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  1. Today I learnt the Theory of Relativity. Time Dilation was amazing - right after watching INTERSTELLAR too!
  2. Women’s participation in the development process has been recognized not only as an issue of human rights and social justice, but also as a crucial contribution to solving the pressing needs of important and often-exclud- ed segments of society. I will list the women who I think play a significant role in filling the gaps where most women are absent: Michelle Obama Oprah Winfey Yoani Sanchez Indra Nooyi
  3. http://www.historynet.com/lucretia-mott - a short bit about the woman who organised the convention - I couldn't leave her out because she seems so incredible!
  4. Yell for justice and peace
  5. Point Number Three AP Apple Pay is still in its early days, but so far Apple is the only company that has created an easy-to-use mobile-payments platform that is accepted at a lot of major retailers. Plus, Apple has support from most major credit-card companies and banks.
  6. Point Number Two They're better looking. With a few exceptions like the gorgeous HTC One and Xiaomi Mi Note, there aren't many great-looking Android phones out there. Many are chunky and plasticky. The iPhone consistently has a better designs than Android phones.
  7. I can't agree with you on that point. point number one iPhones get the best apps first. Even though the iPhone has a smaller market share, developers still tend to make the best apps for iOS first. Yes, you can find most of the same popular apps on Android, but they don't always have the better features and designs. If you care about having the best apps on your phone, you're better off with iPhone. Btw this is a friendly debate
  8. Why not!? How do you live?! Sorry - that's just me being geeky about smart phones. If you do end up getting a smartphone - any android lovers - do you dare challenge me on that one
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