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  1. Mirlishea sat sullenly on Kiserai, after being scolded for the tenth time by the Aes Sedai for having interrupted her when she was trying to speak. She refused to believe she could channel. "This is just not possible. I cannot...." her words trailed off, as she found herself staring at the White Tower. This might not be so bad, she thought, as she gapped in awe at the structure towering higher than she could have ever dreamed. The horses were being taken to the stables, and she had to hurry, half stumbling, up the stairs to catch up to the woman already opening the door to the tower. The
  2. Aha, Thank you Davian ;D That at least lays one question to rest for me. :D
  3. My vote is on Logain. It would have been Lan, but there's just something about Logain, and the fact that he could heat up anything for me in an flash? Heck yeah! LOL although I suppose that does sound kinda wrong :-[ haha
  4. I was just thinking about that last night, while re-reading book 1. Hopefully someone knows the answer! ;D
  5. My favorite is/was Asmodean. I don't know why, really, but while he was with Rand, I happened to take a liking to him. I was actually kind of sad when he died.
  6. Thank you everyone! :-* I got a feeling I'm going to have a wonderful time here, but I must warn you, once I feel comfortable someplace, I am very hard to get rid of! lol ;D
  7. Hello, and thank you for the warm welcome! :D Does this mean that she was only luring me in? *gulp* lol. I have millions of questions, and trillions of ideas too! I don't have Skype messenger, I will have to google it later and set it up! I really look forward to the role playing, such a great way to live the dream of being in a fantasy world! :D
  8. I live right in Halifax! Moved up here from down Yarmouth way almost five years ago now. Still don't know my way around either! haha
  9. Little ol' Nova Scotia :) Have been all over most of the province, but never out of it! It's like I am in the Two Rivers, and only dream of other places lol.
  10. Hello Everyone! I've been lurking around here for a little while now, and thought I'd join in and introduce myself. My name is Kara, I live in Canada and have been a Wheel of Time addict for just two years now. Since I received New Spring that great Christmas morning, I've had to buy each book and am currently starting to re-read the whole set again. I actually just finished Knife of Dreams at 4:00 am this morning! My favorite couple is Mat and Tuon, and much to my dear friends disgrace my favorite male character is Logain, and my favorite female character is Moiraine. I am loo
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