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Wizarding World War 1 - Mafia Game - Day 2


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It is my nature not to post when an activity level drops to 2 or 3 characters having a go at each other in a circle - there is no new info to be gained from it.

Plus, been pretty busy. As key(?) said, my posting in the other game dropped, as well.


Rand 2.0 is top of my scum list, followed by Nyn or NotBob, leaning NB. I can't see an entire scum team going silent.


What is this? I don't even .....


Between your last post and this

1. There have been a lynch and no NKs - which is kind of an information

2. Two role claims

3. Multiple night actions

4. Mostly everyone except Rhea and AH have posted


After all this, you have "no new info to be gained"?



 Didn't say there was NO information, just that there is no new information to be gained from 2-3 players circle-FOSing each other. I made that pretty clear, actually. So, are you misrepping on purpose? The question is rhetorical, btw, because you will say "no" regardless of alignment.



What am I supposed to see, Key? I DIDN'T say that. He left of the last line, and he did not address what I addressed, namely that lack of new INFO FROM THE IN THREAD CIRCLE.


Why so keen to NOT LET HIM RESPOND?? Hmm? Maybe I wanted PRAL's responses, not key's...

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I don't see where he misrepped. He didn't say 'no' info. He said 'no new info FROM IT' just like you did NOT say.


He stated new info that had happened since you last posted.

Fixed that for you.


Does anyone not get the "gained from IT" at the end of what I said, "IT" being the circular conversation between Mynd, Nyn, and NotBob??


Having to spell this out makes me suspicious. If you are looking for a response, don't do it via blatant out-of-context misquotes. Only televangelists should use HALF a sentence to make their poing.

Ok, well in THIS post, you claimed that he said 'From It'. You added it in yourself, so I was confused on what you were talking about.


Secondly, you stated that as your reason for being gone, but didn't come and post after AnY of the new stuff that Pral posted, which was morw than just those 3 players. Even though we know from Nyn that you were reading the thread.


Thirdly, you ASKED for my opinion on what you wrote in the post to him, when previously all I had said was aboit your attitude. If you wanted only Pral to respond, you shouldn't have asked ME for MY thoughts.

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Scum have tonight and tonight only to take me out.

Clock's ticking, scumbutts. If you want to see what replacement!Yates can do to a game to DISMANTLE all anti-Town factions all you have to do is take a quick peek at the Age of Ultron game.


I'm going to make Notbob - the Towniest Town Who Ever Towned - my tag team buddy and we are going to wreck.



I approve of this message.

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Siruis was angry.


His best friends were dead. James and Lupin had both been lynched.


He knew it was organized by His supporters. And he was gonna find them and make them pay.



"You". "Yes me, my cousin. It was me who caused your filthy friends to die. That filthy Muggle supporter and that half-breed."  


"I'LL MAKE YOU PAY, BELLATRIX." "You filthy Muggle supporter, you dishonored the Black family name. I'll make sure you do it no more. And exterminating you will make the Dark Lord pleased." 


And they dueled. But for one unfortunate moment, Sirius was too slow. A green arcing light hit Sirius squarely in the chest and he slowly fell.


And Sirius Black died. "I killed Sirius Black, I killed Sirius Black" She celebrated.





Hagrid was sleeping in his cabin. But, it seems that no place was safe anymore.


Suddenly he felt his cabin heat up and he woke. He saw that his house was on fire.


He quickly ran out and saw people in black cloak's around his house. " 're, who are you lot? "We have come to make sure that half-breeds like you are no longer living"


With that they attacked him. Hagrid's massive structure helped him for sometime but there were too many and he was killed. 


Key, Sirius Black, Town Tracker has been killed.


Tsuki, Hagrid, Vanilla Town has been killed.

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Well. That sucks. I was going to clear Key.


Premature roleclaim time!!


I'm not going to character claim just in case but my role is lie detector.


N1: AH tried to lie detect this:

Jokes aside..... it almost sounds like you know I'm not scum.

No quoting the mods but the result was something to the effect of the future being cloudy and being unable to discern the truth. I alluded to as much in my little barb with Nyn where I said I was "coudy" on her alignment.


I was going to come in and call Nyn scum but my understanding is that AH was "spirited away" N1 or something like that? So it's possible THAT is why I received no result. FTR - I don't know that because of anything the mod told me in my PM, I just read that in the game so I'm looking for confirmation.


N2: AH lie detected this:

i am town...

This was returned as truth. THAT, Mr Mynd, is why I WKed NotBob.


N3: I had to come in and try to find something stated as FACT that I could lie detect. You guys are not very good about flatly stating "I am Town" or "Player X is scum" anywhere. Best I could do was this:

FTR, I am town.

This was returned as truth, obviously.


So NotBob is full clear. Nyn's result needs some discussion. I need less ambiguous statements from you guys. Best use of LD I'm aware of is to flatly state that two people are BOTH Town. Potentially clears 2 Town at once in a single night. If each of you picks two different people, I can arbitrarily choose one at random so scum don't know who I am choosing.

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Mine was Tsuki. I picked him because of a few reasons. One: otherwise I was going to pick an inactive. But they all just got replaced, and that'd be dick move.


Two: of the people left, the way he's played all lurks the past few days I found suspect, with the exception of dice. I didn't pick him because of the way EoD phase went. I figured he'd likely be a viewing target and I didn't want that to be a waste.

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Guys? WHAT'S GOING ON???!!!


Can someone PLEASE give me a quick summary of the game state? I'd like to know about any claims or known clears in advance so I don't have to go back and reread an entire game that I JUST read.


Please and thank you?

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