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Wizarding World War 1 - Mafia Game - Day 2


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I'm sorry about that guys.

First of all, you have nothing to be sorry about. You are pretty much a hero, as far as I'm concerned, in taking over an essentially abandoned game. So PLEASE do not take this personally as something YOU did wrong. Far from it. All I'm saying is that IN GENERAL some of these crazy roles need to be thought out before being implemented. And I'm saying this because I've seen quite a few wacky roles recently - not just in this game.


So let's use this as a learning opportunity and not a critique of the game or setup. What's done is done. Let's learn from it and make adjustments going forward.

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I also only modded one serious game, aka the Buffy game (I modded games before but they weren't serious-ish lol). I had a commuter in my original setup and DPR was like... DELETE. lol   A lot of these things are rather subjective. But it's always good to hear what others think so along the road when you try to build a new setup you can have it as a reference point.


I remember I got rather defensive when some people critiqued the fact that I made the cop and GF lovers in a basic game. It's not easy to hear these things from a mod POV. But after I cooled off I realized it's a matter of opinion and if you agree with it, you can self correct in future games....  or if you don't agree with it, then that's fine too.

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