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  1. Wayside School books were great Little House on the Prairie? I remember reading this with my mother, so I was probably a little older than 4 Anastasia books, maybe, though I read those on my own when I was 10 or so
  2. Thanks for the suggestionsm I'll pass them along to the decision-makers. I know the content specs are a little tight, but our client is a big tech corporation so the book needs to be something they are comfortable having associated with them, and parents who are irate because the study asked their kids to read a book with some scene in it that they feel is not appropriate for their precious little angels isn't good for the client's business. I don't think there needs to be NO mention of any of those things, just that they shouldn't be graphic or a major focus of the book. Some roman
  3. Hi all! My company was recently hired to do a study involving middle and high school students' reading skills, and we need to choose a book for the participating kids to read. I'd love to hear (read) any suggestions you guys have that fit the criteria below. - Appropriate for 7th-8th grade reading level - Not commonly found in school required reading lists (i.e., most kids shouldn't have read it already) - Not exceedingly long (goodbye WoT ;)) - Main character(s) are male or both male and female (most participants will be boys) - Does not contain subject matter that might/would
  4. I used to own a piece of furniture handed down by Neil Young. My dad's clients knew him somehow, and when they heard my dad had a kid moving to college and in need of furniture, they dropped of a GIANT tv/stereo cabinet that Neil had left with them. It was very 70's; solid wood, painted brown, with cowhide on the doors, and it had these multiple round cutouts in the sides that made it look like a hunk of Swiss cheese when my roommates and I painted it white. ^_^
  5. If you'd like something light and funny, Terry Pratchett's Discworld books are all set in the same world, with many recurring main and supporting characters, but each novel is a stand alone plot, so you can pretty much start anywhere and stop anywhere.
  6. Happy Birthday! ;D
  7. Thanks Wert! I tried to watch the tv show they made out of this and couldn't even get through the first episode. I was curious if the books were any better, and it sounds like they might be worth trying if I run out of more highly-recommended series.
  8. I just started reading him a couple of months ago, and I ADORE him! I've read Guards! Guards!, Witches Abroad, and The Wyrd Sisters, and just giggle endlessly at home, on the train, and in coffee shops. The first paragraphs of Wyrd Sisters, which had me and my best friend laughing aloud when we read them: I mean, really?! Inefficient assassins and the insides of cats?! It's just perfect. :D I've been resisting the urge to go get more of his stuff until I've finished the other books that are waiting for me already on my nightstand, but it's difficult! He's exactly what I
  9. So... has the rest of you returned as well, or just the hand? I mean, it's cool if that's the only bit of you that's around; Thing was the best part of the Addams' family. *nod* (Welcome ;) )
  10. Ahhhh. I just very recently read my first Discworld tale, though Ponder did not make an appearance. It was Guards! Guards! Very funny book. ;D
  11. I can't decide if I like your name or feel like it's a command. Like, "Caddy, because you don't do enough of this already (sarcasm, which I point out only because you don't know me well enough to assume it on your own ;) ), go Ponder the ways of the world," except in all caps like the way the Dark One speaks. Anyway, um. Hi. Welcome. I like Life, too. Visit the Seanchan. Rah n' stuff. *nod*
  12. I'll second the hilarity of Discworld (well, the one book in it I've read so far: Guards! Guards!). Pratchett had me giggling or full on laughing frequently and regularly throughout the tale (usually while I was on the train on the way to work, resulting in funny looks from other passengers ;D). I plan to pick up others from that series when I finish Red Seas Under Red Skies, by Scott Lynch. It's very good, but not what you're looking for.
  13. The green witch is the best witch!!! Though I like the stripy tights on her sister. Welcome! -kt Huge fan of wicked witches since... sometime in the mid-to-late '80's.
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