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  1. Hey, I haven't been around for a while, I was re-reading everything before I started TGS and I didn't want to risk seeing something about TGS that I didn't want to. A question occurred to me though and I said I'd post it to see if anybody had any opinions about it (or if it's been answered before!) Hypothetically (I can't see the situation happening otherwise ;D), If an Aes Sedai bound by the 3 oaths promised/swore to do 'something' immediatly and while they are going about doing it circumstances change and they no longer wish to do 'whatever it is', are they still bound to do the task to
  2. I'm up at A Crown of Swords myself, with a bit of effort I should be close enough to Knife of Dreams as to make no difference. I'm combining the books and the audiobooks, I listen to the audiobooks when I drive anywhere, helps to get you through them pretty quick. Also, Amazon say they'll take 2 weeks to deliver the book, so there is some more time on my side.
  3. Favourite scene: Definatly Rand levelling the Trolloc army at the end, that whole section is fantastic. Worst Scene: First sighting of the 'black cloacked rider', only the first time that I read the series though. I remember thinking "LoTR rip off", I changed the opinion fairly quickly ::) (though there are quite a many similiarities in the first book).
  4. My point was not that the viewpoint isn't put forward, more that there is no evidence from the creator himself that he doesn't care. The fact that he spoke to Rand at all would indicate (to me at least) that he does care, but refuses to interveve for other reasons. If I remember the scence correctly, that was Rand's opinion (or rather Lews Therin's) regarding the creator...
  5. It's been a while since I read that scene but my impression from that was that Fain himself created the fog and used it to hide as he could attack Rand...
  6. Because he doesn't care that much. No. I'd have disagree with Mr. Ares, I don't think that the creator doesn't care, he just chooses not to intervene. Which would fall in line with the Creator being the opposite of the Dark One. In The EotW it's fairly certain that the Creator speaks to Rand saying: 'I WILL TAKE NO PART. ONLY THE CHOSEN ONE CAN DO WHAT MUST BE DONE, IF HE WILL'
  7. Am I the only one who is annoyed by the announcement that aMoL will be released in not 1, not 2, but 3 volumes!? I say this not because we will have to wait longer but I don't think that RJ would have approved. I can't help but think that RJ, who was so insistent that the book be released in 1 volume would be happy about the prospect of the book being divided into 3, I feel that 2 volumes would have been too much in his opinion. Obviously I can't speak for the man, but my own feeling is that he wouldn't have approved of this move. Personally, I feel that this move is an attempt by TO
  8. Ya Osan'gar did give Flinn a nudge in the right direction. Only realized that that was significant on my 2nd re-read. But I never figured out why. I mean we know the standing orders at the time were 'Let the Lord of Chaos Rule' and that was why Osan'gar got Flinn to heal Rand from the dagger wound....but why was Osan'gar helping possible future enemies learn new weaves??
  9. ter'angreal = An item made with the power that is specially designed to perform some sort of useful function, like control the weather, enter the world of dreams etc, etc. Some ter'angreal need only saidin to work, others need saidar, others need both and other again need neither to work (anybody can use them). angreal = Items made with the power that allow the channeler to safely draw more of the power than they could normally do unaided. The angreal works by providing a 'focus' for the channeler and rather than drawing the power directly (like would normally happen) they draw the power
  10. Douchebag all round! ;D.....Sorry I couldn't resist.
  11. I'm pretty sure the 'watcher' was Moridin.
  12. Pandora's Box has been opened yet again! RUN! Before it turns into yet another debate...
  13. I've found this really handy, it's a Word Doc that someone went to alot of trouble with. Pretty much grabbed every RJ interview and known fan-letter response and put it into a HUGE word Doc. I find it brilliant for RJ quotes... www.filefactory.com/file/288513
  14. Like I said it's only a crazy theory. It's just something that I was thinking about, as it seems to fit the 'balance' theme going through the books (2 halves of th power, male and female good at different thing with the power etc etc) I'll admit that, myself I believe it's the DO's doing. Just thought that this theory it interesting. The only answer I could give for why other cuendillar aren't weakening is that they haven't been mollycoddled like the seal have. Why would anyone have even slightly careful of something they thought couldn't possibly be broken? But certainly during the beginn
  15. Are you certain that everything shown in that ter'angreal can be taken as fact, I remember I got straight fairly quickly when I made that assumption! I've come to believe that it's a combination of the truth and what the person in it wants to be the truth. Given the person we know Nynaeve to be, it's just as possible the her stubbornness not to be treated as inferior brought that line out of 'imaginary Lan'
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