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Wizarding World War 1 - Mafia Game - Day 2


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I said it was a gift, read what Mynd said to me?



Otherwise how else would he know to ask me that.



I've said that I think NB is town. Like, several times.



So all of this together seems like misreppimg from my luff :(






So. Basically Halli's response to me is reaffirming that she got a gift from Mynd, which I never questioned. But not straight out saying what were the gifts she got like I asked her to and what she did with them. I quoted what made me think she had a scum read on NB. These two points however STILL don't answer my question at all. So she's tiptoeing around it, addressing the less important parts of my post and uses the misrepping card instead of being transparent with me.


These consecutive one liner posts seem like panicky Halli. 


Halli, you do realize that Mynd gifting you is not alignment indicative, right? In Blackhoof's game the entirety of the scum team was showered by townie gifts, including extra kills for us to use. Also, according to your later posts your main suspect and the person you were trying to start a train on was Key. So, why didn't you shoot her? Mayhaps because you knew she was already covered  :wink:

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I'm ready for some character roles...also...my best guess bases upon my actions...Hallia or Yates as scum...I'll go with Hallia for the moment.


@Mynd, please claim what gifts you've handed out...thanks in advance.


@Nyn, what gifts did you receive?


Anyone else who received a gift please claim now.

I got two jailkeeping (trivia+Mynd) and a self protect from the trivia question on D3.



So me on N1 and who on N2?

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It's a protego charm.


Technically it's a rolestopper action.  I get to stop actions happening on a person.


The Protego Totalum spell is a one shot Jailkeeper according to what I got. As far as I know you can't use a Jailkeeper shot on yourself. 


I PMed the mod to ask. If he doesn't PAFO me, I'll post the response.

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Wait. What gift did *YOU* get, Nyn? Who did you use it on? When did you use it? What was it called?



So me on N1 and who on N2?




D1 Trvia gift: Protego Totalum spell-1x Jailkeep used on NB on N1

N1 Mynd gift: Protego Totalum spell-1x Jailkeep used on Key N2

D3 Trivia gift: Finite Incantatum spell (stops any and all actions targeting me) - Saved for rainy nights  :wink: 

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Considering the amount of mislynches we've had and the fact that we lost two townies tonight... if there's a lie detector in the mix we really need to use him. 8 people left. Presumably 5 townies and 3 scum. So we're basically at Lylo right now. If we get it wrong today it's game over. If Yates is lying then why choose to clear you and a player that got shot who's flip we already know? I would expect him to fabricate a lie result on someone to lead us to a mislynch to finish it.



What exactly bothers you about him? Maybe you've noticed something that I've haven't.

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So, let me summarise this


N1 Actions:

No night kills

NB commuted with hally

Nyn jailkept NB (but still NB was able to commute)

Yates/AH LD Nyn but was not able to get anything

Mynd gave a gift to Nyn


N2 Actions:

No night kills

NB commuted with Yates/AH

Yates/AH LD NB and got the result as town (How he could lie detect when commuting is not sure but  he claims that mod confirmed that he could in fact lie detect)

Nyn jailkept Key

Key was not able to use her tracker

Hally rolestopped herself

Mynd gave a gift to Hally


N3 Actions:

Two kills during the night

NB commuted with Dice

Hally vigged Tsuki (so Key was presumably NK'ed)

Yates/AH LD Key (who turned out to be town)

Nyn did not use her rolestopper PR


So, looking at this so far, there seems to be a bit of inconsistencies on N1 actions. Nyn was able to jailkeep NB but he claims he was not jailkept. Also, NB apparently commuted with Yates but Yates could still lie detect NB and he claims that mod confirmed he could do so. No night kills on N2 seems to be because of anything - 2 of them commuted, one wasjailkept and one rolestopped herself (not sure if it stops a NK) - 4 out of the 8 townies (assuming 3 scum) out of being nightkilled. I am pretty sure one of NB, Yates and Nyn is lying and is scum. Things doesn't add up.


Anyway, I am voting for my main scum read from yesterday -  Dice. His vote on rand was bleurghhh and he has been my scum read since I joined the game




Oh, and I am town. 

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