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  1. Here! Autumn- because my birthday is in it! And because the weather is so mild!
  2. Hereyo! No real special clothing for me... Except my Domo shirts...
  3. DM Name: Hisoka Al'Raer Interests: Reading, writing, gaming (not neccesarily electronic), thinking and listening to music. Email: As I am paranoid... No email...
  4. Hmm Saddest Parts... Mellar C-Section plans Thinking Faile was dead (unlike everyine else I liked her!) Siuan's death The funeral When the trolloc's were clawing at Olver in he rock. When the Sharans first appeared! - Less of a sad moment and more of a FLAMING PIG KISSING BLOODY STUPID WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE LIGHT IS GOING ON!!!! When Rand woke up- refer to previous comment
  5. Okay... I almost feel like I lost a part of me... This would have to have been my favourite book ending ever. I was sad when good characters got killed of, namely Siuan and Gawyn I was so glad that Rand survived. :) I want it to continue! It can't end now! This series changed my life! If it ends now what will I spend hours on end doing? My life has been ripped apart! Go Mat...
  6. There were 24 players 9 of which are confirmed mafia. I may not be expert at this game (ha! I know nothing!) but that throws my theory out of the water... Having 12 mafia... I wouldn't see it as unfair. Yes I know mafia is supposed to have less members but.... Which would mean either idotic theory of all three being mafia is true (haha! What are you saying Hisoka?) or Dav is right and there is one magma left. I think either Dice or Krak...
  7. So we have had 4, Aqua 3, Magma 2, Rocket Aha! I knew going back to the start would help! I think there is quite possibly two mafia left.
  8. And this? Instantly jumping on the least likely (to me anyway) to be mafia? Either Dav is really good at pretending to be something he is not. Or he is mafia.
  9. Also Maw said the last thief would probably be either Hallia Dice Krak There was one lynch- Hallia so cross that name out. Then Heart said there was at least one left... At least one. Who said there wasn't two? I think it has to do with evening up the numbers but she wouldn't have put it unless too late. What if the person was Mafia trying to shift attention away for a day? What if ALL THREE were mafia?
  10. The manual coding isn't working! Why do I get it wrong every time! I would suck as a computer programmer! Come on technology! Work with me for once!
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