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Roll Call: March 2017


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I know February is supposed to be a short month but it went away too fast. I am thinking its barely February 15 and March comes knocking again.


Task for this month: Post a picture, song, poem, joke, anything that has the word "march" in it or in any way relates to march.


5 points for signing in, 5 for completing the task.




This car is called March

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Cuz most of you folks proudly American, you'll probably have no clue who the March Hare is. Damn I just ruined my joke.


Not all of us are that out of the loop :P 



The ants to marching one by one hurrah hurrah. 

We started with ten when my siblings and I were hiking one time, and went all of the way up to 10. We ended with "The ants go marching 10 by 10 and we're never singing this song again.


Ok story ramble time is over :P 

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"The afternoon is bright,

with spring in the air,

a mild March afternoon,

with the breath of April stirring,

I am alone in the quiet patio

looking for some old untried illusion -

some shadow on the whiteness of the wall

some memory asleep

on the stone rim of the fountain,

perhaps in the air

the light swish of some trailing gown."

- Antonio Machado, 1875-1939

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