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  1. Hey all- been a member of Dragonmount for about 6 years, but its been awhile since i logged in.....looks like my posting history was nuked :( c'est la vie i guess :) !!! Either way, i was curious....does anyone know of a website online that might occasionally have some items from RJ's auction that took place 4 years ago when his blade collection was sold off by his estate?? Since then, has anyone seen any of that stuff being re-sold also with the CoA's? Thanks!!
  2. i liked it, if for no other reason than to see the balance shift back towards rand in his relationship with Caddy. ...it made for some pretty awesome reading.
  3. unfortunately, any answer to this question would be complete speculation outside of the WOT physics as we know it. We have no known information on this topic from what i recall of anything i've seen in RJ's Q&A's, the BWB or any other reference. .....however, I'll give you kudos for coming up with an interesting question. haven't seen that one before ;)
  4. I have two, actually. The ancient Aes Sedai symbol on my right wrist, and the wheel of time symbol on my left. post pics of this......immediately!!
  5. call me a traditionalist, but i say tell her nothing.....she'll enjoy the story more if she's just focused on reading it for what it is rather than looking for things that either aren't there or shouldnt be figured out yet ;) my brother is half way through on his first read after 19 years of prodding and my lips are SEALED! i'm talking to him about each book after he finishes and having fun dialoging with him on what happened, what he likes/doesn't like, who he likes/doesn't like, and just listening to his theories without adding anything. my favorite answer any time he has a question? RAFO ;D
  6. since its not a physical 'wound' and just them being cut off from accessing the source, my personal opinion is that if siuan were to be stilled by women again that she could be restored to her full potential by a male channeller....of course she's not going to risk trying, but i'm basing this off of what Nynaeve said upon healing her- that something was "missing" Nyn didnt 'partially heal' the missing part- its just.....not there. in typing this, i also suspect that it might even be possible for a male channeler to finish what nyn started in healing siuan if they were skilled enough at probing and trying. flynn seems the likely candidate to pull this off. ......anything short of death should be possible to heal, right :)
  7. More than likely she was stilled, but not from drawing on too much of the power....that would burn her out, which is different from being stilled- we still have no firm knowledge if being burned out can be healed. When you're stilled, you can still sense the power, you just can't draw upon it. When you're burned out, you cannot even sense it- its as if you were never even able to channel in the first place.... anyway, i digress. I suspect Moiraine was in fact stilled upon entering the door frame, simply because she was channeling while entering a TA. We have read upon many occasions that "nasty things can happen" when your channel at or around a TA without knowing what the consequences are. I also suspect that Moiraine will be the first Women to be fully healed by a Male Channeller (Might I offer up Flinn as a good candidate for the job?) As it directly relates to this post, do i think she will emerge Traumatized or Insane? not one bit. I think emotionally and mentally she will be virtually unscathed. She's probably the most focused and centered person in the entire series and has more mental toughness than just about anyone (with the likely exceptions being Sorilea, Cadsuane, Amy, Bair and a very select few others that are arguably on her level in that area....) She's endured too much in her quest to see the Dragon succeed and i suspect that this will be the one beacon of light that she has held on to to ensure that she comes out virtually the same women that went it. ....in fact, i believe she will emerge from the tower, dust off her dress and immediately ask to be brought up to speed on everything that has transpired, she will take it all in stride, and then ask to be brought to Rand to continue her task at guiding him towards TG. (then, commence healing)
  8. Hi guys- so sorry to hijack this post with my message but for 2 days I keep getting a message that reads: "Database Error Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator." Not sure how to contact an admin since I can't seem to access the General Discussion page. Is anyone else getting this message? Any suggestions? Again, so sorry to post on this thread, but since i can't start a new one i just replied to this one. Any help on passing this on to an admin for a potential fix would be much appreciated. Thank you ! BJ
  9. I have to admit, i don't remember RJ commenting on it. I have a file somewhere with every quote RJ ever said in a formal / informal interview, including posts here. (just hope it wasnt on my drive that just crashed). I'll see if i can dig it out and find that question anywhere.
  10. This is accurate from what I remember. Rand actually DID it once. When Rand was fighting Rahvin, Rahvin killed Asmodean, Mat, and a few others with lightning. Several tense moments later, Rand drilled Rahvin with a particularly big bolt of Balefire, and the ones who were dead were sitting around confused. Asmodean even had had an idea of what happened. I wondered why Rand at the end of KoD didn't balefire Semirhage and get his hand back. Actually, you're only half right on this one. Its true that Rhavin killed them, but he didn't kill them with Balefire....it was lightning that he used. The big question in this post addresses actually being killed with Balefire and whether or not that can be undone, as opposed to a more 'traditional' death by the OP or other means.
  11. Talking TSR here is perfectly ok ;) LOL I thought he meant TGS, but if thats not the case, my appologies BF!!!
  12. Coreane was the Black Sister who murdered Vandene and Adelas stabbed her with a knife in Andor right before Elayne was captured (as then freed) by the other Black Sisters. Neither Adelas, nor Vandene were of the Black Ajah.
  13. don't quote me on this (or ask for evidence ;) ) but i seem to remember seeing a time-line that had this series between 3-4 years (not counting TSR since NO TSR TALK SHOULD BE mentioned here (Points to 'Balefire to the Face' as a reminder) That might make you feel better if it is in fact true.
  14. A couple come to mind, but these are the ones that would bother me a little more than some others: Loial Min Moiraine Avi Thom Verin Perrin
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