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  1. I don't find out of the ordinary at all. Since this is something that has just started to come back and in all of Randland we have only 3 confirmed cases of wolfkin. And we have no way of knowing what causes the change or how many wolfkin there were originally. I think it will always be relatively low compared to the rest of the population. MM
  2. I Agree that Aram wrould be around 75-80 in this scale, but never under estimate what those voices in our heads say. Right LTT :-\ He could have been better than everyone but all he fought were trollocs.
  3. I don't think SH is going to be used for the sole purpose of bringing the Chosen to heel, becasue there is a scene where he has an ache or a longing, that forces him to return to the Pit of Doom and he expresses a desire to be rid of that link. MM
  4. I was wondering what Thom was doing in Edu Bar, when Mat kidnapped Tuon, that makes the DeathWatch gaurds consider him such a dangerous and skilled general. :-\ MM
  5. Picking apart a weave is something most every Aes Sedia can do. For example, when Elayne picked apart her gateway after using the Bowl of Winds the other sisters saw what she was doing and totaly freaked out, implying that they knew what she was doing, and didn't want to be around when it blew up in her face. MM
  6. I feel that it is more of a person being constantly aware of their surroundings and knowing what they want. By being constantly aware they are able to take advantage of more situations than others which helps them appear lucky of fortunate. It also helps to keep those times when you get completly swindled hidden. :P MM
  7. Where have we seen the Shocklance, it has been a while since I read the last few books but could you give a reference wvlr? MM
  8. I think that a warder would know that their Aes Sedai is scared out of their minds but not what about. It has been a while since I read book 11 but I think the same thing happens when Rand loses his hand, becaue his girsl feel the pain but don't know anything else about it. MM
  9. I have pictured it two different ways, one for those that use motions and one for those that don't. For those that do I picture a lot of finger, arm and hand, movments to construct the weave much like typing on the computer plus the final move, such as throwing for a fireball. The other is more of a stare and visualization technique where the channeler doesn't need the hand movments to make saidar work as they want, they just direct it with their thoughts, because you don't necessarily need to see what you are weaving at, however that does help :P. MM
  10. Alright thanks, I hadn't heard anything difinitive on the subject and thought I would ask scince I know that this is the place to get answers for anything. MM
  11. While reading another thread I wondered if it is possible to make a person able to channel that previously didn't have the spark or the ability. Nynaeve said that something was cut or like a gap, couldn't an Aes Sedai bridge that gap in a normal person to make them able to channel? MM
  12. I don't have my book with me at the moment but I seem to remember that Ishy was channeling the TP and that is why Callandor was able to split the BA. Now if Ishy had use the OP the effect would have been different, I think. MM
  13. I wouldn't say I was lurking just....ok lurking :D those days are done I am here to stay. (Fun there's that dark alley) MM
  14. howdie I have been readign WO since 97, I have lost count of how many re-reads. I am always amazed at how much I dont remeber when i start reading each book but after about 20 or 30 pages it all comes back. MM
  15. Gotta be the cleasing of Saidin, I was so excited :o when I read it for the first time I couldn't stop shaking. Once I could hold a phone I called my brother and spoiled the book for him because he was waiting to borrow mine. It was that good. MM
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