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Welcome Hisoka Al'Raer to BT!


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Welcome Hisoka :biggrin:


Here be Tainty Brownies and Spammy Fun!


Our wonderful Lady Dragon will spot you shortly and arrange for you to be added to our Private Boards. Once that has been done you should pop on over to the Farmhouse and sign up for Saidin Class ... and maybe learn how to battle with the one power.



You can also try the wonderful Game of Mafia. There is a Game in Sign Ups now, run by our own Heart, and we love to help our new members figure out how it all works. Just sign up and advise that you are new if you would like to try it. I can send you some hints and tips too if you like.


We always have another game running too - but at the moment this space is being taken up by our One Power Tourney ... but yay Games and more Games when that is done.


And feel free to post in any of the other Threads you can see. Oh ... and sign in to Roll Call at the top of this Board.


I think that's pretty much it.


Any questions?


*prepares to make up ridiculous but plausible answers*

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