of your death", I took this to mean that somethin g will happen to Nynaeve which will make people think she died, possibly an ambush on her and Rand where they disappear to try and escape. Then Lan hears and does a suicide attack on the Shadow to slow their march. Personal preference is that Lan dies as I would like to see Nynaeve as a travelling Aes Sedai righting wrongs and fighting the remnants of the dark in her private war. I think I made a few more points but thats the only one I can think of. For original posters points, theres one thing I have to criticise. Your whole argument assumes Moiraine asked about Lan when she passed through the doorway in Tear, but also that when she made the deal with Myrelle it was before she actually learnt anything solid about the future. You could argue that when she did the Accepted Test and the Aiel Wise One test she may have got some hints of the future, but I believe its common opinion that these tests don't actually fortell the future but maybe portal stone futures(?). I may be wrong and I've missed an important point in one of the books. Consequently she has no idea if Lan will die or live, so she made the deal out of kindness to Lan knowing that her mission would most likely cause her death.
  19. The severed hand is Rands indicating her link to him. But the hot iron and axe, I'm unsure really, the only prominent axe in the series is Perrin's I believe. It could possibly symbolise her torture by the BA in KoD and the execution of her comrades but I think thats rather shaky. Hopefully it will come together in AMoL.
  20. I want: Egwene to finally take over in some grand way, as her storyline has been the one I have been most avid over. Lan to die with the Malkier in glory, but also in a new twist for Nynaeve to parallel when Mantheren was destroyed and Ellisandre (correct name?) destroyed a large amount of Shadowspawn, that way Nynaeve holds them back long enough for more troops to come but also follows her lover into death. Graendal to survive TG and when the DO dies she turns back into the good psychiatrist. (I just really love her as a character and want her to have a valid excuse to live) Or she survives but remains a bit naughty. Faile to die protecting Perrin or some nonsense, just Faile dying would be good. Rand dying and his Harem to survive somehow but raise lots of Rand babies. The BT to be demolished and all the Asha'man to join the Aes Sedai as male Aes Sedai in a united WT under Egwene and Logain. The One Power to remain established forever and ever :(
  21. Hmm I'm not against the Roedran being Demandred's puppet idea, like how Sammael used the King of Illian as a puppet, though different in the fact that Sammael remained in Illian. But if Demandred isn't remaining in Murandy uniting the factions and preparing for attack then where is he. I can't really see him anywhere but the Blight and even that seems a tad pointless for one of the Chosen.
  22. I may be being forgetful, but didn't Liandrin and co try to steal Angreal but failed whereas they were able to get to the Ter'Angreal? Or were they just ordered not to try ??? maybe because Mesaana had already nicked the best?
  23. No one actually commented on Kadere's belief about King Roedran of Murandy being Demandred (p.1) so I will wahey, it seems quite possible and also as a lot of military forces are in the vicinity it would be a great location. I think Luckers or RAW can provide a link to a large discussion on this somewhere in the delves of the forum - sorry to throw this at you guys but I bet either one of you could find it before I can ;)
  24. Emphasis mine. Though that is an interesting idea, I'm a bit conflicted, as if lets say Mogheiden were to force Nynaeve to turn to the shadow, would they promote her to the rank of Chosen? Wouldn't she be in a more servile situation? Thats why I like the idea of Taim being turned because hes all dark but he hasn't attended any of the Chosen Socials so maybe hes not of that rank. Any ideas?
  25. arad domon, full of good looking men and women, my kind of place
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