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  1. *But it was an ending* It's done, I knew it was coming. But I still cannot get it through my head, it's over.
  2. I am not sure this is an error, feel free to convince me and shatter my argument. In Chapter 1 Eastward the Wind Blew, page 80. We see Perrin gave Balwer's service to Rand. What bothers me is how Rand expects Balwer to have all this information. Perrin has not been near Rand or Elayne long enough to really have intrgated himself for this. I do not know, it just struck me as wrong, and took me out of the book while saying *What?*. Anyways comments?
  3. I started my reread to late, so did not read until this past week. I finished last night. Chapter * The Last Battle* was awesome imho!!. The start had me worried, but it soon had me in it's hands and I hated to put the book down. A lot of unexpected things, and some things went how I thought they would. I am going to reread it it again in a few days. It seemd to me in this book beyond the last 2, you could see what was Brandon and what was Robert. Overall, this series will still rank #1 in my heart. I thought the ending was very fitting based on how the book started!! Would not have mined a little more peak in the future, but that is the way the Wheel weaves!!
  4. Not even close, Egwene and Faile. I know you do not want to hear it, but i am not going to pick someone else because you like them and are sick of people hating them. There is a reason those 2 are the most often used as most hated. I hope Egwene, Faile and Perrin all end up in the same trolloc cook pot.
  5. I have yet to see any proof that being Evil is bad.
  6. "I am afraid I cannot allow that Toy" Does not matter how many times i read, and know it is coming. That line from Tuon makes me crack up so much.
  7. No actually, if the hole was drilled in TAR then it still would have appeared in the real world thus causing the explosion Really? so when Rand is fighting Rahvin in TAR, and Ishamael, all the damage they did would be in the real world? I would like to see the chapter you read on both those fights where the damage was in the real world. Every thing we know of TAR, says no!!
  8. Not a chance any of this theory can be true, but maybe Perrin helping to seal the bore. When Rand was in the history of the Aeil walk, his ancestors were around when the hole was drilled. This, makes your theory impossible. There would have been no explosin to have been seen, if they drilled the hole in TAR. :)
  9. None of those things you mentioned bother me one bit, every couple of weeks I hear of a city I have never heard of before. As to the dream spikes why should we have heard of them before they were used? The white tower has no idea what they are, and they are the keepers of lore. We also have limited information of all the tools of the Seanchan. I am really shocked you see an issue with the Asha Men and their sword play, 2 or 3 secenes in the book focus on just that. I remember from a q+a that RJ said we have not seen everything the shawdow has or will have in play. I took him at his word, I expect to see a few more things we have never heard of in the last book!!
  10. oh, well very sorry then. if a mod could delete this thread?
  11. As the date of the last book approches what is everyone feeling? I am really excited!! At the same time i know will have that empty feeling in the pit of stomache! This series has been such a big part of life for a very long time!! I have no idea I how many rereads I have done over the years. I do know, i would love to thank Brandon for the large task and the way he has finished this series for us! I was real leary at 1st, but after reading his first crack the worries went away fast!!
  12. I protest that Steven Erikson's The Malazan Fallen series is not part of this poll!!!! As well as many other series that deserve to be in the best series all time, Melenie Rawn, Robin Hobb just to name 2 more who deserve some consideration. Steven Erikson is the only one i would consider the equal of RJ.
  13. FoH for Cover under protest and TDR for title. After reading The great hunt, you cannot help but to see the Artist has no concept of the books. Loial looks nothing like he should, and Lanfear who is supposed to be the most beutiful women in an age know for beauty is dog ugly. No offense to the artist,but he or she has missed on every cover. And before anyone says it, of course i know at that point on the cover she is using Mask of Mirrors, but the way Rand and Hurin and Loial describe her, she should still be 10 times better looking then the cover portrays her. :)
  14. As was already pointed out, What Nynaeve did will not change the fact that she is a witch!! However to be Fair, the way RJ wrote this, it would be hard to be male and really like most of the women in the book. In fact, I like Min, Soriela, Avhienda and Cadsuane. I will not get off on my Faile Hate, but her and Nynaeve come real close to sharing the biggest hate fest for me. Earlier someone posted it was funny to hate fictional people, the fact that people hate them shows how great RJ was.
  15. Welcome to the best WoT site, imho of course. I find it very unlikely there will ever be studio that would commit to making the movies as they deserver. My hope is that at some point someone will crank out some digital movies. But, at the same time I think i do not want to see them, but that is mostly because i just do not trust any stuido to do a good job, way to many books have been trashed by the hollywood set, my worst fear is they would to to WoT, what they did to Queen of the Damned.
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