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Wizarding World War 1 - Mafia Game - Day 2


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Guys? WHAT'S GOING ON???!!!


Can someone PLEASE give me a quick summary of the game state? I'd like to know about any claims or known clears in advance so I don't have to go back and reread an entire game that I JUST read.


Please and thank you?

NB claimed commuter.


Rand 1.0 got lynched D1and flipped town roleblocker.

No nightkill N1- NB claims to have commued with Halli. I tried to jail him but it didn't go through.

Dawn got lynched on D2 - She was tied with Rand 2.0 votes wise and got chosen by random.org. She flipped VT (if I remember right).

No nightkill on N2 - NB claims to have commuted with AH which is now you. I jailed Key to protect her.

Rand 2.0 got lynched D3 and flipped VT.

2 nightkills on N3 as you can see. Hallia claims the Tsuki kill. Which prolly means Key was the scum shot.

Halli got two gifts but hasn't disclosed what they were or what she did with them. Unless the shot at Tsuki was one of them.

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Well. That sucks. I was going to clear Key.


Premature roleclaim time!!


I'm not going to character claim just in case but my role is lie detector.


N1: AH tried to lie detect this:

Jokes aside..... it almost sounds like you know I'm not scum.

No quoting the mods but the result was something to the effect of the future being cloudy and being unable to discern the truth. I alluded to as much in my little barb with Nyn where I said I was "coudy" on her alignment.


I was going to come in and call Nyn scum but my understanding is that AH was "spirited away" N1 or something like that? So it's possible THAT is why I received no result. FTR - I don't know that because of anything the mod told me in my PM, I just read that in the game so I'm looking for confirmation.


N2: AH lie detected this:

i am town...

This was returned as truth. THAT, Mr Mynd, is why I WKed NotBob.


N3: I had to come in and try to find something stated as FACT that I could lie detect. You guys are not very good about flatly stating "I am Town" or "Player X is scum" anywhere. Best I could do was this:

FTR, I am town.

This was returned as truth, obviously.


So NotBob is full clear. Nyn's result needs some discussion. I need less ambiguous statements from you guys. Best use of LD I'm aware of is to flatly state that two people are BOTH Town. Potentially clears 2 Town at once in a single night. If each of you picks two different people, I can arbitrarily choose one at random so scum don't know who I am choosing.



you replaced AH?


I'm confused...if AH was commuting with me how did she get a night action?  

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Considering the amount of mislynches we've had and the fact that we lost two townies tonight... if there's a lie detector in the mix we really need to use him. 8 people left. Presumably 5 townies and 3 scum. So we're basically at Lylo right now. If we get it wrong today it's game over. If Yates is lying then why choose to clear you and a player that got shot who's flip we already know? I would expect him to fabricate a lie result on someone to lead us to a mislynch to finish it.


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