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  1. Anyone else want to lynch Krak for not updating the player list...seriously tinfoiling this game.
  2. It's football season and all that...hard to stay committed here...but a gun I could use on Zander on Dice would solidify my involvement.
  3. I don't hate your play style...in fact I appreciate your energy. When VT, I usually use a placeholder early in games. What I mean by that is I'm short on reads and want to semi-bluff a read to get a reaction. Sometimes, players will over react to one vote or I'll find a too willing accomplice who wants to push a similar weak narrative. Either way it allows me to read the board better, although it can lead to an early demise. Hope you didn't take it personally.
  4. I think this added an extra element of suspense for all players as well. Well Done @Hallia and @keyholder21
  5. Thank you Nyn! Thanks and great game to the mods and all the players. This was the most fun I've had playing mafia in a loooooong time.
  6. Let's simplify. If we chase the claims we could end up in a rabbit hole trying to game the mod. Let's bring it back to game play. Who is the scummiest between Verbal, Crusher and I. We can vote accordingly.
  7. OK. Then we have someone using this fake claim. I still see it as: Verbal, Crusher or I as the most realistic lynches. I also see the point that town sure does seem overloaded with PRs. I cannot explain that at the moment.
  8. I'm still confused. If you're claiming commuter or another repeat role just do so. The melodrama is kinda self defeating.
  9. FWIW. Krak and Tina are not options. Crush is trying to survive so he'd do anything as scum. Also, as much as I poked Zander this game I seriously doubt he'd be a lynch candidate today after he help lynch Sooh. In fact, although I did ask if anyone wanted to lynch Zander I did not vote him. I wanted to see if anyone would take up the cause. This only solidifies my vote on you.
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