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  1. I just started reading him a couple of months ago, and I ADORE him! I've read Guards! Guards!, Witches Abroad, and The Wyrd Sisters, and just giggle endlessly at home, on the train, and in coffee shops. The first paragraphs of Wyrd Sisters, which had me and my best friend laughing aloud when we read them: I mean, really?! Inefficient assassins and the insides of cats?! It's just perfect. :D I've been resisting the urge to go get more of his stuff until I've finished the other books that are waiting for me already on my nightstand, but it's difficult! He's exactly what I
  2. So... has the rest of you returned as well, or just the hand? I mean, it's cool if that's the only bit of you that's around; Thing was the best part of the Addams' family. *nod* (Welcome ;) )
  3. Ahhhh. I just very recently read my first Discworld tale, though Ponder did not make an appearance. It was Guards! Guards! Very funny book. ;D
  4. I can't decide if I like your name or feel like it's a command. Like, "Caddy, because you don't do enough of this already (sarcasm, which I point out only because you don't know me well enough to assume it on your own ;) ), go Ponder the ways of the world," except in all caps like the way the Dark One speaks. Anyway, um. Hi. Welcome. I like Life, too. Visit the Seanchan. Rah n' stuff. *nod*
  5. The green witch is the best witch!!! Though I like the stripy tights on her sister. Welcome! -kt Huge fan of wicked witches since... sometime in the mid-to-late '80's.
  6. See, in my mind, the perfect man is somewhat inappropriately behaved. *g*
  7. Damn right I do. ;) -Cads Enjoying DM's inappropriately behaved Aussies of the male persuasion since February '06.
  8. OMGYOURTHREADTITLESOUNDSEXCITEDTOBEHERE!! ... Does anyone else read that and go straight to the unintentional word "sex?" ... No? I need help. *g* Anyway, welcome! And be careful how often you hand me two exclamation points in a row, I tend to hang them in inappropriate places. ;D Also, by my calculations, we're the same age. Not that it's important in any way, but I noticed it. -Cads Spewing randomness since 5:59 pm.
  9. Bah, the newb's another Aussie?? I hadn't noticed yet. Just what we need, another vegemite-eating, beer-guzzling, scruffy-looking 'roo-herder!! ::) ;)
  10. See, now I'm interested, and I'll be distracted all day coming up with interesting and non-PG13 things that might correspond to TWOT, and that's just not productive. So, erm, if you ever want to, y'know, spill what it really stands for, then go ahead and let me know. ;)
  11. Ahhh, I thought you meant you were south and east of the bay area, not in the bay area. My grandparents lived in Fremont for quite a few years, so I was there a lot during childhood. I think I've been there only once in the last 15 years, though. *g* Since you're into arts and crafts and stuff like that, you may want to look at/join the Illuminators org. There are some fun projects to work on, and you can show off things you've made or get ideas from other people.
  12. Are you in Gilroy? Because I had to go to Gilroy for work last week. I also stopped at the outlet mall and got a pair of shoes (I like shoes. A lot). It was ok. I'm from SF bay also, and I tend to range up and down the peninsula for work, home, and my social life. Around here, I tend to hang out with the 'Chan, the Sig boards, and occasionally in the CoL. Welcome to the place. -Cads NorCal born and raised.
  13. Yeah, I am pretty awesome. ;) Welcome to the place!
  14. I don't really run, so I'd prefer you didn't challenge me to a race or anything like that. Then I'd have to cheat, and that would make me feel like a bad person. But hello. Welcome to DM. Sorry no one else has come by to welcome you. I assure you it's nothing personal. Or, at least I don't think it's personal. For all I know you may have seriously pissed off someone important like Empy or Kathana or worst of all, Hax... Actually, now that I consider that possibility, I think I probably shouldn't be seen speaking with you, so I'm gonna get out of here before they notice. So, erm..
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