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  1. I had a few that I ended up having to correct after reading through the glossary, but a lot of them I just enjoy the correct pronunciation so I used those. Egwene (Egg-wayne) Taim (Tame) - the correct pronunciation throws me Siuan Sanche (Swan Santch) Nearly all the Forsaken: Lanfear I got right Ishamael (Ish-mael) Demandred (Dimandred) Graendal (Gray-ndel) - that sounded SO country to me Moghedien (Mog-ed-ean) Semirhage - for the life of me I could not figure her name out. I was like "Semir-hayje" and "Sem-eer-ujh" and finally "Semi-razh" Mesaana I got right Asmodean (
  2. We also really only have one sure reference that I can remember; the scene where Logain is talking with the Sea Folk and they get the news about the Amayar all dying. In that scene, Logain tells the Sea Folk that Rand requires them to send their fastest ships to help transport food "for about a million people". The Sea Folk are able to do this but it would take nearly every ship they have so we can sort of surmise that the Sea Folk, at least, have a smaller population but large enough that if they HAD to, they could handle 1,000,000 people...though it would probably take all of their resourc
  3. I think of James Earl Jones or another sophisticated yet captivating voice like Sir Ian McKellin as King Paitr.
  4. (1) Min's vision was that Serene would have a wild and passionate love affair, which I can only imagine was with her Warder but then Serene died. Are we to just assume that this happened before she died? Basically all we got was that she was stunningly beautiful and wrote some poetry comparing him to a leopard or something but that's kind of a let down if that's a "wild, passionate love affair". (2) Egwene criticised Elaida's ascent to the Amyrlin Seat because Talene was Black Ajah and had a hand in getting her there. By Egwene's interpretation this invalidated Elaida as Amyrlin and all
  5. I think you'd have to really grasp for something to try to make WOT have racist themes. Randland isn't our land. People may have a tendency to think of themselves as better than others (nobles) and have all the mishap characteristics of any human being but the society seems to thrive on diversity. I can't find any examples in any of the 14 books where someone shot someone down or treated them differently just because of the colour of their skin. In fact, most of the white characters, when describing the different ethnicities they encountered, described the darker skinned people as exotic a
  6. I think there would have been more people who could travel through Tel'aran'rhiod as time went on. Egwene had plans to send Accepted to the Wise Ones to help them learn the dream and gave the dream ter'angreal to the Wavemistresses in hopes that they would learn the dream as well. Apart from Egwene as a Dreamer, the three Wise Ones who were dreamwalkers, Perrin and Elyas who walked the wolf dream there doesn't seem to be anyone outrightly who can just jump in and out of the World of Dreams. But in the Age of Legends lots of people utilized the World of Dreams, despite not being Dreamers/dre
  7. It's not unlikely that the magnification of the True Power was something of a side effect, really. There are other instances in the series where use of the One Power had other-than-intended results which left the characters thinking. When Elayne breaks down a gateway it explodes and kills everything and everyone around them. When Aviendha breaks down a gateway it explodes and backlashes Graendal's Compulsion back on her. Different results, very unexpected. When Moridin uses balefire from the True Power and Rand uses balefire from the One Power, the two streams hit and create a link
  8. I always tried to envision myself interacting with these people, and that's how I gauged whether I liked them or not, haha. (plus how they were written which kind of feeds into that) - like an interview with Myriam Margolys (Professor Sprout from Harry Potter) on her take of the movie "The Social Network" - "I absolutely hated that movie, I thought all the characters were complete ***holes, all of them. It was beautifully acted! But you didn't want to spend any time with any of the people in the movie!" - hahaha. So anyway: Rand - I enjoyed Rand's journey throughout the book. He had to
  9. So Taim (and Logain I imagine) were ones who were born with the spark? I always wondered this because by the time Rand met Taim, he had a pretty good control of what he was doing with the One Power, even though there was no one to teach him anything. He knew Healing, he knew how to destroy things and basically knew a large number of weaves. I suppose he might have learned them from Demandred after he had been released, but Logain was also able to channel and understood the division of the elements (Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Spirit) and had at least some measure of understanding of what ea
  10. I'm almost sure someone asked this years ago but I can't seem to find it. Could someone take a sec and boil down the accents in Randland for me? Sometimes when I'm reading I try to "hear" what the characters are saying in their native accents but I can't quite put them together. Some of them make sense. Like...Illian seems to be Scottish. And maybe Murandy is Irish (based on their names, I suppose). But I could be totally off. The Seanchan "slurred way of talking" for example...and Cairhien's "crisp accents" were some I couldn't quite place. Help?
  11. I had a tough time choosing between Lord of Chaos and Shadow Rising, but I enjoyed all that happened in Lord of Chaos. Nynaeve Healing stilling/gentling was one of my favourite scenes. Egwene being named Amyrlin was great - "perhaps she'd forgotten what passed for humour in her time with the Aiel" - haha! There were just some really great moments in that book.
  12. Min had a viewing that Nesune would find honor and fame and found a giant library if I recall correctly. I imagine that since Min's viewings always come to pass, this is the fate of Nesune.
  13. Oh Lord. First everyone gets annoyed because we have waited 20 years for the end of this series, and then when it comes out, everyone is like "There weren't enough POVs from all of my favourite characters" Honey...if Brandon or RJ had to write out POV from all the main characters and sub characters, the Wheel of Time series would be 30 books long. It isn't "someone has a deadline for publishing, so we just sacrificed the story" - it's trying to figure out how to close the story as best as possible. Sometimes you just can't write out what every single character is thinking or feeling dur
  14. I know that same gender relationships isn't a big deal in Randland, but it just feels like the hetero male characters had more to offer than some of the off-mentioned gay characters. Women were depicted as male haters and men were depicted as women haters, haha. So I think I lean more toward some of the more developed hetero characters, and I'll just imagine that at some point they thought "well...he's kind of cute" (me) I think my top three husbands would be: Perrin (muscles! and he's soft hearted and strong) Logain (he's been through so much, and he's roguish) Tallanvor (he's ded
  15. I don't think I'd want to be the most powerful male channeler of all or something like that. Weilding that much power has immense responsibility and although you can do a lot of things with it, you can do a lot of things with a medium level of power as well. I'd like to be somewhere above the norm of strength in the Power but not at the top. Maybe a first-runner-up for Chosen if that makes any sense. I think if I had to be in the storyline before the male half of the Power was cleansed, I'd definitely do my best to stay hidden about it but my curiosity to learn would definitely have me
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