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  1. *Aradin is typing...*

  2. Hey, Lorava! As you said we are very friendly around here. I share your love for dogs, and I also adore cats. There are lots of Social Groups for you to join, also; don't just assume you are bound to joining the White Tower. There are loads of groups you can choose from: Aiel, Ogier, tua'than (forgive my spelling :0), The Black Tower and many others. We also have Role Playing groups which are equally fun. I'll tell you a bit about myself, then! I'm 23 years old and love climbing poetry and reading. I currently live in London.
  3. Hello - I amm Ishamael, currently making my way through Part Two of training. I would greatly appreciate any info about your Ajah that would help me, and also may draw me into joining the Reds...
  4. Oops.. Sorry for repeating my post - I thought that I accidentally deleted..
  5. Hello! - I am a novice of the White Tower currently attempting Part Two of the lesson. I would really appreciate some information about your Ajah- eg your mottos, principles etc. Who knows - maybe it could lead to me joining the Brown Ajah... :D
  6. Hello! I am Ishamael - taking part two of my lesson as a novice. I would really appreciate some breif information about the Brown Ajah, eg. Your principles, mottos. Etc. Who knows, maybe it could lead me to joining you!...
  7. I love to read generally anything- most of all I like reading poetry though. I am also a big fan of Patrick Ness. Can you tell me a bit about the Brown Ajah on dragonmount?
  8. Hello, I am Ishamael Sedai coming here for part two of my training.
  9. I am a big fan of Harry Potter as well, and, ahem, do like The Dragon Reborn/Saidin, cough :D
  10. Hello, I am Ishamael Sedai coming here for part two of my training.
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